China: What Did Mao Believe About 'Nukes'?

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China: What Did Mao Believe About 'Nukes'?

Postby rerevisionist » 30 Nov 2011 00:57

[1] I'm uncertain whether Mao can be compared to Stalin, since (as far as I know) no Jewish link has been proven with Chinese 'Communism', unlike the USSR.

[2] However, it's legitimate to ask what Mao and Stalin knew. It's uncertain (again, in my view) what Stalin believed about nuclear weapons; he may have been deceived by Jewish cliques, as seems likely, indeed almost certain, to be true. Maybe he didn't know whether or not to believe reports from the USA. It is arguable that his death occurred too close to the USSR's supposed H bomb to be coincidental - especially as he was believed to have been murdered. (One suggestion is that he was murdered because he refused to destroy Germany completely - Irsigler believed this - but this seems unlikely because aggressive plans against Germany by e.g. Eisenhower petered out after 1953 - unless I misremember Jacques Bacque.)

[3] I'm grateful to Sorensen731 and a Spanish website for drawing attention to Mao's comment about nuclear weapons. He certainly was reported to have called Britain a 'paper tiger', and seemed to have called nuclear weapons paper tigers, too. Now, the first Chinese H bomb was supposedly in 1967. There's an extremely unconvincing film of it on Youtube
(here's this site's comments

Mao was often stated to be indifferent to nuclear weapons - this was usually spun as Mao saying that he didn't mind a few million Chinese being killed by nuclear weapons.

[4] Note that the 'cultural revolution' was supposedly started in 1966, i.e. a year before the supposed H bomb test. A 'controlled rebellion against his own entrenched administration' says one site (a columnist called Jack Anderson). This was at the time Lyndon Johnson was 'escalating' the Vietnam War; this must presumably have been a huge threat to China, unless there was some top-level collaboration. So it seems *possible* the H bomb myth was made up by Chinese officials, without telling Mao, perhaps so the USA would continue to allow Jews to profit from mass murder in Vietnam, without it spreading to China.
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Re: China: What Did Mao Know About 'Nukes'?

Postby NUKELIES » 01 Dec 2011 12:33

It does make you wonder how many "world leaders" knew/know that nuclear bombs are fake. The obamanation looks as if he wouldn't know or be able to understand.

China is such a perfectly totalitarian society, it wouldn't surprise me if the elite know all about the scam. But they would never tell the people, and the people wouldn't get it anyways.
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Re: China: What Did Mao Know About 'Nukes'?

Postby FirstClassSkeptic » 01 Dec 2011 21:40

Did you hear the latest? China is rumored to have forty times more nukes than originally thought. Of course, I thought they originally had zero.
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