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King Judah

Postby Exorcist » 29 Jan 2012 00:31

In opening my contribution to this thread I would like to draw your attention to something which crops up constantly in these films which I will name the "TALMUDIC PISSTAKE".(TP for short)
This is a recurrent "Kilroy was here" Jewish in-joke taking various forms, embedded in the fake nuke films mocking the guillible gentile outsiders who their propaganda is designed to deceive. Thats you BTW.

King Juda was supposededly the King of the Marshall Islanders who agreed that his people be uprooted from their homeland and transported to various places where they were subjected to terrible hardship and practically starved to death. Go to this video and check it out for yourselves.

At 30:50 where "King Juda" is shown boarding a launch on his way to the US ship Mount McKinley we are told (verbatim) by the commentator:-

"Flown from Rongerik to witness the historical event is King Juda, ruler of Bikini. It was he who unselfishly gave his island to the United States in order that these experiments could be conducted".

Do you believe the Islanders agreed to this of their own free will? I certainly don't. I also have grave doubts as to the existence of a real person called "King Juda".

Later at 36:06 the commentary continues verbatim:

"Another angle to the blast is photographed from the Mount Mckinley where King Juda displays a marked interest in the proceedings."

To me, that seems a very strange comment to make. The King of these island people takes a marked interest in watching his peoples homeland being devastated?


The frame above at 36:10 shows a figure with his hand obscuring his face standing beside "King Juda" who is looking through a pair of binoculars.


At 36:11 he lowers his hand to reveal a fleeting glimpse of his face.


Have you got it yet?


The commentary refers to the figure on the left of the highlighted frames who fronted the hoax.

None other than J. Robert Oppenheimer.....King JUDAH.

What we see here is nothing short of depraved mockery aimed at the overwhelming majority of the worlds population, and perpetrated at the expense of the former inhabitants of Bikini. Tragic though this may be, it pales into insignificance when compared to the destructive effect the creation of this false meme of non-existent doomsday weapons has had. By accepting the deception we have unwittingly given a very small group of people the ultimate psychological and political weapon they required to bring into being a system of global slavery.

I would appreciate it if people would refrain from commenting on this post until I've posted a few more examples of TP which I'm in the process of preparing.
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