U.S., Other Nuclear Powers Face Disarmament Pressure

'Rethinking nuclear weapons' - discreet lies - covert policy reversals - managed nuclear closedowns - payoffs - heavy costs of supposed reductions - no mention of Israel

U.S., Other Nuclear Powers 'Face Disarmament Pressure' (Jewish 'News Agency'

Postby FirstClassSkeptic » 05 Oct 2011 17:15

By Lee Michael Katz

Special to Global Security Newswire

WASHINGTON -- Many nations plan to push the United States and other powers to honor their commitments to move toward eliminating their nuclear arsenals when a key U.N. body begins its 2011 session this week (see GSN, Oct. 30, 2009).

http://www.globalsecuritynewswire.org/g ... 3_2841.php
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Re: U.S., Other Nuclear Powers Face Disarmament Pressure

Postby rerevisionist » 06 Oct 2011 15:01

Click to see also very detailed material on Trying to Discreetly Phase Out the Nuke Bomb Frauds: Ward Wilson of the 'Monterey Institute', Princeton

Watch for the media items on how 'nuclear weapons' are either unusable and unreliable and outdated; or can't be used anyway as it's pointless - Ward Wilson's attempts illustrate the type; or are shockingly expensive and immoral. Obviously there will be no coherent viewpoint put forward! The one thing confidently predictable is that 'decommissioning' will be a long, and very expensive, process....

Note added Dec 1 2013: It's worth noting that Israel (with Vanunu's hoax) doesn't have any obligations. Possibly this is to ensure it's never revealed that their supposed nukes are non-existent. It also allows speculation about their supposed nuclear arsenal; possibly the idea being to add many more years to the negotiations, so of course much more US money goes to these fraudsters.
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