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Re: Is there room for dissent?

Postby MartinL » 24 Feb 2012 14:25

rerevisionist wrote:MartinL - why not dicsuss with your supposed co-workers whether you have anything to say? I'll give you 24 hours to come up with something. If you don't I'll delete this entire time-wasting thread.

I do not need to discuss anything with my co-workers before posting here, it is well within my capabilities to do so on my own. Is "supposed co-workers" supposed to be some kind of less than subtle insult? If so I am not amused. I am not trying to waste any time; but I have noticed that long drawn out replies were given to simple yes or no questions. I am not the time waster here.

Here is my background. I grew up in the central USA, joined the Navy in the early 80's served on various nuclear powered ships as a machinist mate eventually obtaining an NEC of 3366. My usual job while attached to a ship was operating the steam plant and eventually supervision of engine room operations. I also performed chemistry control of the primary and secondary plants, monitored personnel exposure to radiation and monitoring of radiological maintenance on the primary plant. I was also stationed on two shore maintenance facilities where I monitored radiological work and performed exposure control.

After leaving the Navy I went to work at a shipyard on the west coast where I am part of the radiological controls division 105.3. My job title is physical science technician. I mostly monitor simple radiological work or guard access to high radiation areas, sometimes more complex evolutions. I have some experience in submarine disposal and some in refueling reactors.

I have a BS degree, but it does not relate to nuclear engineering, I am trying to hire into the radiological engineering code to be a procedure writer, this will get me out of the occasional tank surveys which can be rather nasty as well as a pay raise.

I will go to the thread on submarines that I was directed to before. See you there.
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