6.8.85Times<1/4Philip WebsterAIDS threatens to spread rapidlyEpidemic spreading rapidly to heterosexual community via prostitutes and haemophiliacs
same weekTimes<1/4Douglas ThompsonAIDS: the American nightmareRock Hudson ill with AIDS. Dentists and paramedics protecting themselves from infection
25.2.91N.Y. Times National L K AltmanU.S. Approves Test of Blood Substitute From CattleIf safe, a product would offer a blood supply free of the AIDS threat. (But see 1.6.91)
9.3.91New Scientist1/2Phyllida BrownNew findings revive dispute over HIVPasteur institute in Paris sent sample of virus to Gallo, who appropriated it as his own. [Also, French patient BRU was probably not the source of LAV, the first French (HIV) strain]
1.6.91New York Times National1/2Keith SchneiderAIDS-Like Virus Is Found At High Rate in U.S. Cattle"A virus similar in genetic structure to the AIDS virus is more common in cattle in the U.S. than researchers had anticipated. The virus, BIV...."
Sept 91Evening Standard2Andrew TylerVaccination the hidden factsImmunisation may be pointless.AIDS is a high risk. Detrimental effects of Polio Vaccine suppressed
28.11.91Guardian1/4Nigel WilliamsMalaria tests may have started AidsThe Aids epidemic may be ... consequence of injections of malaria-infected blood from monkeys [into] .... 34 people
11.2.92Philadelphia Daily News1/4Joseph R DaughemScientist sues AP for saying he spread AIDSKoprowski developer of OPV, suing Associated Press. "How much damage to be called 'the Father of Aids?"
14.2.92The Economist2 The Origins of AIDSSIV introduced by Polio Vaccine
28.2.92Rolling Stone5Tom Curtis  
6.3.92Houston Chronicle1/4Ruth SorelleScientists frustrated in bid to test AIDS theoryKoprowski - Wistar Institute refuses to allow Houston scientist Robert Bohannon to test suspect 1950's OPV still in stock
8.3.92Houston Post1Tom CurtisDo cold, hard AIDS facts lie in freezer?Discussion of search for the stored samples of the stored Koprowski batch of OPV
12.3.92Houston Press8Tom CurtisTracking the Century's Deadliest PlagueThe theory that contaminated Oral Polio vaccine caused HIV
14.3.92Economist1 Was there a link between polio vaccines and HIV?Albert Sabin, who developed the live polio vaccine that ended up being preferred to Dr. Koprowski's vaccine, reported in 1959 ... an alien virus in Koprowski's vaccine.
15.3.92Houston Post1Tom CurtisHerpes treatment may have started U.S. AIDS epidemicOral polio vaccines used to treat herpes in male homosexuals starting in the mid-1970s may have spawned the AIDS epidemic
16.3.92Time1/4AnonA Medical Accident?Discusses Rolling Stone's article (OPV)
16.3.92Houston Post1/2Tom Curtis'Easy test' for theory on AIDSTesting stored samples of polio vaccine. Kyle, who presented the OPV theory in the Lancet, said "It should be tested at an independent lab. preferably in England, just so we all know we are on a level playing field,"
19.3.92Rolling Stone Tom Curtis OPV theory
22.3.92Houston Post1/2Tom CurtisExpert says test vaccineU.S. FDA has said it has polio vaccine stocks dating back at least to 1976, but so far has refused to release them for testing (for OPV theory). Lawsuits could bankrupt American Cyanamid, parent company of Lederle Labs., sole maker of live OPV since 1976.
26.3.92Houston Post1Tom CurtisPolio experts support vaccine tests for HIVNobel Prizewinner F.G. Robbins says old stored Polio vaccine should be tested for HIV and similar viruses
5.4.92Houston Post1/2Tom CurtisDiscovery too grave to imagineMonkey virus SV40 - now linked to brain tumors and other cancers in humans - was administered to hundreds of millions of people from 1955 to 1963.
5.4.92Washington Post1Tom CurtisDid a Polio Vaccine Experiment Unleash AIDS in Africa?Albert Sabin, a legendarily careful researcher, reported in the BMJ in 1959 that he found an unidentified cell-killing virus in Koprowski's Congo [OPV] vaccine.
  1Malcolm GladwellIt's Possible, but Not LikelyAIDS experts stop short of saying that [the OPV theory of the origin of AIDS] is absolutely out of the question
7.4.92Los Angeles Times2Robert SteinbrookA Deadly Virus Hides its PastFrom contaminated Polio Vaccine ( OPV, Pascal-Curtis theory)
17.4.92Houston Post1Tom CurtisScientists' polio fears unheeded
Theories trace how virus could cross species
U.S. govt. scientist Bernis Eddy chastised and demoted for warning doctors that OPV caused cancer in lab animals. Previously she had correctly warned that live OPV could cause polio, and it did, producing paralysis in 150 people.
25.4.92Weekend Australian Review2Julian Cribb, Philip AdamsWas this science's biggest blunder?Information exchange is no AIDS riskPascal - Curtis theory
26.4.92Sunday Times2Neville HodgkinsonAIDS: Can we be positive?Suppose HIV doesn't equal AIDS (See Gallo, 24.5.92)
  1/4Neville HodgkinsonExperts mount startling challenge to AIDS orthodoxyMontagnier said that infection with HIV did not necessarily lead to AIDS.
May 92American Spectator2Tom BethellHereticAbout Duesberg. "He said that most people who take AZT will die from it...."
3.5.92Sunday Times1/2Neville HodgkinsonGovernment to back rebels in Aids researchFollowing the 26.4.92 ST article, the Medical Research Council (MRC) reversed its attitude and now will back development of a previously ignored Aids vaccine.
   LettersIgnorance is the greatest danger to public healthDr Kenneth Calman, Chief Medical Officer to Govt. says; "... Neville Hodgkinson, risk(s) leaving your readers with a mispleading and potentially dangerous misconception." Also Joan Shenton, head of Meditel, makers of dissident TV programmes, described how they were taken to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission by Wellcome, who found against Shenton.
8.5.92Houston Post1/4Tom CurtisScientists scramble to solve interplay of immunodeficiency virusesGerald Myers, Fed. Govt. chief expert in genetic sequencing, suggests that HIV is SIV adapting to a human host
9.5.92New Scientist1/2EditorialVirtual AIDSNS falsely claims that Duesberg had not been suppressed
"... whether HIV causes AIDS. ... He is alone among scientists on this."
11.5.92Times1Charles BremnerCast out for an AIDS heresyDuesberg ostracised. "AZT .... induces Aids diseases." "The ... Aids establishment, which spends $3 billion a year, would prefer to tune him out for political reasons"
   EditorialAIDS AND TRUTH"Undoubtedly Aids has proved a disease most vulnerable to 'political correctness' ... Vested interest should always have a question mark raised over it, not least when it seeks to stamp on efforts of scientists who sincerely believe otherwise."
14.5.92Times1/4LettersKenneth Calman
Jad Adams
Nick Partridge
Govt. chief medical officer; "... HIV is the infectious agent responsible ..."
Author of "AIDS - The HIV myth" praises the Sunday Times
Editor of "Nature"; "...Duesberg ... is cruelly irresponsible...."
Head of Terrence Higgins Trust; "..Duesberg's intransigence..."
21.5.92Nature2John MaddoxRage and confusion hide role of HIV"Duesberg .... had come to preach ... but he seemed seriously to have misjudged his audience" - Amsterdam conference
24.5.92Sunday Times<1/4LettersLost time, lost livesResearch focused almost entirely on HIV, nothing found out about the pathogenesis of AIDS. As a result, many lives lost.
  Also, Robert Gallo writes to say Neville Hodgkinson (26.4.92) is "irresponsible both to myself and to HIV as the cause of Aids"
  1/2Calman, HodgkinsonDisputed evidence: the argument on AidsThe opposing arguments on the HIV - AIDS link
31.5.92Sunday Times1/2 A giant hole in the HIV-AIDS hypothesisDuesberg's theory
June 92Spin9Celia FarberFATAL DISTRACTION"....medical establishment is ignoring powerful evidence that HIV doesn't spread sexually, and may in fact be harmless." In depth discussion of Duesberg and much else
1.6.92Media Guardian1/4John IllmanTruth or dareJohn Illman, editor of Guardian Health page, goes to another section to say that "legitimate ... debate ... is now being undermined by the Sunday Times, whose latest contribution ... Spectacular stuff. And, of course, we should be told - if it were true. But even as a piece of speculation, it was as dangerous as it was sensational. ... ....this is no reason for giving [Duesberg] a platform. How long before the Sunday Times is claiming that the world is flat?"
5.6.92Times<.1Alison RobertsAids study predicts 25m cases by 2000"A new study ... may make Britons take it more seriously ... ... 2.6 million people already have Aids and at least 13 million are HIV positive ..."
13.6.92New Scientist1/2CommentBanned AIDSDiscuss idea that Times and Sunday Times are dangerous and irresponsible to repeat Duesberg. Argues for open debate.
28.6.92Sunday Times<1/4Letters"Frederick Lawton"Limits of Sexual LibertyThe arguments for not reducing the age of consent for homosexuals
28.6.92L.A. Times1Steve HeimoffTest Ideas With Science, Not ScornDiscussion of Duesberg. "... And the defection from HIV continues
1.7.92Telegraph1/4B MaddoxIn London, of Aids, aged 33Media fails to convey the gravity of the problem
3.7.92Houston Chronicle1/4Ruth SorelleCommittee to study AIDS origin theoryWistar Institute will study OPV theory, but still withholds suspect OPV from Bohannon (see 6.3.92)
17.7.92Tom Curtis1/4Tom CurtisScientists urge screening of polio vaccine for HIVBasilico, co-chair of independent committee, wants stored samples screened for HIV to check OPV theory
18.7.92Houston Post1Tom CurtisDoctor wants Houston researcher to test polio vaccines for AIDS linkStricker supports Bohannon's attempts to test stored OPV samples for HIV.
19.7.92Sunday Times1/4John FurbisherMore staff than patients in booming Aids industryPossibly 1,800 professionals making a career in Britain out of Aids, a counsellors etc., in some areas outnumbering the number of patients by four to one. Govt. spends more than £200 million p.a. on AIDS, more than £1 million per case reported that year.
22.7. 92Times1/4Nigel Hawkes£3 virus test gives answer in minutes
Patients without HIV confound doctors
Simple saliva sampling kits ... soon .... to check for HIV before sex
"... a string of doctors reporting cases of[Aids without HIV]..."
25.7.92Houston Post1Tom CurtisNew evidence of AIDS-monkey linkTwo laboratory workers have tested positive for SIV. Also Kyle suggests that heavy dosage of OPV for homosexual herpes sufferers brought HIV into humans
26.7.92Sunday Times<1/4Hodgkinson'Silent' virus challenges thinking on AidsHIV is usually already there. If however our defences are weakened, it becomes active and only then is it recognised by an HIV test
  1Hodgkinson and MangoldAIDS: THE DEBATE INTENSIFIESDiscusses why the Aids bureaucracy exaggerates AIDS threat
1.8.92Houston Post1Tom Curtis3rd case of human testing positive for AIDS-causing monkey virusSee 25.7.92
2.8.92Houston Post1Tom CurtisMonkey may offer 'missing link' to induction of AIDS virusA healthy vervet monkey (known as African Green Monkey in the USA) shows evidence of HIV-1 by Western Blot test
3.8.92Time1/2Dick Thompson First assertion that AIDS will become more transmissible as it adapts more fully to the human species
7.8.92L.A. Times1/2Letters Duesberg; "Telling those at risk for the syndrome that drug use is not particularly dangerous so long as the needle is clean, and promoting the toxic, immune destructive chemotherapy AZT for patients whose lives are at stake..."
8.8.92Guardian1/4Derek BrownDark tide of AIDS in a sea of sufferingHIV spread among Indian prostitutes
17.8.92Newsweek1Russell Schoch'Dad, I'm HIV Positive'The story of haemophiliacs, Factor 8, HIV.Lists three books attacking AZT. The only long-range AIDS survivors are those who have not taken AZT.
17.8.92National Review2Tom BethellCould Duesberg Be Right?"Duesberg responds: 'AIDS is defined as any of 25 existing diseases in the presence of HIV. Therefore the correlation between HIV and AIDS is 100% by definition.'"
19.8.92Houston Post2Tom CurtisOfficials [still] ignore....Nobody wants to check whether doctors caused AIDS
   Patricia MansonTheories tying AIDS to ...vaccines [back in] 1988In 1988, in "Child and Family" (vol 20 no 2*), H Ratner linked AIDS in humans with Salk's polio vaccine made in monkeys. *"... the relationship of the Salk vaccine to AIDS.... .... Koprowski [said in march 1961] 'As our technical methods improve we may find fewer and fewer lots of vaccine .... free of simian viruses.'"
21.8.92 (corrections 11.9.92)Science2Hilary KoprowskiAIDS and the Polio Vaccine"As a scientist, I did not intend to debate Tom Curtis when he presented his hypothesis about the origin of AIDS in Rolling Stone (19.3.92). The publication of his letter in Science (29.5.92), however, transferred the debate from the lay press to a highly respected scientific journal. .... .... dissemination by the lay press of unproved theories of the origin of AIDS ...."
3,4,17.9.92San Francisco Chronicle3Tom Bethell
Martin Delaney
Is Peter Duesberg Right About AIDS?For and against Duesberg
19.9.92Independent Magazine5Andrew TylerMonkey business?Medical profession caused AIDS epidemic by introduction of SIV through Polio vaccine [the OPV theory]
2.10.92Times1/2Barbara LambWhat really worries a teenager?HIV and other teenage anxieties - recommendations for health education
5.10.92Now York Native1C L Ortlieb (Editorial)In Praise of the leader of the Opposition to HIV Apartheid"We hope that our readers, and all supporters of intellectual freedom and truth, will rally around Duesberg, and tell him that the majority of the gay community appreciates what he is trying to do for us and the rest of the human race."
10.10.92New York Times1J.E. GroopmanA Dangerous Delusion About AIDS"The role of H.I.V. as the inciting agent of immune suppression in AIDS is clear." 29.10.92 Duesberg replies.
11.10.92Observer1/2Andrew BillonAIDS: the ghost at the feast of British show businessNureyev
13.10.92Sunday Times< .1John Furbisher'Imported' Aids is biggest threat"... overwhelming majority of heterosexuals with HIV in Britain are immigrants who were infected abroad."
23.10.92New York Times1/2Gina KolataTheory Tying AIDS to Polio Vaccine Is DiscountedScientists were called together by Wistar Inst., an original maker of polio vaccines. Details of OPV theory outlined. Polio vaccines could become contaminated with other monkey viruses
24.10.92Times1/4Charles BremnerBlood bank chief jailed for role in HIV scandalHaemophiliacs knowingly given HIV contaminated blood in France
25.10.92Science< .1DuesbergHIV-Free AIDS ReportsHe offers a list of 800 HIV-free immunodeficiencies and AIDS-defining diseases.
30.10.92Science1/4EditorialPanel Nixes Congo Trials as AIDS SourceIndependent six-member committee set up by Wistar concludes that HIV "with almost complete certainty that the large polio vaccine trial .... was not the origin of AIDS,..." (Proof is the Manchester sailor, who had AIDS too early.)
11.1.93New York Times1L K AltmanMan Dying From Hepatitis Is Given a Baboon's LiverEfforts to overcome the species barrier and alleviate the growing shortage of organs from human donors. [Eva Snead sees this as extremely dangerous]
14.3.93Sunday Times1/4Neville HodgkinsonAIDS truth falls victim to virus of ignoranceMedical community does not understand AIDS
18.3.93Nature1Albert B SabinHIV vaccination dilemmaSabin doubts that vaccination against SIV or HIV is possible
21.3.93Sunday Times1/4Neville HodgkinsonEpidemic of AIDS in Africa "a tragic myth"There is no African AIDS epidemic
3.4.93Times<1/4George SivellWellcome shares plunge 51p on Retrovir test dataAZT may be harmful
3.4.93Guardian1Roger Cowe & Chris StephenShare crisis for AZT firm£700 million share drop in Wellcome shares. AZT did not delay AIDS in HIV carriers, and extreme side effects
4.4.93Sunday Times1Neville HodgkinsonThe cure that failedFailure of AZT. Scandal of prescribing it to children
18.4.93Sunday Times1/2Neville HodgkinsonExperts confounded on AIDS as grim reaper fails to strike".... many geographical areas and population groups are virtually untouched by the epidemic, and probably never will be."
21.4.93Independent1/2Brian AppleyardJust an illness with big ideasMajor synthesis of factors governing perceptions about AIDS
26.4.93Newsweek4Jerry AdlerSex in the Snoring 90sA new survey of American men shocks the nation with what it didn't find. (Only 1% homosexuals, not Kinsey's 10%)
2.5.93Times<.1Prof. N. DayAIDS experts stand by their gloomy forecastsDay's letter contradicts Hodgkinson
  <.1J. RobbVaccine verdictsLetter from Chief Executive of Wellcome denying unethical conduct by Wellcome over triple vaccine
4.5.93Times<.1AnonBottomley cuts grants to Aids campaignsFunding for Terrence Higgins Trust cut
6.5.93Times1/4Dr James Le FanuThe high cost of the AIDS panicA fortune has been squandered fighting a threat that never existed. Health education was targeted at heterosexuals, not at known-risk groups
9.5.93Sunday Times1/4Neville HodgkinsonNew realism puts the brake on HIV bandwagonWith no heterosexual AIDS explosion, a failed therapy and widespread medical uncertainty, the tide is turning against HIV activists as sanity returns to funding and attitudes
9.5.93Observer1Janet WattsPublish and be damnedAn interview with Nick Partridge, Terrence Higgins Trust Director. He believes heterosexual spread of HIV and AIDS is very evident. Also regarding heterosexual epidemic, failure of AZT, and GAG (Gays against Genocide, who fear AZT)
30.5.93Sunday Times1/2Neville HodgkinsonHow giant drug firm funds the Aids lobbyWellcome, who sell AZT and HIV tests, "has extended its own funding and support operations to a huge range of Aids organisations, including [£65,000 to] a parliamentary group." "Gays against Genocide (Gag), picket ... hospital .. to protest ...experimental use of AZT on HIV-positive babies."
19.6.93 - 3.7.93Guardian Weekend17Mike BygravesPills and Hope. The story of AIDSThree part series summarising history. "When government researchers questioned some of the original Aids victims, they were astonished at their sexual histories"
1.8.93Sunday Times1Neville HodgkinsonNew doubts over AIDS infection as HIV test declared invalid"The 'Aids test' is scientifically invalid and incapable of determining whether people are really infected with HIV, according to .... the first extensive review of research surrounding the test."
   Brian DeerAIDS doctors attack drug claims".... Aids specialists have ... accused Wellcome researchers of misleading the scientific community [about AZT]."
10.8.93Times<1/4Gillian BowditchAIDS will claim 6m by end of centuryMerson, executive director of WHO, believes worst is yet to come
6.9.93Times<0.1Fiona BoltonStop being so coy about sexMore sex education needed in the National Curriculum
7.9.93Times<0.1AnonChannel 4 to screen sex series for schools 
8.9.93Times<0.1Gillian BowditchOminous evidence proves women face greatest HIV riskWomen's social status and biological nature makes them particularly vulnerable to the HIV virus
9.9.93Times<1/4Gillian BowditchPrincess speaks out for AIDS mothersPrincess Diana speaks at WHO conference
3.10.93Sunday Times2Neville HodgkinsonAfrican Aids plague 'a myth'The Krynen's set up a hospice in central Africa for 'dying' HIV positive children. Then for four years none died
17.10.93Sunday Times1Neville HodgkinsonOld certainties begin to crumbleThe Krynen couple who exposed African AIDs epidemic as a myth face abuse from EC activists
   Baroness ChalkerWhy we must keep up the war on AIDS"Let us admit ... that predictions of drastic population decline across Africa ... undermined efforts of African govts." "Our research shows the true menace of HIV. ... We know how to contain HIV ..."
5.11.93Times1/4Roger BoyesBlood scandal spreads HIV panicHIV contaminated blood from German supplier may have reached many hospitals
5.11.93Times<1/4Roger HawkesBlood scandal shows risk of plasma tradeBlood transfusion services should be voluntary not paid, to avoid HIV contamination scandals such as have occurred in France and Germany
14.11.93Observer1/4Liesl GrazAids 'revolution' for womenWorld Health Organisation switches emphasis from condoms to vaginal jelly which kills HIV virus
20.11.93Telegraph Magazine10Paul Eddy & Sara WaldenDoes this man know something we don't?Thorough analysis of Duesberg's arguments. "Duesberg's claims are now largely ignored in America ... Yet in Britain his iconoclastic voice has continued to be heard." Mentions John Lauritsen's recent book: The Aids War: Propaganda, Profiteering and Genocide from the Medical-Industrial Complex
21.11.93Sunday Times<1/4Ian BurrellPrisoners may get condomsSenior prison officials ask Michael Howard to permit issue of condoms to prisoners to avoid transmission of HIV, and needle sterilisation tablets
21.11.93Sunday Times<1/4Jonathan MillerThe unspoken truth about AIDSHealth Education Authority is at the heart of the AIDS establishment and delivers only politically correct view. Real debate is impossible
28.11.93Sunday Times<1/4Alex RussellGays betrayed over AIDSEndorses Jonathan Miller - homosexuals have a right to information about risks of life-style
2.12.93Independent<1/4EditorialAids stories that cost lives"The overwhelming majority of specialists now believe ... [in] the causal link between HIV and AIDS ... Doing anything to obscure or confuse [this fact] is irresponsible and dangerous."
12.12.93Sunday Times2Neville HodgkinsonAIDS: WHY WE WON'T BE SILENCEDSunday Times has been subjected to a wave of extraordinary attacks for publishing dissident AIDS views
   John Maddox Reprint of editorial in Nature by Maddox advising his readers to boycott Sunday Times. (for which ST paid £200 to reprint)
   Greg HadfieldJudge and jury in the world of science theoryAnalysis of Maddox's manipulation of scientific communication for political ends
13.12.93The Guardian1/2Madeleine BuntingWar of words over AIDS"Claim and counter-claim grow ever more fierce as the Sunday Times defends its controversial line on HIV." "Even the World Health Organisation has accused the Sunday Times of 'criminal' statements." "Over the past 18 months, the Sunday Times has published 28 major articles such as ... 'The plague that never was: Aids' ...'Aids: The Emperor's Clothes.'"
19.12.93Sunday Times1/2LettersCensorship: the world's leading scientific journal is playing in a sinister gameAnthony Tucker, Guardian's Science Editor Emeritus, says "Nature" (that is, Maddox) indulged in massive censorship of reports on Chernobyl damage. Also other prestigious letters on both sides of the HIV-AIDS debate
19.12.93Sunday Express2Roger WilsherTHE SHOCKING COST OF AIDSGross over-estimates of cases. Profligacy everywhere. Mersey Health Authority spent £300,000 on each AIDS patient last year. "... the biggest political miscalculation the medical profession has ever witnessed"; "hysterical and totally inappropriate response to the problem".
17.1.94Times1/2William Rees-MoggMissing the Moral of Wobble WeekThe vast majority of the British population is monogamous - results of survey of British Sexual Behaviour
  <1/4Marianne CurpheyLoving Britons favour fidelityDitto
23.1.94Sunday Times1Sir Ian McKellenIt is a question of human rights, not numbers.A survey of sexual habits, revealed last week, says active homosexuals number one man in 90, not one in 10. Does this affect the debate in parliament on relaxing the legal age of consent for gay men?
   William OddieA tiny minority with too much cultural clout"It is time to stop changing our laws to satisfy the gay lobby"
   James AdamsAngels of death cash in on AIDSTrade in life insurance policies of AIDS patients
   Peter KellnerDo sex surveys tell all? 
30.1.94Sunday Times1Neville HodgkinsonCourt battles launched over anti-Aids drugUsing legal aid, test case Sue Threakall sues Wellcome alleging AZT killed her husband.
  1/4Matthew LynnNew Aids report to hit WellcomeFinal Concorde report (see prelim 3.4.93 et seqq) will "conclude that AZT is ineffective in HIV-positive patients who have not yet developed AIDS. U.S. sales slumped 25%
31.1.94Times1/4Sarah BagnallAids drug enquiry blow for Wellcome"Wellcome .... is set to have a hefty slice of its stock market value wiped off today, as the City evaluates adverse reports on the effectiveness of AZT, its anti-Aids drug."
21.2.94Times1/4Obituaries Derek Jarman, film director, died from AIDS-related illness, aged 52.
21.2.94Times<1/4John Russell TaylorJarman's heroism leaves a prolific lyrical legacy"... film maker who died after a titanic struggle with Aids."
24.2.94Times1/4Geoff BrownHanks heroic in a dying causeReviews of the film "Philadelphia", the story of a lawyer with AIDS
6.3.94Sunday Telegraph2Robert Matthews, James Le FanuThe hero heretics".... AZT could not work .... it seems [Duesberg] was right about its ineffectiveness - albeit for the wrong reasons. Those tens of thousands who took AZT might have been better off listening to Duesberg than to their own doctors."
3.4.94Sunday Times1Neville HodgkinsonConspiracy of silence. These scientists are among hundredsProfessor Hiram Caton, ethicist: "The orthodoxy will collapse because it flunks the practical tests. The Aids epidemic was a mirage."
   AnonNew Aids virus discovered"... cannot be traced by tests used to screen ... blood...."
4.4.94Times1/4Nigel HawkesNew strain of HIV detected in France".... the risk of catching the new strain of... HIV ... from donated blood was virtually non-existent"
10.4.94Observer1/4Robin McKieVaccine for Aids set back a decade".... preliminary vaccines are powerless to .... block .... (HIV), the cause of Aids." "... We have got to find out what is the problem .... before ... taking human trials further."
10.4.94Sunday Times1/2Neville HodgkinsonNew evidence links gay sex drug to Aids".... amyl nitrite [=one type of poppers], is a powerful destroyer of the immune system. .... [it] facilitates homosexual practices."
    Aids hopes dashed by terrible truth on AZT"... final report on the Anglo-French Concorde trial, published yesterday in The Lancet, .... comprehensive trial ... shows that .... AZT has nothing to offer people with HIV."
24.4.94Sunday Times0.1(Letter) John LauritsenAZT ScandalJohn Lauritsen was first critic of AZT in 1987
1.5.94Sunday Times<1/4Neville HodgkinsonPoppers and propagandaHealth ministers reassure both Houses of Parliament that Poppers (amyl nitrite) do not cause Aids.
4.3.95'Independent'   Says 'first AIDS case' wasn't AIDS (added by RW).


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