Mary Kaldor as Distractor from Jewish Wars and Mass-Murders

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Mary Kaldor as Distractor from Jewish Wars and Mass-Murders

Postby rerevisionist » 25 Feb 2012 17:01

Just a short note. I don't know how well-known Mary Kaldor is in the USA. She is, or was, typical of Jews who are Jewish-media-promotees in the UK. Her role is to put what is some sort of Jewish consensus, though of course she doesn't say this. As fas as I can tell her stuff is not thought well of by what pass as serious analysts; she's more a lightweight type, a front, the sort of person the BBC and Jewish-controlled media hold up. Needless to say there's material on 'exterminism' and so-called Jews, and naturally the complete nuclear bullshit is deployed, including of course the Vanunu stuff. She seems weak on weaponry, rather oddly, for a war theory writer. Though I suppose this is fairly standard - male war commentators often have a similar fault, talking as though supplies and equipment and training are subordinate to - I suppose - their imaginations of themselves as heroic warriors. Needless to say, too, there is nothing on mass murder in the USSR or the role of people like Kissinger, the neocons and Iraq, etc. Another good example of controlled pseudo-research.
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