'Fire Art' Video Showing Fuel Pumped Into Air - Burns with Huge Flame and Mushroom Cloud Effect

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'Fire Art' Video Showing Fuel Pumped Into Air - Burns with Huge Flame and Mushroom Cloud Effect

Postby rerevisionist » Inserted 9 Sep 2015

fireball with mushroom cloud

This video's notes by 'Master Zebulon':
Published on 7 Sep 2006
By far the most impressive and short lived fire display this year at Burning Man 06, in my opinion. Created by Nate Smith, fire artist extraordinaire (www.fire-art.com), this display lasted only 10 seconds, but I got it on video — capturing the essence of approx. 250 gallons of fuel releasing upwards into the air — needless to say by hearing the audio — we were all impressed! Thanks Nate! By the way, "2BLEVE" stands for "2 boiling liquid expanding vapor explosions", can you tell?

Note the resemblance to EG&G video which appears to have been a film demonstrating ways to fake 'nuclear explosions', made by film technicians. EG&G Edgerton, Germesheimer and Grieg

Notes Oct 2014 by Rerevisionist:
E G and G. Edgerton, Germeshausen, and Grier. Edgerton of MIT became a household name with frozen images made with electronic flashes. 'Fastax'-type cine cameras with continuous narrow bands of film and prisms to keep the image sharp must have been another expertise. Very fast shutters are less important because most objects aren't bright enough, The short film here (may be incomplete) is a collection of scraps: it may have been made as a sales tool, or perhaps to point up areas for improvement, though my best guess is to show a selection of effects to be used in fake 'nuclear tests'. 'Lookout Mountain' may have been fed their material. My best guess is this company was Jewish, and kept the lid firmly closed on any speculations that nukes didn't exist, were over-rated, not dangerously radioactive, and all the rest. The film is certainly ambiguous and open to several interpretations. My guess is it was a promotional demo.

It was a techie US equivalent of the Jewish film crews which faked German atrocities and took care to ignore Jewish mass murders in the USSR.

Note: original format wasn't standard; playback may be better when more elongated.

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