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Re: 'Moon Landings': NASA's Astronaut Space Suits Vacuum Tested?

Postby ApolloGnomon » 21 Nov 2011 03:07

Okay . . . ?

If you look at my post upthread, every single link is a reference supporting the previous paragraph. In my geiger counter post every single link is a source of information, parts, or complete geiger counters -- as described in the lines just prior to each group of links.

Would you like me to paste large sections of each webpage into the post? Would that help you decide whether or not to "be bothered" to follow up on them?

I don't just spam-paste piles of useless or off-topic links, nor do I post useless crap like the "1951 test of space suit material" video above. If you don't like to learn stuff, don't read my links. If you like knowledge, as I do, you might find some of the links I provide informative or helpful to understand some technical subject with which you may have less information.

In other forums it's considered good form to provide reference or citation links to claims that one makes. That's what I do. If I make a claim and you can provide links supporting a refutation of what I say, I'd love to see it.

Regarding Randi: I have no opinion on the man as I have had zero contact with him in person or on line. If you say he's a coward, fine, I don't really care one way or the other. I was talking about the snarky attitude of the members of the forum attached to his website. JREF has a fairly strict policy against hotlinking to images, so that seems to have led to a general behaviour of NOT posting references or supporting information. That's not my style. I like to post useful, relevant links and images to inform the readers of a thread.

Re: 'Moon Landings': NASA's Astronaut Space Suits Vacuum Tes

Postby rerevisionist » 03 Dec 2011 22:28

'sts60' in the JREF website posted this----
Tests fairly similar to what you just described, with crews inhabiting a functional Lunar Module, were conducted under full thermal/vacuum conditions in Chamber B at JSC. (It so happens I personally participated in spacecraft thermal vac testing in the very same chamber in the '90s, so I am reasonably familiar with said facility.)

I found http://www.nasaimages.org (keywords seem to be 'thermovacuum training and' 'Chamber B') and found these stills, both captioned [i]Astronaut Neil Armstrong during thermovacuum training, and both dated 1969-05-07; are they convincing proof of thorough training?--
Image . . . .Image

These have been removed - note added June 2013
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