Jewish Organised Crime: Murder, Theft, Fraud, Brothels -Media

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Jewish Organised Crime: Murder, Theft, Fraud, Brothels -Media

Postby rerevisionist » 03 Feb 2012 16:00

Jewish Organised Crime - Murder, Theft, White Slave Trafficking in Slav women, & Jewish Media National Stereotyping

Interesting half-hour-ish David Duke video, updated, on the 'Kosher Nostra' including 1930s US violence, the Jewish criminals in Russia, national stereotypes (e.g. Hollywood Jews pretending Italians control organised crime, and use of Christian Catholic imagery), and the Slav women forced into prostitution legally in Israel. (He doesn't look at overseas activities of Jewish criminals in for example Africa, and drug-producing areas, and with arms and weapons, and the CIA. There's not much on Jewish domination of pornography. And he has no idea of science frauds, a study still in its infancy, though he may well catch up).

The Bolsheviks were more or less the same as organised crime gangs - note that there isn't even an accepted phrase to describe gangs of murderers - the word 'thug' comes from a pseudo-religious secret group of murderers who robbed travellers, split what proceeds there were, and buried the remains with a carefully-worked out technique.

It's curious to watch that video; it's impossible to decide if the world is generally peaceful, and thugs can only survive when there are corrupt officials; or whether the world is always on the point of violent chaos, and only held together precariously. Certainly the image in Britain of the USA is or was of a very violent society - but this may have been a way of hiding Jewish violence, of course. (Alfred N Whitehead once said, no doubt the ancient Egyptians tut-tutted over the violence of the raw new people of Greece - Whitehead was comparing ancient Greece to the USA). However it's noticeable that in all these cases shown by Duke the murders were rather localised, and the legal system often worked, even against multiple killers and people who stole or amassed some sort of title to billions.

He's of course right about the Jewish Hollywood presentation of Italians, which is almost as routinised as the presentation of Germans. They don't seem to have settled on standard presentations of other nations, however. Britons as presented vary from effete poofter types to well-spoken but ineffectual clowns, but James Bond - the film version (nothing like Ian Fleming's books) - is the only full-on British stereotype I can think of. Of course ordinary Americans are often presented in insulting ways.

The Jewish-dominated media has covered up the paramount Jewish role in organized crime while it has worked overtime to slander Italians and now “Russians” with the ethnic association of organized crime. This documentary lays out the undeniable facts. The biggest gangster of the 20th century was not the Italian Al Capone, it was the very Jewish, and very Zionist Meyer Lansky. The most horrific crime organization of the 2oth Century was Murder, Inc. an overwhelming Jewish organization. And the quote, “Russian” Mafia is neither Russian nor Mafia, it is run by Jewish mobsters from Russia and Eastern Europe. This video will show how the Zionist media manipulates us and reveals their ultimate hypocrisy and the great threat of a worldwide network of Jewish organized crime aided by their incredible influence in media and government
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Re: Jewish Organised Crime - Murder, Theft, Prostitution & M

Postby Exorcist » 03 Feb 2012 16:39

Sorry...In error I put my original post this thread's now on the correct Freemasonary thread dealing with a notorious Freemasonic murder in the USA.
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