'Atomic Cannon' c. 1953 - Imagine How Stupid People Were

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Please paste videos & comments pertinent to nuclear hoaxes

Postby NUKELIES » 29 Mar 2011 18:33

This forum is a place to paste videos, and comments on videos posted on other forums, which are relevant to the nuclear bomb hoax. Please feel free to post anything pertinent, keeping in mind the theme of the NUKE LIES Forum website which is a haven for nuclear bomb myth dissidents.
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Re: 'Atomic Cannon' c. 1953 - Imagine How Stupid People Were

Postby Heiwa » 16 Jan 2012 21:14

Here is a good one! The Atomic Cannon! 1953 or so.
Just load it and shoot and ... BOOM!

Imagine how stupid people were 1953 believing this rubbish! The atomic heat wave just burns off the paint of trucks and cars. Hot stuff! And then the shock, pressure wave - first it hits the trees right ... and then it surges the trees back left!! But the trees do not catch fire! Where did the heat go?

OK, OK, we are now 2012 and people are even more stupid. :shock:
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