Need for international Jewish Studies groups and think-tanks

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Need for international Jewish Studies groups and think-tanks

Postby rerevisionist » 13 Jan 2012 15:30

Let me list (in no special order; and not remotely comprehensive) Jewish influences over the last few centuries--

** Participation in science frauds: AIDS, NASA, nuclear matters, cell biology, climate science . There's a long list in which there is considerable Jewish participation and also of course considerable Jewish obfuscation
** Financial frauds, generally involving credit and paper money, and generally with collaboration from lenders or politicians - the 'Fed', and recent PFI schemes in Britain, being just two examples
** Systematic propaganda aimed against non-Jews in ways which dominant Jews seem to think is in their interest
** Economic propaganda deception of the sort where e.g. African assets are controlled by Jews
** Systematic media dishonesty, dating back almost to the start of modern mass printing methods
** Social engineering: e.g. the Hart-Cellar Act type in the USA (designed to force immigration into the USA), and the dumbing-down of education in the UK - the 'look say' method and removal of grammar schools being typical examples, in which public schools (in fact schools outside the state system) and specifically Jewish schools were exempt
** Control of mass murder in the USSR and gradations - e.g. Jewish cliques in Poland, Hungary etc
** Control and influence and profit in post-1945 US wars
** Different techniques - financial, debt, divide-and-rule, fomenting wars, control of essentials, corrupting the legal system - as applied to different states: thus Poland, France, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Britain, the USA have had different interventions, all of which ought to be studied as facets of essentially the same aims. The same analysis should be applied to the entire EU
** True history of so-called Jews, mostly involving eastern Europe, has been mostly suppressed
** Truth of Jewish 'holy books' which has also of course largely been suppressed
** Jewish role in slavery, notably in the USA
** ... plenty more

There clearly ought to be careful study of the effects of Jews, at least if history, sociology, and economics are ever to become serious subjects. As things stand, it seems impossible that a set of departments across the world could be set up to co-operate on serious research, possibly with some central organisation situated in an intellectually liberal country - if there is one. It's conceivable (I suppose) that China or India might form a seed, as happened, in part, with the AIDS fraud, and may well happen with nuclear frauds.

The purpose of this section is to discuss re-revisionist treatment of Jews.
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Re: Need for international Jewish Studies groups and think-tanks

Postby rerevisionist » 21 Jan 2012 03:42



[1] London immigration up to about 1900Whitechapel and map Image

[2] Arthur Butz on immigration into New York

[3] Hart-Cellar Act

[4] Beginning of the Destruction of the Education System

[5] Abolition of the Death Penalty in UK 1960s

[6] Abortion of whites

[7] Feminism (US Jewish sense) 1970s

[8] Kevin MacDonald 1998/2000 on Jewish moves to force coloured immigration into USA

[9] Politicisation of UK police 1990s by Jews

[10] Jewish Funding for Organisations Weakening Nations

[11] Secret Promotion of Immigration into Britain at British Peoples' Expense - Neather, Straw

[12] Barbara Lerner Spectre and Sweden 2010

[13] Kevin MacDonald on Recent Jewish and Muslim pro-immigration activism

Kevin MacDonald on November 30, 2010 — 45 Comments

Just in case there remained any doubt, non-White groups are leading the charge on legalizing the illegals and raising even further the numbers of legal immigrants. The latest things I’ve come across (in addition to Newsweek’s predictable puff piece on Rep. Luis Gutierrez (Dem, IL) “the most passionate, tireless, and nettlesome voice in Congress on immigration matters”) is a grant from the Ford Foundation to the American Jewish Committee:

The Ford Foundation has awarded a grant of $500,000, the second in two years, to support AJC programs to strengthen intergroup relations in the United States and mobilize for comprehensive immigration reform.

“We deeply appreciate the Ford Foundation’s generous support for AJC’s pioneering initiatives,” said Ann Schaffer, director of AJC’s Belfer Center for American Pluralism.

The new grant will enable AJC to expand its innovative Bridging America Project to four more communities – Atlanta, Colorado, New York and Washington, DC. The project was launched last year in Arizona, Chicago,Houston and New Jersey.

“Our goal is to strengthen Latino-Jewish relationships and to advocate jointly for reform of our deeply flawed immigration system,” said Schaffer, who is directing the Bridging America Project. “We need comprehensive reform so that it responds effectively to our nation’s economic and security needs, and reflects America’s fundamental commitment to democratic values and human rights.”

Ms. Shaffer has previously attracted our attention, in a video she made with the following comment:
The Jewish community has always worked on the premise that as a minority, our security, our strength, our well being in America is interdependent with those of other minorities. This is a Jewish issue. It’s very much a Jewish issue.

In other words, Jewish advocacy of massive non-White immigration has nothing to do with lofty universalist moral ideals (“democratic values and human rights,” as the announcement has it) carefully crafted to appeal to the idealism of Whites. It’s about providing safety in numbers—importing as many non-Whites as possible so that Jews will be safe against the threat of an anti-Jewish uprising. As noted in the blurb, this means cementing ties within the non-White political coalition that is rapidly becoming pretty much synonymous with the Democratic Party.

Obviously, these efforts are very well funded and there is now a very large critical mass of non-Whites (around 100 million), the vast majority of whom are on board with these efforts.

Muslims are well aware of how the wind is blowing in American politics. They may have differences with Jews when it comes to the Middle East, but they are completely on board with the pro-immigration advocacy movement and its desire to make Whites a minority as soon as possible. A paper recently put out by the Muslim Public Affairs Council advocates the entire wish list of the anti-White coalition: Support for the DREAM act, providing illegals with an easy path to citizenship, and raising the numbers of legal immigrants (it blames illegal immigration partly on "unrealistic" [i.e., too low for them] quotas]). It makes specious economic arguments based on data from the Immigration Policy Center, a fanatically open borders outfit funded by George Soros.

The MPAC claims its views are a “faith-based” perspective that is remarkably congruent with their self-interest in getting as many of their people over here as possible. They talk a lot about “human dignity” and the “rule of law”–appeals to universalism that are right out of the Jewish play book that dates at least from the 19th century in the US and apparent in the AJC statement above. Nothing about jihad.
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