Youtube of abandoned 'nuclear power plant', Elma, WA

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Youtube of abandoned 'nuclear power plant', Elma, WA

Postby rerevisionist » 24 Feb 2012 04:54

Satsop Abandoned Nuclear Power Plant 3 1/2 minute video by a cautious man of a 'cooling tower' of what he calls an abandoned nuclear power plant in Elma, Washington. It appears to consist only of an entirely hollow concrete structure on (rather strong) girders. The maker of the video doesn't seem to have wondered why something intended to generate electricity and with a very concentrated source of energy would need a huge cooling tower. (A dumpload of course would).

The Satsop Nuclear Power Plant was 75% complete in 1983 before the money ran out and work was abandoned. To avoid steep dismantling costs, the site was eventually handed over to a public corporation and became the Satsop Development Park, home to various light industry businesses

This interested me because amateur videos might be able to provide evidence which would otherwise be secret.
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