Marshall Islands (inc. Bikini) as Base and Dependency

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Marshall Islands (inc. Bikini) as Base and Dependency

Postby rerevisionist » 07 Mar 2012 14:28

One subject this website examines is evidence that the claimed nuclear tests in Bikini Atoll were fraudulent. Let's look at the geography ...

The 'Marshall Islands' - name taken from a British sea captain - weren't regarded by their Micronesian inhabitants as a single unit. This is not surprising: their sea area is quoted as (depending on how it's measured) 200,000 up to 800,000 square miles - France is about 200,000 square miles. The land area is a microscopic part of that - 70 square miles. No wonder they were named 'micronesian'. There are, at least notionally, two chains; the average height above sea level is quoted as 2 metres - just as well that their chunk of the Pacific is described as 'peaceful'. Bikini as at the north west (or top left on usual maps).

From the point of view of fake nukes, the location is well-chosen: in vast areas of sea, impossible to spy on. But if nukes were genuine, able to hollow out big chunks of earth, the location makes much less sense - the atolls would completely vanish, taking the evidence with them.

From the social point of view, these islands seem a bit of a disaster, with a mongrel population entirely dependent on the USA, like pets, though proponents of multiculture (for other people) might approve. If they found evidence of nuke fakery, they would have powerful motives not to talk about it.

Former eras of Spanish, German, Japanese, and American administration and intermarriage between Marshall Islanders and other Pacific Islanders mean that Marshall Islanders often learn multiple languages. Many residents understand and/or speak a pidgin English ...

... independent only since 1986... With a very high rate of population increase, the Marshall Islands has changed rapidly from 43,380 people in 1988 to a projected population of well over 60,000 in 1999. Residents are very mobile, and nearly 80 percent are now urban. Approximately one-half of the population resides on Majuro Atoll where government employment created a post-independence population explosion. The other urban enclave is Ebeye (Epja islet), Kwajalein Atoll, one of the world's most densely-populated locations, where many residents work on the United States military base on nearby Kwajalein islet.

The [US] military conducts research, development, testing and evaluation using cutting-edge radar, optical and telemetry sensors. The $4 billion strategic military base and the large lagoon at Kwajalein Atoll provide an ideal location for testing long-range missiles from the continental U.S. and short to intermediate range missiles from the Pacific region.

[There's some amusingly-worded stuff on modern financial schemes:--]
.... The Marshall Islands have successfully marketed their strategic location for military purposes ...
[b] ... the Marshall Islands [ship] Registry ranked in the top ten in the world...[/quote]

For no special reason, here's an email from one of the 60,000+ people---
alee kattu term
Mar 17, 2011 @ 10:10 am
it is true what our parents and most importanly grandparents say to us. they want us to fine,to achive,to gain GREAT knowledge. they believe in us teens and kids of this GENERATION. thay believe and not only believe but want us to change our islands. to make life easier and better becaouse they had it ruff. they lived life base on money.a thing we dont have,a thing we struggle to get. i myself believe in this generation. i myself believe we can make a difference. we may be young and small but if our hearts if full of love and careing for our islands,if our heart speaks the truth of who we are and what we can do.i believe our voices will not only be heard on earth but he above will hear our cry and help us speak out. i have come to know that the marshallese people,US..we care so much about what people will think and say that we keep our mouths shut. well this generation and generations to come will be different,will make a change,will speak up,and these generations will be louder than any speaker known to man,and will roar louder and stronger than any lion.WE ARE ONE,WE STAND AS ONE,WE..WE ARE THE MARSHALLESE! SINCERLY ALEE KATTU TERM #2


From the secure site showing a suspicious-looking photo. (A few of us had an offline debate about the image of that tripod - could the missing detail of that third leg, and the far side of the left leg, really be concealed like that?) Anyway that 'gov' site has official information on the Marshall Islands and Bikini. There doesn't seem much chance that any islanders with evidence, or people at the huge base at Kwajalein, would post to this site, though.
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