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Re: Hyper-Revisionism: Large-Scale World Reinterpretations

Postby rerevisionist » 23 Feb 2012 18:42

Further to an FCS remark on Japan, Britain has probably up to 2.5million ‘ghost’ patients, ministers admitted last night. At least, that's what the Daily Mail says. The list is insanely incomplete - 32,668 dead patients, 10,000 - note the vague number - failed 'asylum seekers'. (Britain has no genuine asylum seekers - it doesn't border any dangerous countries). What the other possible 2 million are is not stated.

Prompted by FCS's and Sorensen's scepticism, I looked on a BBC site. The BBC is a pure establishment propaganda outfit, but even so their comments are absurdly confused.
What is China's family planning policy?
China's one child policy was introduced in 1979 to curb population growth after initial attempts by Mao Zedong (leader of the People’s Republic of China during 1949 - 1976) to "bury the United States in a human wave". The regulations limit couples living in cities and urban environments to one child and couples in the countryside and rural areas to two. Hefty fines are imposed by local authorities for failure to abide by these rules. China's population is expected to increase from 1.3 billion to 1.6 billion people by 2050.

* The Mao quote sounds like total BS
* The one child for couples 'in cities and urban environments' ... is this related to unoccupied cities? Do they get booted out if they get pregnant twice?
* Is the control in the country loose or non-existent?
* Hefty fines - how can they fine impoverished people on 10 cents an hour or whatever?

Some chat or forum says, without evidence:
"A family in China can have more than one child, but life is pretty much hell for them afterwards. You don't receive any benefits for free such as health treatment, schooling and so on. ... Ultimately they have to do it, overcrowding is too big a thing in the world and it needs to be reduced... although I don't full agree with the methods they have."

The BBC site lists Pros
China has managed to limit its population growth acording to foreign and independent Chinese academics. It estimated that this has prevented over 400 million births. Supporters for the policy believe it has been successful in cities and has provided better education for many children residing in the countryside. ...

* Why does it need 'foreign and independent Chinese academics'?
* Is 400 million credible?

Typically the BBC has innnumerate stuff which is impossible to assess:
... range of benefits to families that have implemented the family planning policy:
....These policies range from health care to house renovation, poverty reduction, training programs, land rearrangement, new technology, relocation subsidies, land rearrangement and educational support ...

The BBC site lists in its fatuous way Cons
Academics and Chinese citizens alike believe this is a mistake and will "result in a number of serious demographic problems in the future". ... increase in stolen children ... estimated that more than 70,000 children are kidnapped every year ... illegal trade of children has caused untold suffering for thousands of people nationwide ... Many believe the policy has inadvertently led to the killing, adoption or selling off of female infants because Chinese culture traditionally favours boys. .. Government officials who have more than one child automatically lose their jobs. Men in China now outnumber women by over 60 million. ...

There are some in the Chinese Government that believe that the one-child policy is damaging the economy and destroying the foundations of society, and thus should be incrementally altered by conducting studies to assess the situation. The regulation is privately disliked by most Chinese citizens and foreigners alike. ..

* Who are these 'academics and Chinese citizens'?
* 70,000 children per year in 1.3 billion people is pro rata far less than homicides by blacks or death from Jewish wars, so the BBC is entirely hypocritical pretending to care
* If the one child policy started in 1979 - 30+ years ago - the entire urban population up to age 30 was subject to it- their population MUST be about half their parents'. Moreover all women from 30-50 will have been subject to the same policy! How the hell can there be another .3 billion by 2050?

So I'm inclined to lean to the hyper-revisionist school here, wuth the cities a facade and the countryside uncontrolled. And maybe China - if the stories of Chinese IQ etc are taken seriously - has been targeted by Jews for population measures, as they have targeted whites for replacement or dysgenic breeding.
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Re: Hyper-Revisionism: Large-Scale World Reinterpretations

Postby rerevisionist » 23 Feb 2012 19:16

FCS, I can't help noticing that 'Frosty' Wooldridge doesn't mention Jewish control of the media, or the Jewish push for immigration.

The emphasis on billions, tens of billions etc is a bit misplaced - 100 million would go a long way to wrecking the USA or Europe. Maybe the high figure is used to get aid, medical help (or medical fraud), subsidies, bribes etc.
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Re: Hyper-Revisionism: Large-Scale World Reinterpretations

Postby ewing2001 » 23 Feb 2012 20:44

...there is another strange part of chinese history:

When germany had a colony over there in Kiautschou Bay [after 1898], a so called "lease" was cancelled after 16 years, but only 10 weeks later this part was occupied by Japan.
8 years later Japan turned Kiautschou Bay back to China, then re-occupied it again from 1937 to 1945.
What was this all about ?


The second german colony in China, Yantai aka Chefoo, was oddly *also "sealed" for almost 20 years, until 1918.
Apparently the so called Opium War had something to do with all this ;
Then after germany was officially defeated by Allied forces in WW I, this second german colony in China went to Japan as well! What kind of *real deal was *that about ?

But there is also this obscure chinese "secret society":
the Chinese Revolutionary Alliance, which officially helped getting this region -or better: circuit- back to China.
There is furthermore some fishy connections with these so called "Revive China Societies" aka Hsing Chung Hui or Xingzhonghui etc., but maybe that gibberish was just another phony false-flag-terror cover, to obscure sinister drug- and early electronic|navigation|communication business instead as well ;-


On the general falsification of history {his|tory} besides [pseudo-ancient -] china, egypt, syria, greece, "rome",
i have some personal update on France :

so far i estimated, that France, i call this corporated "country" also Arienespace S.A.|AREVA|Framatome, who *really runs the government plus actor Sarkozy, falsified the history of 29++ other nations or cultures :

That includes Democratic Republic of the Congo aka BELGISCH-kongo, linked to a 55year++ nukeHoax-OP incl. so called uranium aka pitchblende ; France [itself] ; Canada; Madagascar; Cameroon; Côte d'Ivoire; Burkina Faso; Niger; Senegal; Mali; Rwanda; Belgium; Guinea; Chad; Haiti; Burundi; Benin; Switzerland; Togo; Central African Republic aka Ubangi-Shari; Republic of the Congo aka Bantu; Gabon aka Aka, Efé Pygmy ; Comoros [more likely late 17th century Austronesians]; Equatorial Guinea [incl. Bantu, Zulus etc..]; Djibouti aka Obock and French Somaliland [also run by Afar Sultans with whom France signed various treaties after 1883++]; Luxembourg [Nassau-Usingen plus the "Holy Roman Emperors", Habsburgs, Hohenzollerns ..]; Vanuatu [split from Melanesia around Polynesia and Micronesia ; partly history also rigged by spain, then re-rigged by england too ]; Seychelles [partly also history rigged by spain, then since late 1700s also by england and france] ; Monaco or the House of Grimaldi, who came up with the myth on the Guelphs, mingled up with the assistance of other mythical persons like Dante or Boccaccio [[[maybe all of them ghostwritten and invented by the Vatican aka Vatican City *1929 aka Lateran Palace which is linked to several fire-stories, but most likely wasn't established up until 1730s]]], later also myths refreshed by the ominous Mary Shelley aka Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin, who authored officially also the "gothic" novel Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus (*1818). Shelley was daughter of one of the first feminists, Mary Wollstonecraft [1759 - 1797], well remember Grace Kelly ;

France, together with other traditional colonialists, might have had also an additional minor impact in history-rigging of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Mauritania, Mauritius and Andorra.

Of course France also invented "Palestine", already in 1920, during the Franco–British boundary agreement, which also falsified major historical parts of Syria ;

Furthermore history must have been rigged also in other former french colonies i.e. : Benin, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Laos, Mauritania, Saint Lucia, possibly also minimal impacts into Macedonia and Bulgaria plus Armenia .

That's already a very long list. From currently 242 countries, most of them could easily have started to cultivate after 1649, if i take my blog at http://1649beginningofhumanz.tumblr.com/ serious, and recently i do ;
[also updated at http://upravlenie.ucoz.ru/forum/2-586-1 ]

I also just skipped vietnam from the list of theoretical countries *before 1649, more likely a late part of Indochina, then occupied from France as well. The Goethe-Institute tries to re-rig their history again, usually based on so called "archeological findings":
http://hanoigrapevine.com/2012/02/inter ... nt-page-1/

I have only a few islands left, to go through.

Btw, africa living alone with animals only, until Pygmies and other early sailors from micronesia came after 1649++, makes completely sense to me too, because why would it take Russia 1889 years, to get only one colony in Africa, and then even handed it over to France as well ?
Name of this kind of rare statistical "gappee"- incident : Sagallo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sagallo

I also do now think, that Russia expanded with Turkey some artificial history of the so called Ottomans, actually maybe just based on one russian miniature [see below], which already signifies the later importance of Kosovo ;


16th/17th century russian miniature art, stating this was some ottoman battle in "1389" at kosovo.

So referring to my earlier "language|number-calendar"- confusion thesis, mentioning a while ago,
f.i. this can stand for some simple trans|lation code:

138 soldiers [ if 10 soldiers means ONE century] , maybe they died in the 9th month.

Or let's say: 1389 soldiers died, *before they called it a "century".
Or it is a number referring to some payment numbers, 1389 coins, cents, turkish dollar [u get the idea]
Or most kind of historical numbers are made up anyway Or etc etc etc ...

the first *real king and sultan of the ottomans was maybe'ish Ibrahim I [1640-1648/"predated"] ; *then'while' realistically all ongoing sultans "governed" only a few years, not decades, as officially documented before [sometimes allegedly 51 years, 38 years, 24 years, still way too long imo, especially in the allegedly existing medieval age ];
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_su ... of_sultans

most significant also Abdul-Hamid II, 1876-1909, where maybe further falsifications of history took place ; of course these are all still just thought-fragments, forming up further brain popcorn, how all history-rig-puzzle-pieces might fit together ....
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Re: Hyper-Revisionism: Large-Scale World Reinterpretations

Postby FirstClassSkeptic » 23 Feb 2012 22:15

Chinese and black Africans do have similarities. As you go southward in China, you see darker skin. I thought blacks went, or were taken, to China, but maybe it was the other way?

Btw, africa living alone with animals only, until Pygmies and other early sailors from micronesia came after 1649++, makes completely sense to me too, because why would it take Russia 1889 years, to get only one colony in Africa, and then even handed it over to France as well ?
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Re: Hyper-Revisionism: Large-Scale World Reinterpretations

Postby FirstClassSkeptic » 25 Feb 2012 01:32

rerevisionist wrote:FCS, I can't help noticing that 'Frosty' Wooldridge doesn't mention Jewish control of the media, or the Jewish push for immigration.

Very, very few of the so called 'patriot' or 'alternative media' mentions jewish influence. Several have talked about the bombing of the USS Liberty by Israel. But that's about as deep as it goes.

For one example; Alex Jones' sponsors are mostly jewish. He's considered the flagship of alternative media. He never mentions jewish influence. He blames everything on the nazis, european black nobility, german death cult, and the Bilderbergers.

Markow is jewish. He says, there are good jews, but then there are those Zionists, which are bad jews. Markow still comes up with some interesting stuff at times.

Tex Marrs has come up with some interesting jewish influence stuff. Problem is, most of his stuff is expensive books. He has a radio program, one hour a week. Or did. I haven't heard it in a year or so.
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Re: Hyper-Revisionism: Large-Scale World Reinterpretations

Postby ewing2001 » 25 Feb 2012 01:46

Alex Jones and the 'SpaceBeams Industry' ;
http://www.erichufschmid.net/TFC/FromOt ... Jones.html


Mod: Can you do us all a favour and NOT post bare links - please state what, in your opinion, the links are about. Hundreds of people may see them, and they deserve to be spared from retracing steps. Your second link (to Eric Hufschmid) is clear enough:
For many years people have noticed that Alex Jones is trying to cover up the Jewish involvement in the 9/11 attack, the attack on the USS Liberty, and the world wars. He also insists that Apollo astronauts landed on the moon, and he supports the Jewish version of the Holocaust [and the photo is said to be Jones' 'Jewish' wife

But the first link seems to be about satellite transmission. Is it important? Why?
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Re: Hyper-Revisionism: Large-Scale World Reinterpretations

Postby ewing2001 » 29 Feb 2012 11:35

(Maybe a soft-smoking gun)- 'gapeee'- documentation|inconsistency in the history of the "table|Tisch|????", tbd.

see description 'gappee' etc. in earlier threads

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Table_%28f ... 29#History

"...Furniture during the [sic] Middle Ages is not as well-known as that of earlier or later periods...
...Refectory tables first appeared at least as early as the 16th century..."

"...for dining in monasteries in Medieval times."


...another teaser for http://1649beginningofhumanz.tumblr.com/ ; tumblr account needed !
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Re: Hyper-Revisionism: Large-Scale World Reinterpretations

Postby ewing2001 » 08 Mar 2012 08:57

Here is some fragmental attempt to introduce yet another "gappeee", an individualized expression for the inconsistency and odd contradictions [and|or documentation] during progress and development of an object in history; here with another example as in black and white- vs. color television standards worldwide. A conclusion on all this would allow that both WW1 and WW2, plus the follow up "Cold War" must have been the hub for something completely different as told ;

Cinema Movies|Films are shot around the world with 24 frames per second, which did oppose either a PAL or NTSC standard, therefore there was a clear conversion Issue.
The corresponding physicists worldwide, which developed the TV Standards, must have been aware of this logical problem.

It results in a problem when such films should be shown on television. While you can play faster with PAL (25 frames per second), the movie has to sped up only 4%, which is not very noticeable, instead if you would use a NTSC system (30 frames per second) one has to playback the movie 25% faster, what would it make very significant and irritating for the eye of the watcher.

Instead, in the U.S. 4 images each 5 images had been converted, using the so called 3:2 pulldown telecine-conversion method. One of the official reasons however why the so called NTSC system was introduced, was the U.S. standard AC power system, with exactly 60 Hz.


The Radio Manufacturers Association (RMA) (german: Verband der Radiohersteller) , suggests a system with 441 frames|"Zeilen".


The national "Fernsehsystemkomitee" with the assistance of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) (german: Bundeskommunikationsbehörde) is created, to solve a conflict between television companies regarding television standards.

March 1941
The commitee is releasing a technical Standard for schwarz-weißes Fernsehen|black and white TV.

Suddenly yet another 'contradictive' TV Standard is introduced.
Developed by Columbia Broadcasting Inc. (CBS), the former Schwarzweiß-Standard|black and white standard was oddly *again incompatible.
The Zeilenanzahl|number of lines had been reduced from 525 to 405.

Destroyed Evidence of an illogical official chronology regarding introduced Standards ? :
Most of until then developed Television-Products had been officially destroyed, today only 2 sets [museum or location unknown] do exist, which would prove an inconsistency of a worldwide tv standards development.
Members of the tv system committee urged to introduce NTSC, meanwhile with "Abwärtskompatibilität"|downgrade compability, regarding the former black and white tv standard.

March 1954
First NTSC-Color Camera: RCA TK-40A
In Europe NTSC gets [logically?] still ignored; standards SECAM and PAL are getting introduced.

Flashback or another Inconsistency ? Ignoring the NTSC standard, ?Séquentiel couleur à mémoire? aka (SECAM or SÉCAM ) is developed and introduced by french Henri Georges de France.
However also already during Dezember 1931, deFrance established Compagnie Générale de Télévision in Le Havre and produced a functional 60-frame-television standard.
After 1936 deFrance furthermore did already experiment with 405 frames|"Zeilen"on a 21 x 24 [cm] Big tv screen, which turned into the pre WW2 standard with 455 frames|"Zeilen".

During WW2, August 1942, he produced a TV System with 767 frames|"Zeilen".
Ironically Henri de France worked during the whole time also on Radar Technology.

Pretty unknown or ignored is however that, with the assistance of Adolf Slaby and Georg Graf von Arco, at AEG (Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft) for the "Kaiserliche Marine, they developed "drahtlose Nachrichtenübermittlung (Funkentelegrafie)|wireless television standards, also for "RADIO"; yet another team under Karl Ferdinand Braun at Siemens & Halske worked on this for the german army|"Deutsche Heer".

Nothing of all this was known in the U.S. ? This appears frankly said, more than just odd.
See also "Zeilensprungverfahren :


Why are there so many discrepancies during the development of color-television format ?

PAL aka "?Phase Alternating Line"? was developed by Walter Bruch at Telefunken GmbH in Hannover.
Bruch was already in charge as a camera man during the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin.
In the 30s he developed the so called „Volksfernsehempfänger“ with a self-built film scanner|Filmabtaster, already for Telefunken.
He also was in charge of the TV Station at the german "space rocket" program [Fernsehanlage zur Überwachung der V2-Starts in Peenemünde'.
In 1946 he formulated a 625-frame|Zeilen-TV Standard.


Walter Bruch - the "grandfather of PAL", here -behind the camera!- during the 1930s at the Olympic Games

Consider also this :
[from "occupyBeyonce"]

"…Columbia Broadcasting Inc. (CBS), NASA, Radio Manufacturers Association (RMA, ~1936 ; during 1940 embedded by the FCC into the Electronic Industries Alliance), SECAM (the french Séquentiel couleur à mémoire [tv-] system aka „Sequenzielle Farbe/color mit Speicher“), Henri Georges de France (the developer of SECAM), Thomson SA [now Technicolor SA, who owns the SECAM rights, but originally was the Edison General Electric Company to become the General Electric Company in 1892, which should make u think ;], then there was a technical, so called Signal-Rausch-Verhältnis -principle and 'germany/telefunken' ;

Then there was also JVC, which was founded in 1927 as "The Victor Talking Machine Company of Japan, Limited,"
a subsidiary of the U.S.' leading phonograph and record company, the Victor Talking Machine Company.
In 1929 majority ownership was transferred to RCA-Victor.
In the 1930s JVC produced "phonographs and records".
In 1932 JVC started producing radios and in 1939 Japan had their first television.

Odd what all happened 'in between', since officially there was something called 'worldwar 2', pearlHarbor or so and in the 00's there was and still *is* 'warOnTerror' ; more bizarre was that ('socialism') east german television was completely compatible/upgradeable with the PAL system ;

Maybe you get a better idea by considering the historical 'fact', that french Charles de Gaulle had a perfect relationship with former soviet union- 'CEO' Nikita Chruschtschow , SECAM/PAL-Decoders had been pretty much available after a while in east germany which was mostly advanced in the development of chemical laser weapons in Jena, though still 'surrounded by a wall' ; ..."

What was the *real history of television, communication and radar ?

Another flashback:
Already officially in 1794, a semaphore telegraph system was invented by Claude Chappe for the French military.
This system was visual and a semaphore was used, a flag-based alphabet.
Sweden then introduced an optical semaphore network.
In Canada, the first semaphore line in North America was officially in operation by 1800.


"First" official PAL color TV in 1967. Why so late ? Also, during 1945, U.S. occupation groups took over the office TELEFUNKEN, established *there in 1949 their U.S.-Main Base, which they didn't leave until 1994! („Mc-Nair-Barracks“).

In 1801, the Danish post office installed a semaphore line across the Great Belt strait, Storebæltstelegrafen, between the islands Funen and Zealand with stations at Nyborg on Funen, on the small island Sprogø in the middle of the strait, and at Korsør on Zealand. It was in use until 1865. Prussia and Russia introduced a related system.
The semaphores were successful enough that Samuel Morse failed to sell the electrical telegraph to the French government.
http://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic. ... &p=1639775

Experiments with a transatlantic telegraph cable began in 1857 and 1858, but allegedly "failed" after only a few days or weeks.


A world map of 1901 shows a professional undersea cable network between the U.S. and Europe. Why would a world war make any sense other than about communication- and television standards ?
Also was the so called "American Civil War" (1861–65), nothing other than a falseflag test for a wide use of the electric telegraph ?


Marconi Trench Set during WW 1


1910's/20s Marconi Wireless Pack Set


…even for horses ;

Interestingly also during the 1910s, but underreported, there was a "Communications Section of the Finnish 27th Jaeger Battalion" of the WWI German Army.
These Jaegers returned to Finland in February 1918 and formed the Jaeger Kenttälennätinpataljoona (Field Telegraph Battalion) to meet the War needs.
Initially, a significant part of their activities consisted of a very sophisticated established Field Telegraph stations (Kenttälennätinasemat) and they were running cables to connect field telephones.

If Finland was *that advanced, some incompetence regarding ongoing television- and related format doesn't make any logical sense any longer.
see also http://personal.inet.fi/koti/antero.tan ... ulukko.htm

What was the *real reason for WW 1 and WW2?
Which format did really come first?
or was it PAL all along, then ["biz-politically"] delayed, to finish up specific themes, plots and scripted traumas for WW2 ? Or "more" ? What was already known about Video Recording Systems during WW2 ?
Why did SONY|Japan produce UMATIC [first worldwide video recording system] and not the U.S. ? Why was *this system then used for the official broadcast and recording of the so called "Moon Landing program" ['69] ? Why then after that was UMATIC delayed for an introduction in the U.S. until 1971?

Again, back to the 3:2 pull down complexity which must have been known among physicians and technicians already since the early 1900s and 10's.

"Telecin" is the process of transferring motion picture film into video and is performed in a color suite.
The term is also used to refer to the equipment used in the post-production process.

Here a simplistic summary {please bare with me and my english}:
A difference in frame rates between film (generally 24 frames/s) and television (30 or 25 frames/s) means that logically "playing a film into a television camera would result in flickering when the film frame is changed in mid-field of the TV frame.

Color was supported by using a multi-tube video camera, prisms, and filters to separate the original color signal and feed the red, green and blue to individual tubes.

However, this still left a film shot with cinema frame rates as a problem.
A more convincing technique would have been and has been the use of a "2:3 pulldown", which turns every second frame of the film into three fields of video, which results in a much smoother display.
Therefore logically the idea of something like PAL would have made more sense during the early development of [color-] television. PAL uses a similar system, the so called "2:2 pulldown". It's still used in 2012, as far as i know.
SECAM was *also developed by Russia. Some tech-historians give a hint:
The french acronym of SECAM *actually DID mean: „System Even Crueler (than the) American Method“

Why did NTSC officially came instead "first"?
In countries that use the PAL or SECAM video standards, film destined for television are photographed at 25 frames per second. The PAL video standard broadcasts at 25 frames per second, so the transfer from film to video is much simpler; for every film frame, one video frame is captured.

Though the "first NTSC standard" was developed in 1941 and had no provision for color television, it took oddly until 1953, when a second modified version of the NTSC standard was adopted, which then allowed color television broadcasting compatible with the existing stock of black-and-white receivers.

And what was the role of "east german television" ?
Was the black and white standard additionally some mindOP, to let socialism feel more 'dark' but "realistic", compared with the "colorized imperialistic west and U.S. view" ? Still something doesn't add up, since the former east "regime" allowed silently specific converters, officially smuggled into former east germany aka "DDR".
And everyone watched WEST Television *secretly anyway. Once they had an opportunity, to "upgrade" their TV set, without the knowledge of east socialistic government, though they *must have known this, with the help of their STASI|Ministry for State Security|Staatssicherheit, literally State Security, maybe an early pendant of google meets GPS ;
see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/STASI

Conclusion : History is a hoax, first in black and white, then also in color. A never ending cover-up of advanced hiTek, hiding behind endless anxietyOPs, bogus Wars, false-flags and pseudo-racistical "reasoning" ;

And the real radar- and telecommunication history has yet to be told as well ... ;
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Re: Hyper-Revisionism: Large-Scale World Reinterpretations

Postby rerevisionist » 08 Mar 2012 14:55


[1] China and Japan. There was a war between Russia and Japan in (from memory) 1905, the 'Russo-Japanese War'. Britain had an alliance with Japan at the time. Very likely this was to do with the Jewish aim of taking over Russia, which they of course disastrously later achieved after 1917. I'd suggest German colonies in China (and in Africa) after WW1 were just transferred to allies - thus Japan would have got that Chinese region. I don't think this has anything to do with fake history.

[2] Film and TV standards and communications. And any technical improvements. PAL ('phase alternation by line') improves the picture - if the reception is poor, the picture loses colour but is otherwise mnore stable - more stable than NTSC ('Never Twice the Same Color' is the joke). After direct current was (allegedly) found to have problems, alternating current was settled on. US alternating current is 60 cycles per second/Hertz; in the UK it's 50. No doubt in other parts of the world it depends who they bought their equipment from - hydroelectricity for example MAY have different standards, but very likely had to fit in with other equipment. This seems to be the reason TVs had 60 cps and 50 cps in different areas - a simple engineering reason. Because the phosphors persisted, they also used alternate lines to fill the picture in better. All of this is imho just a struggle between different types of equipment, similar to 'core' magnetic storage vs delay lines vs paper tape vs magnetic rotating disks with computers; and reel-to-reel vs cassette audiotape, VHS and Betamax videotape, CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray.

You seem to be saying that technology has progressed intermittently (suspicious?), but there has also been co-operation (suspicious?). And you seem to be saying the fact there's been co-operation proves wars were all fakes - or perhaps irrelevant to the real world of technology.

Is that what you claim? Some people (Bertrand Russell for example said this-) that most progress has been a result of war. Everything from gunpowder, cannon, pistols, revolvers, machine guns; soup kitchens, army kitchens, food canning and packaging; clothing, boots, optical equipment (telescopes, sextants, binoculars, cameras..), transport (rail; deisel and petrol engines; tanks, jeeps, aircraft) - all these things were developed over centuries. In major wars you'd expect both sides to use what they can - in the US Civil War, they used telegraphs - but what do you expect?

I wish you'd be clearer as to what you're claiming. But maybe you're not sure.
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Re: Hyper-Revisionism: Large-Scale World Reinterpretations

Postby Cowan Bellarmino » 08 Mar 2012 16:01

I would say that claims for the real reasons behind wars and such cannot be reduced to one thing like communication lines, etc. There are supplemental reasons and benefits, and perhaps comm/broadcasts are included there. Take the so-called Civil War. It was important to for the cartel at the time to transfer agricultural slave labor to the northern factories. The abolitionists were very effective propagandists for this cause. This was an important aspect to why that war was initiated, but it was not the only one, nor was it perhaps the most important. To say that the Civil War was a false flag for the electric telegraph is too simplistic and ignores a mountain of evidence otherwise.
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Re: Hyper-Revisionism: Large-Scale World Reinterpretations

Postby rerevisionist » 08 Mar 2012 19:27

@ CB - Absolutely. One problem is the human brain finds it difficult to take in multiple causation. Perhaps because the brain usually identifies single threats, maybe through the evolutionary necessity of taking fast action. It is difficult to bear in mind multiple causes. Ewing2001 provides a map of underwater cables in 1900 - but not cables across land. BUT he COULD have provided a map of (say) raw materials and their destinations/ fertile land and quantities of food grown/ maps showing educational levels/ distribution of races/ population densities/ genetic differences/ modern factories and labour requirements/ water supply areas and droughts/ some sort of happiness index/ percentage of indebtedness/ railways and roads/ recent migrations (e.g. in 1900 there was planned migration of Jews)/ weapons by size and effective distance. Who can say these are less important than submarine cables?

NL has a high opinion of Ewing2001's knowledge and abilities, and he must have suffered from the severe censorship in Germany. Let's hope he comes up with more sharply-focussed material.
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