Hype Wars

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We never got around to the question of generated scares and also generated bellicosity. As a few possible examples, consider how genuinely-based were the following events:–

The sinking of the Maine in 1898 as an excuse for war with Spain
The Berlin Airlift (1948). Just a few years after the nominal end of WW2.
The Korean War (1950-53)
• 'Escalation' of bombing of Vietnam
The U2 incident (1960).
The Cuba Missile Crisis. (1962) This site came round to the view that, since nuclear missiles are no doubt fake, and also since the USA would have no difficulty bombing Cuba, that the so-called 'missile crisis' was arranged, probably by Jews in the USA and USSR, along with the Marrano Jew Castro.
The 'AIDS' 'crisis' (1984)

Note added 10th Sept 2013 - rerevisionist

Hype Wars

Postby NUKELIES » 07 Mar 2012 14:02

What we're really going through right now is all smoke and mirrors and shock and awe. Jew this and Jew that - Zionist this and Zionist that - Mason this and Mason that - don't you see a pattern? It's ALL hype! Hype rules the world when it manages to instill fear and belief in you.

Fuck Saddam and Gaddafi and Ahmedinejad - you think they care about you? They're all on the same team fighting for control of the hive - you're the bees.

The real culprit here is Alex Jones. Thanks Alex for ruining the 21st Century! Jack-booted thugs in black helicopters indeed! You were just announcing the onslaught of Big Brother's fear machine.

I've had it with this fear frenzy they call the Truth Movement. You want the truth? You are a masochist. Stop cringing and fight! Live! The battlefield is in your mind! Break free from fear!

The real purpose of the TSA, the Patriot Act, nuclear bombs, AND the Truth Movement is to create FEAR! THAT'S THE CONSPIRACY. If they can make you fear, then they control you.
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Re: Hype Wars

Postby ewing2001 » 07 Mar 2012 20:12

…well said ;
I personally still believe, William Cooper [whether credible or not by *himself] was killed,
to pave the career for alexjones.

The 'double-triple-quadro anxietyOP' around Alex Jones smacked to me always like some sophisticated script of european Tavistock Institute writers. Those fellows made up a lot of various, multi-layered anxietyOPs, most sophisticated f.i. the so called "Midlife Crisis" by Elliott Jaques -founding member, in 1946, of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations- regarding the related ecoFem- [new] 'aging' hype in the 70s ; then re-promoted by Gail Sheehy in the U.S.

The latest 'conspiracy-relevation' -hipster gig appears to be a hype around the David Chase Taylor-STRATFOR Tandem. Chase-Taylor recently "stated" that Jones is payrolled by George Friedman's pseudo-"INTEL"-outlet "STRATFOR".

A carefully designed script imo, to also refresh the anxietyOP around alleged Nukes and reinstall Jones' credibility after a while by STRATFOR and Jones themselves.
The author of this story, David Chase Taylor, is a convinced Nuke-FearMongerer, who stated in his January 2011 ebook, The Nuclear Bible, that the Super Bowl XLV on February 6, 2011, would have been the "target, date and location of [an] impending nuclear terror attack" by Al-Quaeda.

Jones is another part of this tandem. His Satellite radio show is broadcasted on a specific satellite, which is protected by former producer and fearMongerer Lockheed, and meanwhile run by current electronic defense industry around SES and Co.
"Genesis" run by ex-PanAMSat Boss - Alex Jones and the 'SpaceBeams Industry' ; ]

It would take one [atta-, nano-, femto-] second or so, to cut him off the transponder, if he would establish a *real problem for the [privatised] defense Industry, instead he's still smokescreening with outdated government-drivel ;


Maybe the ColdWar-techies in the former Soviet Union had more *fun, played shooter Games and Tetris on their big security screens and watching movies, while U.S. NukeTechies did *really believe it ;
[Photos : former "Basis Perwomaisk", movies China Syndrome, The Day After/italian poster]

55++ years is a long time, to cover up the nuke-lie. It needs to have controlled topics and themes.

In the 60s, the so called Team B was established around Albert Wohlstetter (RAND Corporation), to push the Cold War Myth. Members had been i.e. Paul Nitz (Committee on the Present Danger (CPD), Paul Wolfowitz (temporarily awarded as the "President of the World Bank"), or Richard Pipes ("Harvard historian") ; his son Daniel Pipes authored in 1993 the anxietyOP around his topic "green peril", the very first "radicalIslam"-theme, which ended up later in this most "traumatic episode" on sep 11th, 2001, still also allowing to speculate, whether so called "nuclear bombs" or Weapons around Directed Energy and Chemical Lasers ["developed" in East Germany, U.S. White Sands etc..] might additionally have been used. Honeypots had been 'sent' to the Truthers to play either the one or other falseHope|falseScare -theme . All part of a sophisticated fear monger script incl. divide and conquer, paranoia vs. pronoia etc.
Typical among brainwashed, helping-syndromed "activists", sexually traumatised from their unspoken past etc...
However also great for [underground] comedy ; - ))

Jones was and still is one of the 00's+ anxiety-teamsters. But for how long ?
Obviously the war-|fearmonger industry likes his style and that's why he's still on the air,
has enough bread to eat and is allowed to continue his Scam and Ridicule, for whatever scientologized audience.

Jones also didn't talk about nukelies.com yet, as far as i can tell.

When i still did so called "politics", video mashlivism or whatever you wanna call it, i used transgression comedy, to reveal him, but obviously it did backfire more on *me than him, and most of those sexually deranged, self-abusive truthlings|truthers [metrosexual truthlings around nic levis and co. infiltrated in 2001+ first my science research - and [online-|offline] groups and teams, then all over the place] just always re-created their own pseudo-godlike penis-pyramid again*, to have their lost penis warshipped ; [ex-bechtel richard gage, scandinavian physicist truthers, japanese parliamensters etc..]

http://www.metacafe.com/watch/885836/al ... q2rx_liar/

for more amusement :
quickyleaks, spatFOR and grrralexJones and|or the latest nuke- and 'NWO' scares:
http://www.spiegel.de/wirtschaft/sozial ... 81,00.html
http://truthernews.wordpress.com/2012/0 ... breitbart/
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