Chinese 'Cooling Tower' Project. Dumpload (or Dump Load) Proof?

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Chinese 'Cooling Tower' Project. Dumpload Proof?

Postby rerevisionist » 30 Nov 2011 00:24

Here's a rather strange piece I found on the 'China Daily' website for April, 2010. The headline is Nuclear power cooling tower project made official - there's a shortish piece, and a video, about four huge cooling towers, being built under some contract involving (I think) a German company. But nothing about the nuclear power! (Remember China is claimed to build new coal-fired power stations every day). It looks to me to be explicitly a dumpload with a nod to supposed nuclear power.

On April 7, 2010, the signing ceremony for Taohuajiang Cooling Tower Supply Contract was held in Beijing between Beijing GEA Energietechnik Co Ltd and CNNC Taohuajiang Nuclear Power Co Ltd.

Michael Wieneke (Counselor for the Germany Embassy in China), Peter Monolopoulos (President of GEA BU Wet Cooling), Meng Fanxin (General Manager of GEA Beijing), Chen Hua (Director of CNNC Nuclear Power Department), Zhang Qinghua (Deputy Director of CNNC Nuclear Power Department), Li Jinying (Board Chairman of Taohuajiang Nuclear Power Co Ltd), Zheng Yanguo (General Manager of Taohuajiang Nuclear Power Co Ltd), Liu Mingzhang (Assistant GM of Taohuajiang Nuclear Power Co Ltd) and Gu Jin (Vice President of ECEPDI) attended the ceremony.

The Taohuajiang cooling tower project is supplied by GEA and co-designed by Beijing GEA Energietechnik Co Ltd and ECEPDI (East China Electricity PDI). Its height reaches 200m, and its base diameter is 160m. It will become the tallest NDCT tower in the world, with the largest rain area. It is also another milestone in the world’s development of the ultra-large nuclear power cooling tower business.

The short video is downloadable but I haven't found a URL for it. It's # 3653 if that helps.
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