Just 1 liar in England used by Reuters & BBC for Syria News

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Just 1 liar in England used by Reuters & BBC for Syria News

Postby rerevisionist » 12 Feb 2012 12:35

Interesting propaganda expose - the BBC quote some liar, just one person, living in Coventry. Supplied to them by Jewish-run Reuters. The object is to sucker Americans into bombing the near east, probably Iran via Syrian airspace. Note the way the ridiculous source of the misinformation is kept hidden - analogously to what happened in the promotional campaign to invade Iraq, with e.g. an old amateur PhD dissertation, and lies about babies by some official's daughter.

Interesting multilingual quarter-hour video.

The BBC has an entire listening post in Caversham, near Reading, with people spending their working lives listening to foreign broadcasts; possibly these days it's digitised, maybe with word recognition etc. It shows what contempt they have for the suckers, that they broadcast the most amateurish lies and deception. Remember Orwell based his 'Ministry of Truth' on the BBC.
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Re: One liar in Coventry, England used by Reuters, BBC on Syria

Postby Exorcist » 12 Feb 2012 13:49

I pointed out several instances of "faked" Libyan uprising news film footage on the British Democracy Forum. In one instance the video I linked to was quickly "pulled" from YouTube. Thanks to Rerevisionist for finding and posting this. In assessing the veracity of "News", particularly film footage, people should start off with the assumption that everything they are told by the media is a lie with an ulterior motive and the film footage is faked. In the overwhelming majority of cases further investigation confirms this assumption.
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