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Pacific War: Tokyo & Japan fire-bombed - 6 & 9 Aug 1945 - Hiroshima & Nagasaki nuke & radiation myths

GUIDED TOUR OF OUR Hiroshima/ Nagasaki/ WW2 /'A-Bomb' Forum

Postby rerevisionist » 03 Jul 2011 13:39


We explore why such a hoax should ever have been attempted. As with the elaborate fraud of the 'Holocaust', the 1945 Japanese 'nuclear bombing' frauds must have had multiple objectives, partly to the Allies, partly to sections of the Japanese. We describe the forum threads, below, including for your convenience the links.


Some of the issues covered, not in strict sequence:
• Einstein working in patents - Did he plagiarise other peoples' inventions and ideas?
• World's first 'atomic piles' reported buried in Chicago woodlands (1956 report)
• FDR and Foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor, and Forward Planning
• First report in a special edition of the New Yorker in 1946 - note the date is many months later than the bombing Click for Hersey's 'report' in full
• The antennae of the supposed bombs wouldn't have worked Click for research by FirstClassSkeptic
• The Norden bombsight as supposedly used by Ferebee, had an error radius bigger than the entire town Click for detailed refutation of the belief that Ferebee was specially skilled
• Tibbets accounts are contradictory - see the section on the Enola Gay, the bombing plane that supposedly bombed Hiroshima. Click here for detailed analysis of newsreel and proaganda footage at the time: Click for detailed look at the Enola Gay, other airplanes, and Tinian, the large island from which US bombing raids were conducted
• The airplane supposedly sent specifically to collect data, didn't
• We note the absence of photos of the 'mushroom cloud' from the ground in Japan, and anomalies in the very few photos
Click here - we have several examinations of the imagery, such as it is
• Generally, note how few photos there are, and how unconvincing they are Click for more
• Photos of supposed nuclear blasts show absurd defects - see this analysis of the orange 'nuclear explosion cloud' picture found all over Internet The Color of 'Nuclear Explosion' clouds
• Watch for eye-witness giveaways - e.g. an extract from Osada's book 'Children of the A bomb' which shows the town was firebombed Click for word-for-word description, one of about 65 essays by Japanese
• Jungk’s post-war ‘Brighter than a Thousand Suns’ looks at problems in 1950s historical accounts Click for review - in retrospect Jungk is just another Jewish liar
• Very possibly Photoflash bombs played a part
• Fake testimony - Claud Eatherly is an example Click here - Eatherly became slightly famous for making up his claim to have bombed Hiroshima
• Fairly new information on the Japanese surrender, and dealing with Stalin and ending the war - this is a short Youtube, extracted from a talk by David Irving, on Hiroshima's purpose and timing Click - Americans had no need to 'nuke' Japan. (The whole story was constructed to support the myth of 'nukes')
• Management of the radiation story was ridiculously erratic:
. . . "Hiroshima Study finds NO GENETIC DAMAGE" Click for no genetics damage
. . . "Hiroshima - Was there radiation, or wasn't there?" Click for radiation and journalistic lies
. . . (The same confusion applies with Fukushima )
• The hoax was used from the 1930s to underpin a whole money-making set of industries (and incidentally to prop up the hoax of Jewish intellectuality).
• Watch for oddities in official stories. I'm told B H Liddell Hart's History of the Second World War remarks that no Japanese knew they'd been atom bombed until long after the end of the war. In our interpretation, of course, this is a restatement of the fact that US propaganda was responsible for the hoax.
• Here we look at the process of making up properties such a bomb should presumably have, and inconsistencies - flash, blast, heat generated, radiation, 'mushroom cloud', and the general lack of nuclear phenomena Click for unimaginative attempts to fake nuclear phenomena
• Media switch to friendship with Japan after the Second World War, including Herman Kahn, who switched from megamurder to Japan as 'superpower' Click on Japan alliance decision
• A 'holocaust' etymologically is something like a burnt offering to a God - hence the Jewish media's enormous and contuous promotion of that word in its lies. Whether it applies to the Japanese elite is uncertain. See the honouring of Curtis LeMay, the US war criminal bomber, by the Japanese, after the war ended, and the general switch to pro-Japanese rhetoric
• Britain in WW2 Were the famous wartime photos of St Paul's Cathedral in the blitz faked?

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Re: OVERVIEW/GUIDE to the Hiroshima and Nagasaki fraud

Postby rerevisionist » 25 Jul 2011 23:41

OK - let's try taking out the word 'fraud'. Though I don't like diluting meanings like that!

NB did you know that according to the military historian B H Liddell Hart, the Japanese didn't 'know' there had been nuclear bombs until some time after the war was declared to be over.
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Nuclear conspiracy theories and witnesses

by mooninquirer » 26 Jul 2011 05:46

rerevisionist ---- No, I didn't know that. I have a lot of respect for Liddell Hart, because John Mearsheimer, author of "The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy" wrote his second major book, "Liddell Hart and the Weight of History." And I have a lot of respect for John Mearsheimer, because it was the upon reading his work on the Israel Lobby, that I finally woke up to the problem of America being a ZOG ( Zionist Occupied Government ). He has done a lot to wake up the average person, who might be turned off by TOO much information, and then they will just dismiss everything as a conspiracy theory. This particular topic, nuke lies, is especially for those who are already well aware that there are MANY "conspiracies," or rather, that many, if not most, things they hear on the news and have learned in school in history, is a lie. What he said, then, is devastating evidence that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were just firebombed and carpet bombed.

What I had in mind was using the term "witnesses" in the title of a thread. Maybe we should have a new thread with the word "witnesses" in the title, since this is such a stumbling block, even among those who are very skeptical, and thoroughly familiar with holocaust revisionism. And it is something they bring up on their own accord, as an objection to the nuke bomb hoax, and something they definitely would want to check into, and read, when they spot it in the title.


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