Maralinga, South Australia 'test site' & McClelland Report

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Maralinga, South Australia 'test site' & McClelland Report

Postby rerevisionist » 03 Mar 2012 16:26

Inserted March 2015: Rerev's video of people asked if they've heard the idea nuclear weapons were a fraud. The chap in his shop in Cromer claims he was at the Maralinga tests (well... miles away)
Have you heard the idea nuclear weapons were faked?

I found this and am flagging it here - Maralinga in South Australia was a site of nuclear tests by Britain; or so the story goes.

There was an Aussie investigation in the mid 1980s, published as the McClelland Royal Commission Report. Two volumes and a conclusion are online, and downloadable as PDFs. It doesn't seem to have been taken very seriously - it's typewritten in painful non-proportional font, when they might have used an IBM film ribbon machine.

I haven't studied this in detail; however it appears to be purely political - all the claims made about testing seem accepted at face value. There appears to be absolutely no attempt to check or validate anything. Just another bogus 'report'.
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Re: Maralinga, South Australia 'test site' & McClelland Report

Postby ewing2001 » 04 Mar 2012 00:39

Apparently seven so called nuclear tests for the UK officially took place "between 1955 and 1963" at the Maralinga site.

Their first stunt named "Hurricane", refers to 3 October 1952.
One year later officially "Totem" followed, linked to the so called nuclear reactor at Windscale.
Construction started at Calder Hall|Sellafield in March 1953, which belongs since 2008 to a consortium of US company URS, British company AMEC, and AREVA of France (formerly FRAMATOME), maybe another front for the latter all along.


Other test names had been Operation Buffalo and Operation Antler (which means in spanish anteayer = The day before yesterday) . Then they called it "thermonuclear weapons". ... _Maralinga


In case there is some "declassified material" on this, four series of other minor trials were codenamed Kittens, Tims, Rats and Vixen.
The "cleanup operation was codenamed Operation Brumby, and was conducted in 1967".
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