Jew Militarism Increases anti-White and anti-American Feelings

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Jew Militarism Increases antiWhite, antiAmericanism

Postby rerevisionist » 16 Dec 2011 16:09

Jewish militarism disguised as American power is intended to increase anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-American, anti-European feelings

Jewish adventurism and control of US foreign policy conveniently hides as 'American' or sometimes 'Anglo-American' power. There are vast numbers of middle east, far east, south Americans, Africans who hate some/all of whites, Americans, Christians. I don't remember anyone noticing this has the side-effect for Jews of, not only keeping their activities covert, but weakening the ethical position of Americans.

***Hiroshima and Nagasaki are widely (and wrongly) believed to have been bombed by atom bombs. Many Japanese feel a hatred for Americans as a result - not for Jews who designed the whole fraud. This of course weakens the attempt to understand Americans.
***The Vietnam war probably had no military purpose at all; it was designed to make money for Jews by unloading bombs on defenceless people and making money from helicopters, shells, napalm factories, and the rest. However Vietnamese understandably hate Americans as a result. This is unsurprising in my opinion they were justified in fighting back; and the empty-headed pilots who were shot down deserved to be murdered, as happened occasionally. But the point I'm making here is that it was blamed on whites, and on Americans, not Jews such as Kissinger and (it appears) L B Johnson.

As an example Bertrand Russell's letters (edited by Jews) in Dear Bertrand Russell used 'American' genocide in Vietnam as an example of Christian cruelty - 'Christian, up and smite them, counting gain not loss', 'blood red banners' etc. Here's an extract from a letter November 26, 1965: '.. I should not despair of the people of the United States, however, for the American people are not allowed to know the true character of the war waged by their government. It is the duty of those of us who understand the injustice and cruelty involve to educate and inform our fellow citizens. The war in Vietnam is not the first, and will not be the last such war waged by American imperialism. ..'

Noam Chomsky is an American equivalent; he always talks of 'American power' ignoring the facts about Jewish occupation of all the key points in government. Chomsky must know this.

Another example was the 'Project for the New American Century'; which ignored the role of Jews.

***Many Muslims regard the USA as the 'Great Satan', since they don't understand in detail the 'ZOG' structure of America. It's hard to guess the proportion of Arabs, Pakistanis etc who know that 9/11 was a Jewish crime; but obviously, if they don't, they will be anti-white or Anti-American or anti-British.

This fits in of course with the Jewish agenda of forcing hostile immigration into white countries, and disguising their own actions. The myth of the 'Holocaust' is also helpful for them they can pretend their butchery is relatively minor.

If Americans shake free of the burden of permanent alliance with Israel, in my opinion they will do well to identify the Jewish component in American wars. And Jewish attitudes—I believe General Wesley Clark is a Jew, for instance, and is adamant among other things that the white communities should be destroyed. Many Christian churches in Iraq have been destroyed, probably with Jewish approval. In Africa, Israel rather than the USA is involved in secret actions, and in view of what they did in the USSR, for example, there must be enormous cruelties there, naturally not reported in the Jewish media.—Note added later
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