Craters from 'atomic explosions'

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Craters from 'atomic explosions'

Postby voerioc » 25 Nov 2011 09:29

The problem with aerial atomic explosions in the Nevada area is that there is no crater (except from Trinity : 300mx3m). Thus, as the atomic orthodoxy says now that atomic mushrooms were made from the desert dust, there is no reason to have atomic mushrooms. No holes, no mushroom (and no holocaust also 8-) ).

However they say there are many craters from underground explosions. But those craters are generally not bigger than 200 meters (their diameter is usually between 100 and 200m).

We still have a very big crater created by a mine during wwI in France. It's the Lochnagar crater. His diameter is 100m long and his depth is 30m. So, it's quite as big as many of the craters created by underground atomic explosion. The problem is that this crater was created by only 27 tons of explosives.

So, it would not have been very difficult to create all those craters with only several dozens of tons of dynamite. For the Sedan crater, they probably should have used maybe between 200 or 250 tons of explosives, but not much more. Thus, all those craters mean nothing.

PS : Nevada atomic site test coordinates : 37°09'17.64"N 116°02'32.91"O
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Re: Craters from 'atomic explosions'

Postby rerevisionist » 19 Dec 2011 18:49

The craters should have been vitrified. Not just sandy craters.

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