Harold Pinter as a model servile Jewish infiltrator

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Harold Pinter as a model servile Jewish infiltrator

Postby rerevisionist » 24 Dec 2011 01:42

This is an interpretation - not nuke specific - of Harold Pinter, a 'Jew' who lived for some time in southern Africa, though apparently was born in Hackney, in east London, the traditional - well, since about 1900 - port of call of immigrant 'Jews'.. Without going into detail, note that Pinter had a penchant for servile types who planned to take things over - typically, normal white people are shown in his works as unable to function without servile and partly-informed assistants (read: Jews). There's the usual Jewish obsession with bodily functions. He of course showed Christians as hypocritical. One of his techniques was new at the time - the use of tape recorded speech, which often shows up the rather absurd hesitations and repetitions of ordinary conversation. It's amusing to note his sexual conquests: Joan Bakewell, a tame northern woman BBC hack, supposedly a religious correspondent, who needless to say never said anything intelligent about Judaism (or Islam; or, indeed, Christianity) is on record as visiting Pinter for a weekly fuck. Pinter also fucked (and married) Antonia Fraser who had some connection with Lord Longford, who was obsessed with a woman murderer. Conceivably there was some Jewish/race connection, as Antonia Fraser wrote a biography of Cromwell - Cromwell - Our Chief of Men, who was largely responsible for allowing Jewish influence back into England. Maybe a correspondent could write in to say whether she mentions this significant fact - acknowledged in the British Museum, I believe - or whether she discreetly omitted it.

In his later life, Pinter fulminated about the threats on Salman Rushdie - threats, by, presumably, but not necessarily, Muslims, and also on American power. Did he comment on Jewish influence in the USA? Not that I know of.

The quasi-intellectual Lobster periodical, based in Britain, mentions Pinter; perhaps I sould do a computer search of my downloaded copies. Note that some of Pinter's showed takeovers by inferiors: for example, a film with Dirk Bogarde as a butler, and James Fox as an undersized effete upper-class Briton. Probably this was intended as a Jewish presentation of their plan, giving a warning which was intended to be ignored.

Note: July 2013: Antonia Fraser's 1973 book on Cromwell has a longish list of people who helped, including Edward Heath and others for permission to reproduce material from Chequers; sundry librarians and curators and MPs and family members and residents in houses of historical importance and academics (including Dr Maurice Ashley, and other supposed authorities on Cromwell).
    A bit of scrutiny turns up 'Mr Edmund de Rothschild and the Jewish Library for assistance on the subject of the readmission of the Jews'; 'Professor Alexander Gieystor of the Historical Institute, Warsaw for research into Cromwell's alleged correspondence with Chmielnicki'; those are the only two with overtish reference to Jews, though the list includes some Jewish names with nothing further stated about them. The bibliography includes 'Andréadès, A, History of the Bank of England (1909); Ashley, Maurice Financial and Commercial Policy under the Cromwellian Protectorate 2nd edn 1962; H J Habbakuk Public Finance ... Confiscated Property .. Interregnum; The Humble Address of Menasseh ben Israel to his Highnesse the Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland (1655); Hyamson A. M. The Lost Tribes and the return of the Jews to England (1902-5); Kaplan L, The "Plot" to depose Charles I in 1644; Roth, Cecil, 4 titles, one being Menasseh ben Israel (1934); Thomas Tany Theavrauiohn High Priest to the Jews, his disputative challenge.. (1651); Wolf, Lucien, 5 titles, including Crypto Jews under the Commonwealth and The Jewry of the Restoration and Menasseh ben Israel's mission to Oliver Cromwell (1901). Something like 1% of the credits refer to the Jewish money issue. Pp 561-6 (hardback edition) refer to Cromwell and the Jews. So it's not correct to say Fraser doesn't consider the issue.
    However, her treatment is entirely conventional (and incidentally probably influenced by her aristocratic or pseudo-aristocratic upbringing). (A Russian woman who survived the 20th-century Jewish coup is quoted as saying one of the ways she survived was 'keep a straight face when a Jew says he is a Russian aristocrat'—quoted in the Occidental Observer). Fraser considers as a given that Jews bring wealth—presumably bringing things up to the level of Poland. She mentions Marrano Jews, masquerading as Spanish and Portuguese, in London; for example 'Antonio Fernandez de Carvajal... a man of superb and florid personality ... said to have imported £100,000 of bullion a year...' at a time when Charles I was strapped for cash. Fraser says nothing about the plot to kill Charles in exchange for Jewish money. '.. after anxious moments in August 1664 the Jews were at last legally readmitted.' Note the 'Great Fire' soon followed, and the so-called 'Bank of England' follwed after that.
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