Four-Way War: Whites (Christians/Goyim/Kuffr), Jews, Islam, China
Mooninquirer: Vanunu, Israeli 'nuclear weapons', Southern USA Jews, Jews since LBJ

Ramifications of nuclear issues are everywhere: subjects loosely or remotely linked to the nuclear bomb myth

Four-Way War: Whites (Christians/Goyim/Kuffr), Jews, Islam, China

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@mooninquirer - I've taken the liberty of moving your long postings from the Vanunu thread to here, since your postings look at a much wide range of topics than Vanunu and supposed nuclear bombs. Hope that's OK. Since you mention China, I've added it to my title. (NB good comment on air not being a good transmission line for blast.

And thanks for amplifying your southern USA comments &c).
NOTE: Two pieces on Jews in the USA south, published 5th and 6th June 2103 in The Occidental Observer, including a Marrano reference, are added at the end.

NB 'Jews' in quote marks because of the Khazar issue.

NB To people in the USA, who possibly don't know the history of Islamic expansion and its effects from northern Africa across to Persia, and the Arabian peninsula, Turkey and northern India, as well as invasions into Europe, this may seem wrong. To save complication I didn't mention the Mexican/S American war with USA/Canada, arguably counting as Catholic.

Here's a piece which looks at the long-term devastation caused by Islam (starts with the extract from C N Parkinson)-
Jews & Muslims - Very Similar Tribal and Parasitical Groups
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Re: 4-Way War: Whites/Christians/Goyim/Kuffr, Jews, Islam, C

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4-Way War: 'Jews' vs Muslims vs Whites/Goyim/Kufr vs China

Post by mooninquirer » 04 Nov 2011 03:33

Re: Vanunu: Media Disinformation Pretends That Israel Is Nuclear Armed
ANOTHER person who has interviewed Mordechai Vanunu and is completely and totally taken in by him, is Michael Collins Piper's very good friend Mark Glenn, who has an internet radio program at
I intended Michael Collins Piper to ALSO read the following analysis, and Mark Glenn to read my message to Michael Collins Piper, which occurred several posts back. Mark Glenn is most remarkable for having hosted the interview with Alan Sabrosky, which is in his archives on the March 15, 2010 show. That show has been uploaded to youtube under the title : MILITARY KNOWS ISRAEL DID 911.

Briefly, I did succeed in getting Mark Glenn to stop incessantly talking about Israel's nuclear weapons, but he has gone back to doing that. I DID however, succeed in getting him to stop openly speculating on whether Iran has nuclear weapons. I think Mark Glenn is a devout traditional Catholic, a very good man, and I greatly applaud his approach to fighting Zionism : that Christians and Muslims are very much brothers with each other, and Islam is a great force in fighting Zionism. But he just has an overly negative, pessimistic view of the world, and belief in nuclear weapons fits in perfectly with that worldview. Further, he is especially focussed on the evil of Israel. That is fine, but the emotions that engenders makes one inclined to believe that nuclear bombs must exist, since they are evil as well. It also fits in with the notion of Israel as the big bully pushing around its helpless neighbors. That is true, but I say, do not allow that correct notion to skew your view of what is ultimately true. Israel's supposed nuclear bombs are a BLUFF, that greatly benefit Israel. Everyone involved in perpetuating Israel's Samson Option are Jewish.

Here follows my messages to Mark Glenn :

There was a lot of talk of nuclear weapons. I just very recently came to realize that nuclear weapons are a hoax. Certainly the footage of them is faked, and Hiroshima looks exactly like Tokyo, that was fire bombed - there is no crater, like you would expect if it were ONE explosion. Footage of the first H-bomb test, "Ivy Mike" is very fake looking, and relies upon the power of suggestion, with very ominous music.
      There are a number of reasons in physics to realize that nuke bombs are a hoax, and also in the behavior of war planners and politicians. There are many examples I could give, but the most pressing at this particular time is that Netanyahu knows nuke bombs are a hoax, because had he really believed the development of them were possible, he would have nuked Iran by now, with the nukes that so many people thinks he has.
      Obviously, it very greatly benefits Israel for people to be scared into submission with the "Samson Option" and this nuclear blackmail. You have to admit, exposing the nuke bomb hoax totally destroys the rationale for America to go to war with Iran. And remember your program of April 16 ? You wondered why Ahmadinejad is so cocky, for a non-nuclear power. Well, this too is evidence that nuke bombs are a hoax. He knows very well that he has nothing to fear, because neither Israel, nor the USA has nuke bombs.
      Please watch this video on youtube : NUKE LIES.
mooninquirer said this on November 22nd, 2010 at 10:15 p

I don't think I remember I heard you saying anything about nuclear bombs, and that is good. I am sure you saw my LONG comment on Piper's show, on his last one, the one with the picture of Louis Farrakhan at the top. That comment gives what I promised would be scientific explanations for why nuke bombs are a hoax, as well as many other reasons why the Zionist Jews would want to kill JFK, to clear up a problem that saying that nuke bombs are a hoax presents. Since you have kids who will have to study science anyway, you might as well watch the ENTIRE lecture series for free. ( UC BERKELEY PHYSICS )
      That course is called "Physics for Future Presidents," and it gives the physics behind a lot of the things you see in the news. In his lecture on sound waves, I believe, he says that if he exploded a stick of dynamite on the desk in the lecture hall, that NO ONE in the lecture hall would be killed, including himself, even though he was closest to it. At most, people's eardrums would be blown out, and the eardrums are membranes which grow back. This corroborates what YOU already know about the destructive power of conventional bombs, from your knowledge of the Oklahoma City bombing. That was a fairly big truck, was it not ? And wouldn't the Jews who pulled off that bombing MUCH have rather just had the TRUCK bomb exploding doing the damage ? They took a big risk in having to rely upon bombs planted inside the building to cause that damage -- the risk that this would expose the conspiracy. But they had no choice, because they HAD to rely upon bombs inside the building to do that damage, because a SHOCK WAVE just does not travel through the air and destroy a building. At most, it will just blow out the windows. The shock wave will take the path of least resistance, and simply go AROUND the building, instead of knocking it down. There is a limited amount of energy that a shock wave travelling through the AIR can transmit. The STRENGTH of a wave is limited by the mass of the medium through which it travels. An analogy is pulling on a rope. You can't pull on a rope to pull down a building if that rope isn't strong enough. Or think about a thin copper wire. You can't transfer, say, 25 amperes of current ( would power two space heaters at 1500 watts each ) at 110 volts through it without it getting very hot and melting. Let's suppose that instead of just one truck outside the Oklahoma City building, there were five 18 wheelers loaded with explosives. Do you think the result would be any different ? NOW, suppose that a plutonium bomb -- even given its claimed blast power -- exploded in front of that building ? It STILL wouldn't knock it down; however, it would give off a lot more heat and that would cause fires. I really got a sense of this, because I happened to have a course in college called " Nuclear Arms : An Interdisciplinary Framework for Decision Making" in which one third of the course was a lecture on the physics of nuclear fission, and bombs. My professor seemed to really believe that nuclear bombs are a reality, though, but it is possible that one can deluded oneself ( but he DID say that man has never landed on the moon, along with the other physics professors I have had ). The sense in which I am challenging these physicists does have merit, because there is a well regarded statement in physics that one does not understand a theory in physics unless he can explain it to a barmaid ( i.e. the average person ). Here are a few quotes from great physicists to support this need for explanation of a physical theory :
      "Most of the fundamental ideas of science are essentially simple, and may, as a rule, be expressed in a language comprehensible to everyone." -– Albert Einstein
      "Even for the physicist the description in plain language will be a criterion of the degree of understanding that has been reached. " -– Werner Heisenberg
      "If you cannot - in the long - tell everyone what you have been doing, then your doing has been worthless." -– Erwin Schrodinger
      Anyway, other parts of that physics lecture are very important. He is humble enough to admit that he he didn't know the best way to throw a discus -- whether it would be better to throw it against the direction the wind, or with the direction of the wind. A discus thrower told him the truth. So, if he could not use his knowledge of physics to predict on his own something like that, then maybe he is ALSO mistaken in his analysis of the physical explanation of the why a nuclear bomb would explode.
      There is another point in his lecture series, where he ( I believe wrongfully ) criticizes common explanations given in MANY physics textbooks of the lift of an aircraft wing. He even ridicules the usage of Bernoulli's equation, and the notion that when the fluid flow streamlines OVER the wing are compressed, they are moving faster, and it thus reduces pressure, and causes AN UPWARD lift. But he says this explanation is too contrived, and the lift is caused by the air hitting the underside of the wing, and it being pushed downward. This DOES make a lot of sense, but there is a very simple experiment you can do to adequately illustrate the former explanation. Get a piece of paper, and blown over the top. If it was limp and hanging down before, your blowing will cause it to rise up and flap. Also, Prof. Mueller's explanation does not take into account what would happen if the wing were tipped at an angle too high. This would cause TURBULENCE lines to break over the top of the wing, and the fast smooth flow streamlines would cease, and there would be no more lift. Apparently, Prof. Mueller did not read "Chaos" by James Gleick, which came out in 1988. This book for a general audience really goes into the importance of fluid flow and turbulence, as a mathematical model to describe many phenomenon, including in social science.
      I say this not to criticize him, but to encourage YOU to use the very physics theory he explains, to question even HIM, and form your own conception. Very importantly, at the end of the very important lecture on NUKES ( UC BERKELEY PHYSICS NUKES ), he attempts to explain why a nuke bomb would explode, and he makes this expanding gesture with his hands. BUT, he admits that initially the blast will be no greater than an explosion of an equivalent amount of dynamite, but the supposedly greater boost comes from a secondary fissioning in mid air. But, this claim is a COMPLETE contradiction with the requirement that subcritical pieces be brought together in the first place, to create a critical mss of fissile matter so that its nuclei would be close enough together to be hit by neutrons. The nuclei are very far apart to begin with ( thankfully he explains this fact very well ), and if it is difficult to shoot and hit ducks that a assembled on a pond, it is going to be much harder to shoot and hit them when they fly out in all directions.
      His lecture on NUKES gives intense, and proper reassurances that the WORST case scenario for a nuclear power plant disaster is a meltdown, and that radioactive material would escape into the atmosphere. A power plant will NOT explode, because the meltdown of the fuel and the metal casing in the fuel rods, will cause the fuel NOT to be assembled together, with a moderator as a spacing.
      You might be correct that Israel wants to sabotage Japan's nuclear reactors, to make Iran's nuclear reactors look very unsafe, and a great health hazard. But in this regard, the Zionists can rely on their control of the media to spread an exaggeration of the enormous number of cancer deaths. And if they can use shoddy, biased statistical reasoning, to inflate the numbers for cancer and for AIDS they can do the same for this case. I refer the videos -- (1) A WORLD WITHOUT CANCER (2) HIV = AIDS FACT OR FRAUD
      Prof. Mueller also says that man landed on the moon, in a PASSING REFERENCE. Now, that was a flat out lie, and he knows it. I guarantee you, that every physics professor knows very well that man has never gone to the moon. My professors of physics said it was a hoax, and that includes for the course on Nuclear Arms. They just know too well that the astronauts were NOT in one sixth gravity. Selena Gomez ( I pick her for her thinness, girliness, and babydoll cuteness ) could lift on the moon the same mass that can be lifted on the Earth by an NFL all-pro linebacker. And these physically fit male test pilots should have done feats on the moon making it look like the world's strongest man competition, except without the grunting ! Even with a 185 lb Earth weight pack, on the moon, their combined weight of man and suit, would only be 62 lbs, and they easily could have descended and ascended the ladder with just their hands, and have done a one-armed pull up on a rung of the ladder ! This is REALLY basic physics.
      Prof. Mueller also propagates the man-made global warming hoax, and wants to give the impression that the story there were UFOs as space aliens in Roswell, NM is a valid speculation. ANYONE who talks about UFOs as space aliens is totally out of it, or full of it ! Not even Carl Sagan, the world's biggest cheerleader for the existence of intelligent life somewhere else in the universe, admits, and even insists strongly that all these stories of UFOs as space aliens having visited Earth are totally bogus. This, in his very literary and inspiring COSMOS. This is another reason to realize the moon landing was a hoax -- because the Apollo astronauts say they saw UFOs as space aliens on the moon and on the trip to the moon, and this is with the approval of NASA. Some also say there were space aliens in Roswell, NM
      Prof. Mueller encourages his students, his "future presidents" to read the newspaper, and chastises them if they do not. That is fine, but certainly someone about to become president is going to find out before he gets elected that the media is the REAL boss of America, the shadow government of the US.
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Re: 4-Way War: Whites/Christians/Goyim/Kuffr, Jews, Islam, C

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Re: Vanunu: Media Disinformation Pretends Israel Nuclear Armed

Post by moon inquirer » 04 Nov 2011 04:11

Mark Glenn of is a devout Catholic and a very good man, with the proper perspective on fighting Zionism : that Christians and Muslims are really brothers. He has a very negative and pessimistic view of the world. After the Earthquake in Japan that destroyed nuclear reactors in Japan, he bought the media's exaggeration of the radioactive fallout. One map showed a cloud of this radioactive matter hovering over his home region of Idaho. He was so fearful of this, he had been considering relocating. I wanted to do what I could to reassure him, and presented some of the facts that our group of nuclear researchers had amassed, to tell him that this was primarily a scare tactic. He seemed less fearful after my message in his subsequent shows, and did NOT say any more he needed to be relocated. He was very grateful for my words of encouragement.

He correctly believes that Israel is very evil, and Israel's supposed possession of nuclear weapons fits in with this view, so in his mind, nuclear weapons must surely exist. He would probably believe Israel had nuclear bombs even if he had not interviewed Mordechai Vanunu. I reassured Mark Glenn with the following comment, which also shows that nuclear bombs are a hoax :

The ZIONIST media is highly exaggerating the harmful effects of the radiation. I think this is because of the 1963 limited test ban treaty, and current taboo from ANY [ supposed ] nuclear weapon testing. Before, with a lot of testing, the emphasis had been upon the bombs' BLAST effects, in order to increase the public's fear. But now, they can only rely upon the public's fear of the "deadly" radiation, because the Zionists benefit the more the public is afraid.
      While the UN used to be a Zionist organization, it no longer is, and it is NOT going along with Zionist propaganda of exaggerating the radiation dangers of nuclear power plants. According to the UN agency UNSCEAR, " Even among the progeny of the survivors of the atomic attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, who received radiation doses hundreds of times higher than the radiation doses to the inhabitants of regions contaminated by the the Chernobyl accident, no radiogenetic disturbances of health have been found."
      Even in the Zionist media, these accidents in Japan are much less severe than the Chernobyl accident.
Read this article : ... nobyl.html
      Furthermore, there has been a concerted effort to exaggerate the lethality of radiation as a result of Cold War propaganda. The Cold War was entirely for the benefit of Israel, as you know, and the more the American public had to fear an Armageddon, the more valuable they saw Israel as an ally against the "evil empire." But, NOW the US government is saying that a nuclear attack in much more survivable ! This is amazing, because before I thought that we would all be doomed, that nuke bombs could destroy whole cities, whole planets, the whole biosphere !
      Read this article :
Really, I think nuke bombs do not explode, but are just conventional bombs which scatter radioactive waste, in other words, "dirty bombs." There has been some sane voices in the media advising us not to worry too much about dirty bombs, and that they are mainly a psychological weapon.
      Thus, they are like the anthrax that Saddam Hussein was supposedly developing in huge quantities. Remember the scene when the Sec of Defense Bill Cohen, under Bill Clinton, in 1998, went on "This Week With David Brinkley" and he held up a 5 pound bag of sugar, pretending it was anthrax spores, saying, "imagine Saddam dumping this onto a city." Then, Cokie Roberts asked him " could you put that bag down, please ?"
      It turned out that not only that Saddam did not have an anthrax program, but that when anthrax spores ( made in an AMERICAN lab ) WERE released ( by the Zionist Jew, Phil Zack, regardless of what the FBI later was compelled by the Jews to say about Ivins, who too conveniently committed suicide ), very little came of it.
      If you are still worried about radiation, then read up on the biography of Madame Curie in Wikipedia. She worked all of her life with radioactive substances, and used no protection. Yet she lived to the age of 67. Lise Meitner and Otto Hahn both lived to to the very ripe age of 89, and both of these scientists worked with radioactive substances for much of their careers, as they were pioneers in the field of nuclear physics and chemistry.
      If anyone needs to be relocated, it is the Jews. I know several Jews who I was surprised would not answer when I asked if they were Jewish. This was before I became Jew-wise ( in Feb 2007, when I read the Mearsheimer & Walt essay ) , but after 911. It is [ common ] JEWS who are the most worried about what is going to happen. With the next administration -- most likely it will be a Republican and not Ron Paul -- there will be a full scale war with Iran, a draft, food rationing, etc., and rioting as a result. And the Jews will NOT be able to blame it on "idiot" Bush any more - they will have to take the blame. It is going to be 1968 Chicago, except in every city, and Kent State, except on every college campus. Police officers who have not been paid in months, or who see their pension funds being wasted on the useless war, will have to keep the crowds of rioters, screaming " we don't need a war for Israel; we need Solar Zionism ! " at bay, from throwing Molotov cocktails at synagogues and the homes of Jews. And the US military will be flooded with draftees who fundamentally do not want to be in the war, so the potential for mutiny is very high. It is THIS scenario that those who fight Zionism must repeatedly declare, because Obama cannot win, and the political system is a complete failure ( I would say it was doomed to failure right from the start, with the Jewish puppet Washington presiding over the Constitutional Convention, and allowing the Rothschild agent Hamilton to dominate. For example, the Jews very greatly benefit with the fact that the president picks the federal judges and the Supreme Court. THIS is why he is elected. But he SHOULD BE elected for his position on war, which effects the economy. The Jews do not want ANY change in the Constitution on how the Supreme Court is picked. I brought this up to many Jews in real life and they were underwhelmed and upset by the suggestion. )
      The war is a war that ONLY Jews want. Everyone else votes Republican for OTHER reasons, and also because the Democrats refuse to rule out war.
If anything, faced with prospects like this, the Jews in America should hightail it to a neutral country, like Finland (I proposed Finland to a Jew in real life, who approached me out of fear that "there is no place to go") or Canada. CHINA is certainly NOT going to accept Jews en mass, and is only pretending to ally with them, because the Jews are destroying America, and therefore benefit China. But when China becomes the world's number one power militarily in the next 20 years, the Jews will be less than worthless to the Chinese, and will pose a very severe threat to them. They will stick out like a sore thumb, and China is going to deal with the Jews many, MANY times harsher than she does with Taiwan, Tibet, and the Falun Gong. In fact, the Jews' obliviousness to this fact is proof that the Jews themselves know that the holocaust in Europe was a hoax. Had they believed it actually happened, the Jews would greatly fear China and this development, and would realize that without America, they have nothing, and they would want to support America as much as possible, and not destroy her on a quest for Israel's world domination which requires CONTINUED support from America, regardless of how much land Israel conquers !
      mooninquirer said this on April 7th, 2011 at 2:27 pm
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Re: 4-Way War: Whites/Christians/Goyim/Kuffr, Jews, Islam, C

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Re: Vanunu: Media Disinformation Pretends Israel Nuclear Arm

Post by mooninquirer » 04 Nov 2011 05:22

I also sent this message to Mark Glenn. It is important, because it goes to the issue of the Zionist Jews interest in the Civil Rights Acts of 1964, which I contend is a greater reason for them to have wanted JFK dead. Mordechai Vanunu had said that the Mossad killed JFK so that Israel could develop the nuclear bomb. But I say, the Zionist Jews wanted THEIR version of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which included religion as a protected group, and one that also took away private property rights. Very importantly, the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 was passed BEFORE Israel was said to develop the nuclear bomb. This is claimed to have happened in 1965. Lyndon Johnson was a Democrat, and the Democrats had always counted upon winning the "solid South" in presidential elections. Because of the electoral college, and the fact that the US president is not elected by popular vote, but by winning the states, the Jews at the top of the food chain, in banking, the Rothschilds, and in the media, where taking a very big risk by having LBJ push the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 BEFORE the election in November of that year. The CRA 1964 was passed in July 1964, just four months the November election. This is the ONLY time that I know of in history that a politician has knowingly thrown away a huge bloc of reliable votes right before an election. This proves that they regarded this act as more important than all of the things LBJ did for Israel, including the supposed nuclear bomb. And the whole concept of Israel having to kill JFK to facilitate that happening makes no sense, because the Zionist Jews were the FIRST to know all about making a nuclear bomb, because they totally dominated the Manhattan Project, and it was so top secret that not even Harry Truman knew of its existence, according to the story or propaganda of the history of the nuclear bomb. I am just pointing out the inconsistency in this history.

I derived on my own accord that the Jews in the South lobbied to have the Jim Crow laws passed, BEFORE I heard that Louis Farrakhan put out a book, "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume Two," which says the same thing that I am saying. ( the Nation of Islam had previously put out "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume One," which only discussed the Jews domination of the Black slave trade to America ). Read parts of this book for free online :

And here follows my comments to Mark Glenn :

Albert Pike was brought up. He was not only a very high ranking Freemason, who wrote a book "Morals and Dogma" which is like a Bible for Freemasons, Albert Pike was also a high ranking wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. Albert Pike made predictions on the NWO which have come to pass, so he was VERY well connected to the high ranking Zionist Jews, seeking world domination. Freemasonry is a vehicle for Jews since the time that Mayer Amschel Rothschild prepared a plan for world domination in 1776, written by Adam Weishaupt, to recruit highly placed WHITE Gentiles into their plan for domination. And the KKK was very much part of that. It is also no accident that Andrew Johnson, who permitted the South to be a White man's country, was a 33 rd degree Freemason. Since the Jews controlled Freemasonry, they must take the blame for segregation in the South. Certainly, the business owners did not want the extra expense of having separate facilities for Blacks and Whites, and also, the loss in revenue that comes from not being able to completely fill trains or restaurants, because of the requirement for separate facilities. Not only did the Jews push for the Jim Crow laws through the KKK, but Jewish bankers lobbied legislatures in Southern states to have these laws passed, in the same way that they lobbied Southern states to secede from the union ( the purpose was to bankrupt the United States, so they would be forced to borrow from Jewish bankers, Watch this - google : THE MONEY MASTERS )
      It has often been said that the Jews pushed to pass the Civil Rights Acts, but rarely has it been said that without the Jews, the Civil Rights Acts would not have been necessary. This is NOT just because the Jews brought the slaves to America ( Watch this - type into google : VIDEO GOOGLE WHO BROUGHT THE SLAVES TO AMERICA ); it is also because the Jews pushed to have the Jim Crow laws passed. What was the motivation ? I think the Jews resented that they were NOT specifically included in very early civil rights laws passed right after the end of the Civil War. They bided their time, and waited for a more opportune occasion. Besides, a higher priority for Jews was to push for their own state, because Zionism began to emerge at this time.
      Anyway, with the assassination of JFK, and 33 rd degree Freemason LBJ taking his place, he made sure that religion was included in the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This is just another of the many ways in which the Jews benefitted from the assassination of JFK. The CRAs are one of the most important things for Jews after control of banking, media, and Israel. It makes opposition to Jews VERY difficult, and allows them to infiltrate every group of the Goyim. A large part of "The Protocols of Zion" is devoted to this process, which was realized with the CRA 1964. And with the ADL's current push for "gay rights," they are further destroying the cohesiveness of any group of Gentiles, because sexual orientation involves behavior, as well as advocacy for a certain position that might be contrary to what others want. This is very similar to what the Jews do.
      Now, as for what we should do. I think Mark Glenn in incorrect in thinking the Jews want to destroy Western civilization. Keep in mind, with America destroyed, who, then, is going to support Israel ? Will China care ? It is true that the Jews have a lot of influence over China, but it cannot be greater than in America, because in China, banking and the news media are state controlled, there is no lobby, and very few Christians, let alone Christian Zionists. Further, Jews would really stick out like a sore thumb in China, but in America, they often pass for Whites, and that is a great part of the Jews' power. Now, China needs oil even more than the US, and it is going to side with Iran and other Muslim countries ( it is doing that right now ! ) So, with America destroyed, NO COUNTRY is going to support Israel, and they are NOT self sufficient. The Jew Michael Savage very loudly and the Jew Stephen Steinlight more gentlemanly point out that an America that is a great cacophony of races, with Whites in the minority, is LESS LIKELY to support Israel, or even to like Jews, because anti-Semitism exists in races other than White.
      I also don't think that the Jews REALLY want all the races to interbreed, and there to be no nations. For then, the Gentiles would be united in opposition to the Jewish masters. Jews just SAY they want to destroy the White race to make Whites hate other races. And this is EXACTLY what the Jews want !!! They can only survive when there is a perpetual state of war among disparate groups of Gentiles.
Therefore, any ideology that UNITES the races poses a threat to the Jews. This is true for Islam, and proper Christianity, and Catholicism. Jews always get very upset when you say Muslims are the brothers of Christians. Note that the Jew Larry King has had MANY shows on religion since 911. But he has never had a Christian minister other than a Christian Zionist, and he has never permitted a Muslim to say something positive about Jesus.
      And anyone who is a champion for racial separatism and antagonism, is a great asset for the Jews, because they just keep the fighting going on. This is part of David Duke's function.
mooninquirer said this on October 21st, 2010 at 9:17 am

Not even Richard Dawkins, perhaps the world's foremost Atheist, says that Jesus never existed. He even wrote an article, "Atheists for Jesus" This is from his book, "The God Delusion" which is scathing toward the God of the Old Testament, and how Israeli children are taught to hate Muslims, and believe the book of Joshua is a good moral guide for what should be done. Dawkins has also said that the Israel Lobby controls American foreign policy, and praised H.G. Wells and George Bernard Shaw, both of whom have made very anti-Semtic statements ( which I think are justified. Listen to this -- google : WHAT WORLD FAMOUS MEN SAID ABOUT THE JEWS )
      ( Very unfortunately, perhaps because his book "The God Delusion" and other work sparked cries of anti-Semitism, or because he was persuaded by his Jewish friend Michael Shermer, or even because he is blackmailed, Dawkins now promotes the moon landing as having actually happened, the official 911 story, and even the holocaust, using the holocaust as a benchmark to bolster the teaching of evolution as a scientific and historical fact. Talk about standing on a three legged stool ! One can go over to and see how easily the holocaust can be demolished - by just READING the books of so-called holocaust historians.)
      Note that mainly JEWS say that Jesus never existed. They want to destroy Christianity and Islam, which unite separate tribes of people against the unified force that is the Jews. It has often been said that Christianity would not be possible without Judaism, but rarely has it been said that without Judaism, Christianity would not have been necessary. Emphatically, the Jews MOSTLY want to destroy Christianity, although they receive a minor benefit from Christian Zionism, and the fact that Christianity, with its worldview of absolute good and absolute evil, facilitates belief in the holocaust. But, the Jews are replacing Christianity with "Holocaustianity" You can read Kevin Macdonald's "Understanding Jewish Influence" if you don't believe that Jewish people really hate Christianity, and anything related to it. Read the reviews on, and parts of this book can very easily be read for free online by googling ( and it can be read for free in its entirety, online )
      The Jew Sam Harris is the one promoting the notion that Jesus never existed, and is the driving force behind the video "The God Who Wasn't There," which the Jews rudely distributed to Christian churches on Easter Sunday.
Note that Henry Makow promotes the video Zeitgeistmovie, which has a part at the beginning claiming Jesus never existed, and goes overboard in claiming there is NO historical evidence Jesus existed. Zeitgeistmovie, although it is very good on banking and wars, unfortunately promotes the hoax that Zyklon B was used to kill people. A much better video discussing 911, the origins of Jews, Jesus, the Rothschilds, and so many wars is this - google : RING OF POWER part 1 and RING OF POWER part 2. Part 1 has an interesting discussion of the Jews having originated as a mafia or parasitic, secret family ruling Egypt. Unfortunately, I cringe with the part that says " Not all Jews are Zionists" because the vast majority ARE Zionist. Part 2 starts out with an intense expose on the Rothschild banking dynasty, and the origin of "The Protocols of Zion"
      mooninquirer said this on October 26th, 2010 at 12:27 am
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Re: Four-Way War: Whites (Christians/Goyim/Kuffr), Jews, Islam, C

Postby rerevisionist » 15 Nov 2011 21:08

Talking of wars....

I was in one of Ingvar Kamprad's establishments a few days ago. (IKEA, yep). There was a huge canvas wall map, no doubt intended to suggest the earth is a unit, as indeed in some sense it is.

I noticed something I'd never seen before; or forgotten. Next to Vietnam, in the South China Sea, is a huge island, the size of Ceylon, called Hainan. More or less at the centre of an arc going through the northern shores of Vietnam. How come I'd never seem to have noticed it before?
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Jews in the south of the USA
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Jews and the Civil Rights Movement
Kevin MacDonald on June 5, 2013

Occidental Dissent has an article on Solomon Blatt, a powerful Jewish politician in South Carolina who was a staunch proponent of segregation during the 1950s and 1960s (“The Strange Career of Solomon Blatt“). Interesting article, but it ends thus:

South Carolina’s desegregation shows that the existence of the Union, not Jewish influence, was the primary cause of the South’s racial and cultural decline.

This does not follow. One surely can’t argue that because one Jewish politician in one state opposed desegregation that Jews did not have a decisive influence on the Civil Rights movement in general. South Carolina by itself could not withstand the onslaught against desegregation given that the laws against segregation were national in application.

First, one Jew who fought for segregation etc. really doesn’t change the big picture. There is likely no issue on which 100% of Jews agree; indeed, it’s well-known that the great majority of Southern Jews accepted the Southern status quo. For example:

Jews in the South were typically reluctant participants in the Civil Rights movement. The Southern Jewish community was relatively small compared to the much larger Jewish population that immigrated from Eastern Europe between 1880 and 1924, and had relatively little national influence. Southern Jews immigrated in the 19th century mainly from Germany, and they tended toward political conservatism, at least compared to their Eastern European brethren. The general perception of northern Jews and southern blacks and whites was that southern Jews had adopted white attitudes on racial issues. Moreover, southern Jews adopted a low profile because southern whites often (correctly) blamed northern Jews as major instigators of the civil rights movement and because of the linkages among Jews, communism, and civil rights agitation during a period when both the NAACP and mainstream Jewish organizations were doing their best to minimize associations with communism. (Jews were the backbone of the Communist Party USA, and the CPUSA agitated on behalf of black causes. It was common for southerners to rail against Jews while exempting southern Jews from their accusations: “We have only the high-type Jew here, not like the kikes in New York.” Jewish businessmen adopted the segregationist mores of the South and often assumed an economic role of exploitation of Blacks. A 1946 comment on the ADL Committee on Labor Relations noted that “It must be stated bluntly that with respect to [African Americans] Jews are vulnerable in the South. The only Jew a Negro meets in the city is a pawn broker, grocer, insurance agent or landlord. The only Jew a sharecropper meets is a storekeeper or tradesman.” A journalist reported in 1946 that Blacks in the South often had anti-Jewish attitudes; they took a “grim satisfaction from the Nazi persecution of the Jews. They contend that their local Jews have been indistinguishable from the ‘crackers’ in their attitude toward Negroes.” Though there were some exceptions, the vast majority of southern Jews did not involve themselves in the civil rights movement even after the struggle intensified in the 1950s and 1960s. “Jews, Blacks and Race” (footnotes removed)

Most importantly, the decisive role of Northern Jews (particularly those who immigrated from Eastern Europe and their descendants) and the organized Jewish community in the Civil Rights movement is well-established:

Jewish activities in support of blacks involved litigation, legislation, fund-raising, political organizing, and academic movements opposed to the concept of biologically based racial differences. … Until after World War II, the Jewish-Black alliance essentially involved wealthy German Jews aiding black organizations [prototypically, the NAACP] financially and via their organizational abilities. …

In the post–World War II period the entire gamut of Jewish civil service organizations were involved in black issues, including the AJCommittee, the AJCongress, and the ADL: “With professionally trained personnel, fully equipped offices, and public relations know-how, they had the resources to make a difference.”By the end of the 1940s the ADL had designated the South as particularly in need of change; the ADL monitored instances of racial tension and violence and increasingly sought intervention by the federal government in the affairs of the region, including racial segregation.

Jews contributed from two thirds to three quarters of the money for civil rights groups during the 1960s.The AJCongress, the AJCommittee, and the ADL worked closely with the NAACP to write legal briefs and raise money in the effort to end segregation. Jewish groups, particularly the AJCongress, played a leading role in drafting civil rights legislation and pursuing legal challenges related to civil rights issues mainly benefiting blacks. “Jewish support, legal and monetary, afforded the civil rights movement a string of legal victories. . . . There is little exaggeration in an American Jewish Congress lawyer’s claim that ‘many of these laws were actually written in the offices of Jewish agencies by Jewish staff people, introduced by Jewish legislators and pressured into being by Jewish voters.’ ”

A watershed period in Jewish support for blacks was the aftermath of World War II. Jews emerged from World War II in a much more powerful position than before the war. Anti-Jewish attitudes that had been common before the war declined precipitously, and Jewish organizations assumed a much higher profile in influencing ethnic relations in the U.S., not only in the area of civil rights but also in immigration policy. Significantly this high Jewish profile was spearheaded by the American Jewish Congress and the ADL, both dominated by Jews who had immigrated from Eastern Europe between 1880 and 1920 and their descendants. … An understanding of the special character of this Jewish population is critical to understanding Jewish influence in the United States from 1945 to the present. The German-Jewish elite that had dominated Jewish community affairs via the AJCommittee earlier in the century, gave way to a new leadership made up of Eastern European immigrants and their descendants. Even the AJCommittee, the bastion of the German-Jewish elite, came to be headed by John Slawson, who had immigrated at the age of 7 from the Ukraine. The AJCongress, a creation of the Jewish immigrant community, was headed by Will Maslow, a socialist and a Zionist. Zionism and political radicalism typified the Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe. …

Jews were also instrumental in creating the intellectual context that made possible the revolution in racial relationships in the U.S. … During the 1930s, the AJCommittee funded the research of Franz Boas who was instrumental in eradicating the idea that biological race was an important source of differences among people. …

The general term for this multi-faceted effort by Jewish organizations to alter ethnic relations in the U.S. is the intergroup relations movement. This effort included legal challenges to bias in housing, education, and public employment. Jewish organizations also drafted legislative proposals and attempted to secure their passage into law in state and national legislative bodies. Another prong of this offensive was shaping messages in the media, promoting educational programs for students and teachers, and, as noted above, promoting intellectual efforts to reshape the intellectual discourse on race in the academic world. The ADL was centrally involved in these efforts, “utilizing radio and television spots, clever jingles, filmstrips and other media efforts.”The ADL recruited Hollywood stars such as Bess Myerson who toured the country with the pitch that “you can’t be beautiful, and hate.” Hollywood movies, such as Gentleman’s Agreement and The House I Live In also disseminated these messages, and the play South Pacific, by Rodgers and Hammerstein, included a theme of interracial marriage and a song stating that children had to be taught to hate. As with Jewish involvement in immigration policy and a great many other instances of Jewish political and intellectual activity in both modern and premodern times, the intergroup relations movement often worked to minimize overt Jewish involvement.

The ideology of intergroup animosity developed by the intergroup relations movement derived from the Studies in Prejudice series sponsored by the AJCommittee, particularly the Frankfurt School’s The Authoritarian Personality [the Frankfurt School is a Jewish intellectual movement, funded in part by the AJCommittee]. This work explicitly viewed manifestations of ethnocentrism or discrimination against outgroups as a mental disease and thus literally a public health problem. The assault on intergroup animosity was likened to the medical assault on deadly infectious diseases, and people with the disease were described by activists as “infected.” A consistent theme of the intellectual rationale for this body of ethnic activism emphasized the benefits to be gained by increased levels of intergroup harmony—an aspect of the idealism inherent in Horace Kallen’s conceptualization of multiculturalism—without mentioning that some groups, particularly European-derived, non-Jewish groups, would lose economic and political power and decline in cultural influence. Negative attitudes toward groups were viewed not as the result of competing group interests but rather as the result of individual psychopathology. Finally, while ethnocentrism by non-Jews was viewed as a public health problem, the AJCongress fought against Jewish assimilation and was a strong supporter of Israel as a Jewish ethnostate. (Ibid., footnotes removed)

Because attitudes opposed to segregation are now a consensus among Americans, the decisive role of Jews in the Civil Rights movement is now a point of pride among Jewish organizations (see Stuart Svonkin (1997). Jews Against Prejudice: American Jews and the Fight for Civil Liberties. New York: Columbia University Press). Civil Rights remains a focus of Jewish activist groups like the ADL.

In any case, suffice it to say that the attitudes of one Southern Jewish politician do not change the big picture of the role of Jews and the organized Jewish community in the Civil Rights movement.


Southern Jews during the Civil Rights Era
Richard Thornbourn on June 6, 2013 — 1 Comment

Editor’s note: In a recent blog (Jews and the Civil Rights Movement), I gave the standard account of Southern Jews gleaned from academic publications. Richard Thornbourn’s discussion is somewhat different because it is based on his personal experience and observations. It is therefore a valuable addition to our knowledge of Southern Jews during the Civil Rights era.

It was not unusual for small town Southern Jews to profess sympathy for segregation.

It would have been imprudent and financially suicidal for their courthouse square clothing stores for the Jews to have been overt in their hatred of White Christians and their civilization.

When I was a college student in the South, fairly often other students who came from small town Georgia argued in refutation to what I said about Jews—that the Jews in their home towns were not like “New York Jews” and caused no problems.

Several of these students as the years rolled by have come back into contact with me and updated this conversation.

The small town Jewish communities in the South have been dying out for the last generation or so. The kids didn’t want to live there anymore. They wanted to move to Atlanta or New York. It was hard to find wives and husbands and the Jews’ children had to scour the area going to great (geographic and other) lengths to find Jewish boys for their daughters to date and Jewish girls for their sons.

As the last marriageable Jewish children found mates and left Hickville for good, their parents came out as racial liberals.

In fact, it was discovered that the Jewish shopkeepers had secretly supported the local NAACP chapters, served as conduits of information to the Blacks and the government about the local White community and so on.

The hard truths about Jews remain: Jews are always adversarial to the people and culture in which they live. In particular, Jews have a long history of hatred toward the people and culture of the West—the TOO theme of Jews as a hostile elite.

Not long ago I read an interesting book entitled The Boys from Delores. Delores was the elite Jesuit prep school Fidel Castro attended. The author tracked down Castro’s classmates all over the world and interviewed them about their life at the school, their memories of Fidel and what had happened to them personally as a result of the Communist revolution.

As you can imagine virtually every single one of Castro’s high school classmates hated his guts. They now lived in exile. Many of them fought in the Bay of Pigs.

Near the end of the book, however, the author managed to interview the one graduate of this elite, upper class Roman Catholic school whose life took a very different path.

This one was a relatively high official in Castro’s government and a member of the Communist Party.

The author asked him how it was that he and his family had supported Castro and the Communists and all the other boys and their families had opposed them.

The graduate explained it very calmly and simply.

Those other boys in the school were White, Christian, Roman Catholic aristocrats. His family, in contrast, were Jews who had been compelled to pretend to be Roman Catholics for centuries and to superficially go along. [Note: 'Marranos' (plural) were these groups, in Spain and Portugal. And 'conversos'. Castro is claimed to be from such a family, entirely plausibly, in few of his 'Communist' activities - Rerev]

But inwardly he always hated the other students because they were White, Christian, Roman Catholic aristocrats and desired their destruction. Communism was the means to accomplish this so he and his family welcomed the Revolution and the triumph of Communism.

This book was published by a major publisher and got a very good review in the New York Times.

Somehow, neither the author nor his editor nor the publisher nor the reviewer caught the fact that this interview should not have appeared.

I think the attitude of the hate-nurturing, secretive, duplicitous, murderous schoolboy in the Delores School in Cuba mirrors the attitudes of “our good Southern Jews.”

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