Third World Nuclear Issues: Bashir Syed, Violence, Frauds

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Third World Nuclear Issues: Bashir Syed, Violence, Frauds

Postby rerevisionist » 27 May 2011 14:12

Spare a thought for the 'Third World' - on the receiving end of modern weapons, and modern methods of propaganda and money-extraction. The following piece is attributed to Bashir Syed, and occurs in several places on Internet, including [Note: my version has been spell-checked in English; and a few timeline pieces have been rearranged in the correct sequences; and the spacing has been made more even -- partly for ease of reading, partly for my interest, to see if this version spreads].

Syed is described on Wiki as 'Pakistani-American solar physicist and a NASA research scientist to the field of Robotics and solar sciences. He is the a member of New York Academy of Sciences. He has produced numerous articles on resolving the energy crises in the world and is attributed with establishing the wind power and Solar power plants in the Pakistan. He also inducted a separate research institutions on solar physics and technology at SUPARCO and PAEC.'

This is quite long; I'll comment in the next posting.

How Israel Killed For The Atom Bomb - With Timeline
By Bashir A. Syed

During my research as physicist regarding the Manhattan Project and nuclear proliferation incidents, I have come across hints about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. One book described two reasons for Israel engineering his assassination.

(1) During Eisenhower administration in the fifties U-2 Flights had raised the suspicions about the Dimona facility in the Negev Desert, and sought explanation from David Ben Gurion, and it was described as a Textile Factory, which contradicted the photographs taken by this spy plane. After JFK became President, these facts came to his attention, and he wanted to confront David Ben Gurion with those pictures and perhaps disclose its real purpose in a Press Conference.

(2) In 1953, Eisenhower to soften the impact of Atomic Bombs used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, floated the idea of Atoms for Peace, and in order to popularize the use of Nuclear Energy, Atoms for Peace Exhibitions were sent to the developing world to promote generation of electrical power from Atomic energy, and U.S. after signing the Baghdad Pact (aka CENTO Treaty with Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Pakistan) it was decided to set up a Research Reactor in Baghdad for cooperative research in nuclear physics, chemistry, medicine, metallurgy, and agriculture, for these four countries. Fearing that perhaps some of these countries might eventually acquire enough knowledge that one day they might pursue nuclear weapons, it was decided by the Zionists to stall such efforts, and his assassination was engineered based on these two factors.

This hypothesis is corroborated by not only many assassinations carried out by Israel related to acquisition of nuclear knowhow by the Iraqis and others, but also expressed by Victor Ostrovsky in his second book "The Other Side of Deception," where he devotes Chapter 30, to tell the bizarre story of how the right wing Mossad operatives had hatched another plot to assassinate George H. W. Bush during 1991 Madrid Peace Talks, and someone leaked this plot to him and it was thwarted with the help of Congressman McCloskey and secret services in time.


December 5, 1941: "Manhattan Project" to build Atomic Bomb approved by President Roosevelt came into existence.

1944-1950: Julius Rosenberg, his wife Ethel Rosenberg, Martin Sobel, Harry Gold, David Greenglass, and Dr. Klaus Emil Julius Fuchs (all Zionist/Communists) passed the secrets of U.S. Atomic Bomb to Soviet Russia and they were the first nuclear proliferators in the 20th Century.

1945, August 6. US dropped first Atomic Bomb at Hiroshima, Japan killing 75,000.

1945, August 9. US dropped second Atomic Bomb on Nagasaki, Japan, killing 40,000.

- In an article published in "The World and I" mid eighties, C.P. Snow credited the development of Atomic weapons to four Hungarian/Czech/Polish Jews: Leo Szilard, Eugene Wigner, Stanislaw Ulam, and Edward Teller, which changed the world forever.

1953. President Eisenhower proclaimed a program "ATOMS FOR PEACE."

1968. "Operation Uranium Ship," (aka Plumbat Affair). Israel hijacked a German freighter, manifested for Genoa, which disappeared along with its cargo of some 200 tons of Uranium Oxide. When the freighter re-appeared in Turkish port (Cypress), the cargo was missing, as it had been transferred to an Israeli ship and taken to Haifa. [Reference #

1969, September. Golda Meir visits Richard Nixon, and under the persuasion of Henry Kissinger, a top-secret document of understanding between Israel& US, known as "Don't Ask, Don't Test," was signed not known to too many people other that Secretary of Defense, Melvin Laird and his Deputy, David Packard. Since that time no one ever dared to mention about this secret pact.

1974. India explodes her first bomb, dubbed as "The Smiling Buddha."

1974, Nov. 13. Karen Silkwood (Feb 19, 1946 to November 13, 1974), killed in a hit an run accident, while she was on her way to deliver a brown manila folder containing information regarding about 8,000 lbs of missing Plutonium from the Cimmaron Plant of Kerr-McGee Corporation's Plutonium processing plant, near Oklahoma City, OK. Ref. #

1977-78. NUMEC Plant, Apollo, PA reported to have missing about 572 lbs of Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU). FBI investigation of its Manager, Dr. Zalman M. Shapiro, curtailed by Presidential orders, and sealed under "Top Classified" material, not to be seen by anyone again. Zalman Shapiro was fined $929,000, but no one knows if the fine was paid. [Ref. # See

1979, April 6. Mossad operatives blow up the core of a reactor under construction for Iraq at a nuclear plant located in Le Seyne-sur-Mer, near Toulon, France.

1980, June 14. Dr. Yahya el-Meshad brutally assassinated by Mossad through enticement of a prostitute Marie Clause Megal at Meridien hotel outside of Paris. [Ref. #]

1979, September 22. VELA satellite records signature of Israeli/South-African nuclear explosion in Atlantic ocean south-west of the coast of South Africa.

1980, July 12. Megal killed by Mossad through a hit and run accident in Paris.

1981, June 7. Israeli Air Force F-16's bomb and destroy Iraq's Osirak reactor built outside of Baghdad, upon the directives of Menachem Begin. [Ref.#]

1981, June 8. At 15:30, Menachem Begin announces his act of barbarism on Kol Israel as to how IAF bombed and destroyed this reactor. [Ref #]

1981. Two NYT journalists, Steven Weissman and Herbert Krosney published the book "THE ISLAMIC BOMB [Ref # ] The six chapters in this book were devoted to (1) destruction of Osirak reactor near Baghdad, (2) Col. Qaddafi's nuclear ambitions, (3) India's "Smiling Buddha", (4) Pakistan's Abdul Qadeer Khan, (5) Iraq's desire to become nuclear, and (6) the threat of nuclear holocaust.

We have to remember two important threats made in this book:
1. Page 163: Threat by Henry Kissinger to Z. A. Bhutto: "Stop Chashma or we will make a horrible example of you," and it was carried out. Lately, an ex-US-Ambassador to India disclosed that blowing up of Gen. Zia's plane was carried out by Israel.
2. Page 205: Threat by a Zionist organization calling itself "League for Protecting the Sub Continent (LPSC)." "We will not hesitate to use violent means to make those responsible for nuclear arms proliferation understand the seriousness of their actions. We believe it better to eliminate a few individuals and destroy a few factories rather than risk the wholesale massacre of millions of human beings." This threat is in the process of execution: destruction of Iraq, next Iran (as predicted by Caspar Weinberger and Margaret Thatcher in their book "The Next War"), and perhaps Pakistan as shown above by Curren and Karber. The use of "tactical Deep Earth Penetrating" nuclear devices have been a part of testing which very likely resulted the Tsunami and the Earth-quake in Northern Pakistan [Ref. Los Alamos scientists upset about testing if the U.S. ever signed CTBT, see The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists <http://www.thebulletin> (archives:

1985, November 21, Jonathan Jay Pollard and his wife arrested for passing on tons of photocopies of secret intelligence documents from Naval Intelligence Center to Israeli Embassy in Washington DC. His contacts were Rafi Etan (Israel's master spy and Pollard's handler and IAF's Colonel Aviem Sella stationed at Ramon air base in the Negev Desert). The data included information on Soviet submarines, Pakistan and Iran's nuclear activities.

1985. A plan to Dismember Pakistan [Ref # ] published a scenario of the future plan regarding nuclear program and dismemberment of Pakistan. On page 103, under the caption of "Scenario of the future," they published graphic maps to show the scenario of the future in which India with the help from Israel would strike on Pakistan's nuclear facilities. That's why Bush's recent promise to build strategic relationship with India is to use India to make it a reality.

1986, Feb. 28. Olaf Palme, Prime Minister of Sweden mysteriously assassinated by a Mossad gunman for befriending Yasser Arafat and siding with Palestinian cause. [Ref. #]

1986, September 30. Mossad hijacks Mordechai Vanunu at Rome Airport at 21:00 arriving by British Airways flight 504, and kidnap him to Israel, where he spends 14 years in solitary confinement for disclosing the real nature of Dimona - the Bomb factory for Israel.

1986, October 5. Sunday Times, London, publishes the information given to them by Mordechai Vanunu, after verification to be authentic photographs.

1990, March 22. Dr. Gerald Bull, was mercilessly killed with five bullets in his head, neck and back, in front of his apartment in Brussels for helping build the Super-gun for Iraq.

1991, July. Scientific American Magazine: Has a page describing the news blackout for scientists in obtaining the Weather Data for a week coming from NOAA Satellites processing Center in Denver, CO. It was because the U.S. did not want the world to know about the fires set to Kuwaiti oil fields. In fact it was the work of Allied troops but blamed on Kuwaiti troops of Saddam Hussein.

1992, July: Physics Today, "Iraq's Secret Nuclear Program," by Jay C. Davis, and David A. Kay. This article describes how the UNSCOM inspectors found and destroyed more than 99% of the items which could be used in Iraq's pursuit for nuclear weapons.

1992, Dec. 7. Dr. Muayad Al-Janabi(52) brutally assassinated by Mossad's hail of bullets in front of his wife and children, while he was parking his car in Amman, Jordan, where he had gone to get Visa for UK.

1994, May, 25. 103rd Congress/2nd Session: Senate,"US Chemical and Biological Warfare-Related Dual Use Exports to Iraq and Their Possible Impact on the Health Consequences of the Persian Gulf War." A Report of Chairman Donald M. Reigle, Jr., and Ranking Member Alfonse D'Amato, of the Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs with respect to Export Administration, United States Senate. Dated May 25, 1994.

1998. Both India and Pakistan perform nuke tests.

2001. Deputy Secretary of State, Richard Armitage visits ISI Director Gen. Mahmood on 9/11/01 and the next day, and offers him a choice (aka Threat), "Help us and breathe in the 21st Century along with international community or be prepared to live in the Stone Age." [Ref. Deutsche Presse-Agnetur, 912/01 and L A Weekly, 11/9/01]

2001. Mid-September. Seymour Hersh of the New Yorker, a few days after 9/11: members of elite counter terrorism unit Sayeret Matkal arrive in the U.S. and begin training with U.S. Special Forces in a secret location. The two groups are developing contingency plans to attack Pakistan's military bases and remove its nuclear weapons if the Pakistani government or the nuclear weapons fall into the wrong hands {Ref. New Yorker, 10/29/01. There may have been threats to enact this plan on Sept. 13, 2001. The Japan Times later notes that this "threat to divest Pakistan of its 'crown jewels' was clearly used by the U.S. first to force Musharraf to support its military campaign in Afghanistan, and then to warn would-be coup plotters against Musharraf." [Japan Times 11/10/01]

2002, Arch/April. Article "It's seven minutes to midnight, from the Board of Directors," March/April 2002, pp. 4-7, Vol. 58, No. 2, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. In this article the authors show the displeasure of Los Alamos Laboratory's weapons designers that if the U.S. signed the CTBT, it would tie their hands to test the new tactical nukes on the drawing board.

2004, April 21. Vanunu released after spending 14 years in Eshkelon jail for telling the world about the true nature of Dimona.

2005, Feb. 11. Sanger et al., a Full page article describing the sting operation to expose Abdul Qadeer Khan and his network for nuclear proliferation.

2005, Feb. 14. TIME has picture of Abdul Qadeer Khan on its front cover, with the caption: "The Merchant of Menace" Exclusive: How A Q Khan became the world's most dangerous Nuclear Trafficker," page 22-31, by Bill Powell Tim McGirk/Islamabad, Ghulam Hasnain Karachi and Syed Talat Hussain in Islamabad.

2006, April 10. This evening on PBS-News Hour Program, the war monger Richard Perle (former Pentagon official) and Morton Halperin (former Reagan Administration's NSC & State Department official, and Clinton admin.) left no doubt in any-one's mind that the use of tactical nuclear weapons cannot be ruled out in the case of Iran.


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Graham Allison is the founding Dean of Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government, and is director of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. He has done a superb job of creating hypothetical scenario involving Pakistani scientists like Bashiruddin Mahmood to scare Americans or Western readers about the invented "Suitcase Bomb." He tends to forget that the long term cancer (lasting for 20 billion years)and other related health effects in Iraq, Arabia, Kuwait, Balkans, Afghanistan, etc. by using several thousand tons of Depleted Uranium munitions is far worse than the two atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. But by drawing up fabricated stories and hypothetical possibilities he has prepared a great script for a Hollywood Horror movie (like the China Syndrome) and instilling the fear in the minds of Western readers that Muslims are the most dangerous people on this planet pursuing the nuclear weapons as stated in Steven Weissman and Herbert Krosney's book "The ISLAMIC BOMB: The Threat to Israel and to the Middle East," NYT/Times Books, New York 1981. The message conveyed in this book is that only Muslims can commit such nuclear terror and pose a threat to the Western Civilization, an extension of "Clash of Civilizations" by Samuel Huntington.


- Afghanistan's Ordeal Puts a Region At Risk, by James B. Curren and Phillip A. Karber,in Armed Forces JOURNAL International, pages 78-105, March 1985. In this article the two intelligence analysts (Curren and Karber) discuss "Dismemberment of Pakistan (pages 100 -105) under a heading: "Scenario of the Future." With the help of graphic maps or diagrams:

1. An Unresolved Conflict: India vs. Pakistan shown with three graphic maps
Kashmir 1947-48 | Indo-Pakistan War 1965 | Bangladesh War 1971
Giving brief details of each event.

2. Nuclearization of the Region: Comparing Pakistan with Iraq and India, regarding trained scientists, universities with nuclear instruction, nuclear research centers, Uranium resources, Inventories of Plutonium and highly enriched Uranium, Enrichment capacity: Research reactors (large),Power reactors (heavy water type and light-water type); reprocessing capability, and Heavy-water capability.

Sources: Analysis of Six Issues About Nuclear Capabilities of India, Iraq, Libya, and Pakistan, Congressional Research Service for the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, January 1982; Leonard S. Specter, Nuclear Proliferation Today, Ballinger, 1984 (Note: There is no mention of Israel).

3. A Scenario of the Future?

a. Graphic Map depicting Indo-Soviet (or American)Air Offensive:

* Pre-emptive attacks on Pakistan's major air-bases
* Soviet (or American) bombing of refugee camps and air assault seizure of key passes.
* Indian Strikes on Pakistani nuclear facilities
* Soviet (or American) interdiction of Karakoram highway

b. Second Graphic map showing Ground Campaign for the Dismemberment of Pakistan

* Creation of independent "Peoples Republic of Baluchistan" with American Naval Base and Force Deployment Treaty
* Absorption of northwest tribal territories into Afghanistan
* Absorption of West Kashmir into India
* Administration of Sind/Punjab autonomous zone by India.

Note: This plan was published in 1985 blaming Russia, which has been replaced by USA as the occupying power in Afghanistan. Slowly but steadily conditions are being created to achieve the goals specified in this article.
Compiled by Bashir A. Syed
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Re: The Third World: Multiple Violence, Swindles, Frauds

Postby rerevisionist » 27 May 2011 16:24

One of the hopes on 'independence' after the Second World War that some of these countries might develop their own unique perspectives and intelligences. This now seems about as plausible as the proletariat being rich, fertile, untilled soil.

I posted this mainly because of Bashir's selection of topics for his timeline, and his reference books and magazines. It's curious that the vast majority of his sources are American (read: Jewish) books and new sources. I happen to own some - e.g. Baron and Spigelman who in journalistic fashion give alarmist stories but don't understand any background. (Examples: Wall St banker appointed to head a nuclear organisation; Argentina deceived by a nuclear fraud; Oppenheimer being removed, and code words of UnAmerican Committee; Indian peasants contrasted to vastly expensive Indian establishments; accounts of Japan, China, Germany, France; Westinghouse reneging on contracts; coal supertankers quashed; huge hidden subsidies; no radiation effects in Hiroshima).

The interesting thing about Bashir is the different geographical focus, on Pakistan and the surrounding areas, including three wars (on Partition - Kashmir 1947-48, Indo-Pakistan 1965, Bangladesh War 1971) - he omits a 1999 war. In raw numbers, the death rates must compare with WW2's total. He mentions various 'initiatives' but has no overview of what happened - where does the 'aid' go?

As to science and technology, Bashir seems utterly gullible as regards nuclear physics (and he worked for NASA for God's sake without a whisper of criticism!) From our perspective it's clear the motive of Israel in bombing various plants must have been related to the hoax aspect, as must the more-or-less secret agreements with the USA.

I emailed this man to see if he might comment ... watch this space!
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