Making up the 'Neutron Bomb'

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Making up the 'Neutron Bomb'

Postby rerevisionist » 30 Oct 2011 17:56

Just a short item copied over from my popular 'Vanunu' piece.

Taken from 'Christopher Brooks' June 2005 [I don't know if this is the author's genuine name]

"The Samson Option" Deception--Seymour Hersh Lends a Hand
Because the use of nuclear weapons would be suicidal in the Middle East it has raised doubts that Israel would actually use nuclear weapons—even if they had them. Seymour Hersh's book The Samson Option tries to convince the goy reader that Israel would commit suicide and take the whole world with it if pushed to using nuclear weapons. The book’s main purpose is to reinforce the idea that Israel has nuclear weapons, just as the imprisonment of Vanunu was designed to make us believe.

This bluff has been going on for a very long time—for at least forty years. I believe that the problems of convincing the non-Jewish world that these weapons would really be useful to the Israelis have made their charade suspect and less effectual than they have hoped—even with Hersh’s Samson Option assurances.

The Myth of the Neutron Bomb, and Other Vegetables
I believe that is why the neutron bomb was “invented”. I use the word “invented” in the sense of propaganda, not scientific invention. The neutron bomb was supposed to kill people, but leave real estate intact and uncontaminated. No more need to commit suicide and take the whole world along. The neutron bomb could be used successfully in the Middle East without creating the proverbial glass parking lot. It became the better bluff.

But I find the whole story of the neutron bomb suspect. First of all it was “invented” by one Sam Cohen who claims to have received a peace medal by Pope John Paul II for his invention. It is decidedly strange that the Pope would give a peace medal for a bomb that kills people but leaves the infrastructure intact. If the neutron bomb is the more humane weapon why isn’t it used? If you read Mr. Cohen’s biography [Samuel Theodore Cohen, 1921-2010 - I don't think 'Christopher Brooks' is referring to a specific book] I think you may come away with the same sense I got—that this is just another Jewish myth with the underlying purpose of bamboozling the non-Jewish public. The number of Jewish frauds that I have discovered has made me inveterately suspicious of even the most celebrated of Jewish icons—Einstein, Teller, Wiesel, Bettelheim, Freud, Boaz [sic; Boas], Daniel Goldhagen, Stephen Spielberg, Jared Diamond, etc. I think Sam Cohen belongs on the list.

Cohen, like Edward Teller and Herman Kahn and others, left a publication trail which is useful in trying to piece together the various bits of evidence supporting the nuclear lies idea. And interwoven with legal activity to suit their own cult, the 'Fed' and other money frauds, and support for mass murder in Vietnam and Iraq.
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