Radiation problem of photos made just after the bombing

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Radiation problem of photos made just after the bombing

Postby voerioc » 21 Feb 2012 22:51

There is one major problem with the photos of Hiroshima and Nagasaki made just after the bombing. Radiations are supposed to blacken photos. So, it would normally have been impossible to have photos just few hours or days after the blast.

We can add that normally, the photographer himself would have been killed by the radiations.
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Re: The problem of photos made just after the bombing

Postby Lineman » 22 Feb 2012 03:43

This may be a stretch, I’m referencing a NASA lie to support voerioc's assertion of a nuke lie, however, it is interesting none-the-less.
In this, (see ink below) an interviewer is talking with space station astronaut Susan Helms about filming an IMAX documentary abroad the space station. She had this to say regarding the film and higher radiation levels,

“And another thing we had to do was protect the film against radiation. Cause while we're on the station we have a higher exposure level of radiation and that could ruin the film. So Jim came up with this clever idea of surrounding the exposed film with bags of water. Because water is a natural radiation protector.”

Without discussing how many cubic feet of water would be needed to actually do this, it is clear that NASA, at least at this point, was aware that in order to conform to current dogma (mostly their own), they had to mention something as a cover regarding stellar radiation and film exposure.
This obviously calls into question how NASA claimed to protect the thousands of negative exposures made during the previous fake apollo missions.

The full interview is here: http://www.rossanthony.com/interviews/spacestnint.shtml
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