Christianity seems to have been the first attempt to impose a fairly uniform creed

uniting tribes and other groups, presumably to try to hold the Roman Empire together. It encouraged conversion, which may have been unique in religions at the time.
      These articles question whether Jesus ever existed, whether God dictated the written material, how much was forged, how violent the process of imposition was, how 'blasphemy' and 'heresy' were dealt with, how different western and eastern churches were and are, how Protestantism and newer fundamentalisms developed, how Christianities differed from other religions, and how Christian systems battle other power structures.
      (NB Critics of any system often produce instances of corruption, dishonesty, cruelty, etc, but these things may happen under any system, so a more sophisticated comparison works better. Christianity has been under systematic attack by Jews, and to a lesser extent Muslims, in recent centuries, quite apart from rationalist attacks: so it is intelligent to examine it in detail.)

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Was Christianity Hijacked by Jews?
New Idea: Was Early Christianity Progressively Hijacked by Jewish Liars? [Could the entire written framework of the Bible have been taken over, by three centuries after the earliest Christians? And the 'Yeshua' character invented by Jews?]

'Jewish' Ideas and Attitudes from the Torah, and their Intersection with Early Christianity and Established Christianity. [Much of this is contributed by the anonymous 'Arch Stanton'. It could be developed better.]

Jesus? Existence Question. [...1946, '74, '82, '99, 2000...] [Did Jesus ever exist?]

Rationalism and anti-Roman Catholicism: Jesus
Wheless: Is It God's Word? [1926] [FULL CONTENTS OF THE BOOK Anti-fundamentalist]
Wheless: Christian Forgery [1930] [FULL CONTENTS OF THE BOOK Apostles | Constantine | Middle Ages &c &c]

Joseph McCabe mostly on Roman Catholicism [Much of this material published in 1948] [Arabs | Countries | Religions | People | Popes | Papacy | 1870 Vatican Council | Social Effects | Wars | Massacres | Institutions]
January 2015 - FULL SCAN of Joseph McCabe's Rationalist Encyclopaedia. FULL CONTENTS OF THE BOOK Approx 1.3 MB in the Word Document format download. This is the book from which the extracts above were taken. I've added my own introductory notes on McCabe's outlook.

Jews and Collaborators behind Christianity and Islam and later evils

Other miscellaneous rationalist-related material
Humanism [B Gogineni, of IHEU; not my own work]
US Christian fundamentalism and dispensationalism
Mother Teresa as fake do-gooder
Bank of Wisdom
has many free scans of books related to traditional rationalism, i.e. opposition to Christianity but not to other absurd systems, notably Judaic beliefs and Islam, and failure to understand socialism as opposed to the Jewish 'communist' version.

A typical free download is J W Draper's History of the Conflict between Religion and Science (first published 1874). Draper also wrote The History of the Intellectual Development of Europe (1862), and History of the American Civil War (3 volumes, 1867–1870). His Civil War book is an interesting attempt at a complete history, but the invisible, underlying, long-term secret arrangements seem to be out of Draper's view. H T Buckle seems likely (to me) to have influenced Draper on history.
Andrew Dickson White's A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom is another significant work. For some reason (isolated people in vast open spaces? Jewish media control? Educational difficulties?) Ordinary Americans seem gullible about religion—I've seen Americans compared to Indian peasants. There are innumerable websites claiming that religion and science aren't incompatible: an absurd idea, probably motivated by the absurd pretences of 'Jews'.
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