Joseph McCabe (1867-1955) was one of the most prolific authors of all time. He was brought up as a Roman Catholic, worked on Latin documents, and made himself very well-informed about Christianity, but turned against it. But he was extremely naive about Jews; bear this in mind.

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John XIII (ruled 965-72), Pope.

J. McCabe, Rationalists Encyclopaedia

Son of a bishop and a descendant of the licentious Theodora. For his greed and nepotism he was driven from the city by the Romans, and when the Emperor restored him he wreaked his vengeance with a savagery which shocked all Italy. The body of the Prefect (Mayor), who had died meantime, was dug up and torn to pieces. His successor was suspended by his hair for a time, then led naked on an ass through the city. Twelve Tribunes of the people were hanged and many other Romans executed or mutilated. Catholics count him one of the "good Popes" of the period, as he is not charged with rape and adultery.


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