Vanunu: Media Disinformation Pretends That Israel Is Nuclear Armed

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Vanunu: Media Disinformation Pretends That Israel Is Nuclear Armed


» 27 Jul 2011 13:02

Vanunu - part of a media campaign to pretend Israel has nukes

Sorry about the clumsy title - only 60 characters are allowed... it's supposed to mean that it's likely that the controlled media told lies, using Vanunu to pretend Israel has nuclear weapons, when it hasn't, probably. A 'Vanunu conspiracy theory' in fact.

BBC TV program 2003. Click this link to see the official transcript below; I've put a full transcript taken from some BBC source. By 2003, they seem to be pretending the BBC film was instrumental in 'exposing the story' of Israel's claimed 'nuclear weapons'.

This is a companion piece to a 10-min video I'm doing, the audio being Frank Barnaby speaking on 13 May 1996 at a meeting of the 'Campaign to Free Vanunu' held in a room in the House of Commons. There was a rather motley collection, including Susannah York (actress), Bruce Kent who dropped in, and Jeremy Corbyn - late, as he was meeting Tony Blair. Paddy Joe Hill of the 'Birmingham 6' couldn't come.

And Peter Hounam, an ex-Sunday Times 'investigative journalist' whose interview with Vanunu appeared in the Sunday Times in 1986. (NB the Sunday Times came under Rupert Murdoch's ownership in 1981). Barnaby was supposed to have been present with Hounam and Vanunu, presumably in case Hounam didn't understand what was going on, or what he was being told to say.

In retrospect the entire Vanunu conspiracy must have been rigged up, from the abduction with sex interest ('lured to Rome by a sexy Israeli agent'), through the supposed sensational revelations, and years of equally supposed solitary confinement, to these 'Campaigns' intended to keep the story alive. No doubt the arrests of Hounam were rigged, too.

Mordechai Vanunu aged 41 family of 11 children born Morocco moved 1963 to Israel. 1971-74 Israeli army. 2 Nov 1976-27 Oct 1985 at Dimona reactor in Negev desert. 1 year later told Sunday Times. Pub 5 Oct 1986 'The secrets of Israel's nuclear arsenal.' Lured to Rome, kidnapped, tried Jerusalem district court for treason, aggravated espionage, collection of secret info with intention to harm Israel's security. 18 year sentence. Past 10 years in solitary confinement.

Subsequent material includes e.g. photos of Vanunu in Hiroshima, poems, etc.


The Sunday Times website has a retrospective look at their wonderful 'scoop' - . It says:
.... The scientists [who studied the photos etc supposedly by Vanunu] include Theodore Taylor, one of the world's most experienced nuclear weapons experts. He was taught by Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb, and worked on America's first bomb designs. He later went on to head the Pentagon's atomic weapons test programme.
. Dr Taylor studied the photographs taken by Vanunu inside Dimona and a transcript of his evidence near Washington DC last week. He said: 'There should no longer be any doubt that Israel is, and for at least a decade has been, a fully-fledged nuclear weapons state. The Israeli nuclear weapons programme is considerably more advanced than indicated by any previous report or conjectures of which I am aware. '
. He added that Vanunu's testimony was entirely consistent with an Israeli capacity to produce 10 nuclear weapons a year that are significantly smaller, lighter and more efficient than the first types of weapons developed by Russia, America, Britain, France or China.
. Another scientist who authenticated the evidence uncovered by Insight is Dr Frank Barnaby, a nuclear physicist who worked at Aldermaston,

Theodore Taylor was supposedly a nuclear weapons designer, trained or influenced by Oppenheimer. Some of his writing is on the web, often as one of a team who are otherwise Jews - he looks like the man allowed to tell lies on the 'Sabbath'. January 1996 Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has a piece by him - the story is that he became a skilled weapons designer, but then moved on to become a peace activist. In view of the fact he fully supports the mythology of Hiroshima, it's clear no reliance can be placed on any of his material.


More on Frank Barnaby and the neutrally-titled 'Oxford Research Group' on our site here
Barnaby and 'Oxford Research Group'

Here's some more material - I leave it to you to decide its veracity.

taken from the website
Note: This is from - however this subsite is not present on the site index of . The online photos are dated 2009 for some reason.

Acting on his conscience, he carefully took about 60 photos of the top-secret labs and unique production processes involved. When some of these photos were originally published in the London Sunday Times' exposé, they confirmed his eyewitness testimony about the extent of Israel's nuclear weapons program and revealed Israel to be one of the world's top nuclear powers.

Here's a few typical photos on that website:
'4) Control Panel'

'8) Looking inside a glove box at lathe for turning precision shaped pieces of plutonium or other components.'

'12) Plutonium separation plant control room'

'15) Production model of nuclear weapons core'
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Re: Vanunu: Carefully Planned Media Disinformation

Postby rerevisionist » 28 Jul 2011 04:03

@mooninquirer - Thanks for that. Your explanations of LBJ and the Vietnam War are the most convincing I've seen. (I think you underplay the moral imbecility of LBJ and Jews generally, considering the atrocities of that war - but possibly they were simply exploiting common American attitudes to 'gooks').

Perhaps you could explain the 'Jim Crow' laws in your piece - that phrase barely exists in the UK (and Europe). Just a suggestion.

On Vanunu, you're assuming he was actually jailed. I suspect he was a carefully briefed agent all along. However, I agree he wouldn't have known everything - in particular, he may have assumed the stuff he saw genuinely worked. Possibly it did - perhaps nuclear power is genuine, but nuclear bombs aren't?
(1) I don't think he was in solitary for years. Everyone remarks on what good spirits he was in, how healthy he looked, and generally how wonderful he was. My belief is that he was simply let out - maybe his food etc was supplied to cells in some intelligence place, so nobody would be any the wiser.
(2) If someone is strung along, you have to be pretty sure he won't make some mistake. So the equipment he had access to, the contrived negligence in allowing his smuggled camera in, and so on would have to be worked out in great detail. Suppose he made a mistake, and revealed some tell-tale detail which scuppered the entire tale? So on balance I'd guess there was detailed briefing by his handlers.
(3) It all had to look convincing - consider when he wrote on his palms, and pressed his hands to a vehicle window. Or the abduction event, when, if genuine, he would have been terrified of being found and arrested. Or the fact that one reason for keeping him jailed was that he still knew secrets; if true, why didn't he spill them earlier?
(4) Part of the point of a leak was that Israel gets a fortune from the USA, but the USA is not supposed to fund illegal nuclear powers - or something like that. Frank Barnaby, at the meeting I attended, stressed that. Vanunu's role, and Rupert Murdoch's, was to leak the idea that Israel had nuclear weapons, in a sensational 'scoop', while Israeli officials could simultaneously deny it. And incidentally Israel never allowed inspection of Dimona. At least not to non-Jews.

May I make a point re fission. Your mustard seed analogy, with an atom of U235 on the same scale being the size of a baseball stadium, but with a nucleus the size of a marble, sounds convincing at first hearing. But the number of atoms is staggeringly high. Avogadro's Hypothesis (or law) gives something like 10^23 atoms per mole - not a huge amount for such a dense material. You have to try to visualise a million million million million baseball stadiums, probably arranged in some sort of pattern. With mustard seeds moving - well, how fast? Of course this increases the chance of a neutron penetrating a nucleus, eventually, though very possibly not enough - I haven't thought it through.

There's also the question why fusion should be exothermic, given that fission is supposed to be exothermic. It seems inconsistent, though I'm uncertain here.
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Re: Vanunu: Media Disinformation - Pretence Israel Nuclear A

Postby rerevisionist » 02 Aug 2011 11:43

From a posting by 'Christopher Brooks' on June 2005, who quoted it - 'taken from a blogger called Cytation' - though the source site, which may have been Russian, seems not to have that file now.

Interesting half-way position which assumes USA has nuclear weapons, but not Israel [spelling corrected a bit]---

Israel Created Vanunu, Not Nukes
Vanunu is a Mossad cutout. Israel created Vanunu in order to add verisimilitude to their claim of having nuclear weapons. Israel has no nuclear weapons. It is a bluff. Israel has never had a viable nuclear weapons program.

The "policy of ambiguity" itself is the first sign, for if they did have nukes they would, like any other country who has them, furnish evidence, thus making their deterrent useful.

Nukes Are Too Close For Comfort
Next, Israel is too small to benefit from nukes. It doesn't have enough landbase to assure that their nukes could not be taken out in one fell swoop along with all their major cities by a first strike against them. Also, Israel's enemies are too close in proximity to Israel for Israel to consider nuking them. Israel would invariably suffer at least radioactive contamination if they attacked their neighbors. It may be even rendered uninhabitable.

Never a Nuke Test
Another reason Israel has no nukes is: Where and when have they tested them? All countries with nuclear programs have left evidence of multiple tests. Israel has not. Are they really trying to convince the world that they have a huge arsenal which they created without so much as a single test, let alone the hundreds that are the mark of a large and developing program? No ambiguity here.

Too Broke to Afford Nukes
Finally, follow the money. Israel has been on the dole from the beginning. Please tell me how it can afford a secret nuclear weapons program when in reality Israel's entire conventional military and its upkeep is part of a known welfare package? Simply estimate the costs of a nuclear weapons program and then look at the year to year flow of military aid to Israel and what it accounts for. You will find that there is no possiblity that Israel could come up with ambiguous trillions to accomplish this feat. Nor is it possible to believe that Israel would make its own nukes when it simply asks for and gets everything else military as a sort of political ransom to the long suffering Jews with their holocaust bludgeon and their insinuation into the affairs of Christianity.

And why would Israel spend money, money which it doesn't have, on something that would not be useful for it for the reasons as demonstrated above? Answer: It wouldn't.

Think About It
Israel merely demands that the United States arm it to the teeth with conventional weapons and then that the United States fight Israel's enemies for Israel. Clearly, if Israel wanted to start a nuclear war, it would simply demand the US fight it on their behalf and provide the neccessary bribes and blackmail. Israel does not need its own nukes when it has America's.

The conclusion is that Israel is not a state in any real sense. It is predominantly a haven for international Jewry. It's weakness as a state, as a treaty signatory, as a partner in international law, further shows that it is not willing to invest what is neccessary to have a nuclear weapons program.

Mordechai Vanunu never spent time in prison. He simply lived under an assumed identity for the 18 years following his over dramatized mossad arrest. His ongoing publicity is a continuation of Israel's deception of the world about its non-existant nukes. The Mossad's motto is "By means of deception, thou shalt do war."

"The Samson Option" Deception--Seymour Hersh Lends a Hand
Because the use of nuclear weapons would be suicidal in the Middle East it has raised doubts that Israel would actually use nuclear weapons – even if they had them. Seymour Hersh's book the Samson Option tries to convince the goy reader that Israel would commit suicide and take the whole world with it if pushed to using nuclear weapons. The book’s main purpose is to reinforce the idea that Israel has nuclear weapons, just as the imprisonment of Vanunu was designed to make us believe.

This bluff has been going on for a very long time – for at least forty years. I believe that the problems of convincing the non-Jewish world that these weapons would really be useful to the Israelis have made their charade suspect and less effectual than they have hoped – even with Hersh’s Samson Option assurances.

The Myth of the Neutron Bomb, and Other Vegetables
I believe that is why the neutron bomb was "invented". I use the word "invented" in the sense of propaganda, not scientific invention. The neutron bomb was supposed to kill people, but leave real estate intact and uncontaminated. No more need to commit suicide and take the whole world along. The neutron bomb could be used successfully in the Middle East without creating the proverbial glass parking lot. It became the better bluff.

But I find the whole story of the neutron bomb suspect. First of all it was "invented" by one Sam Cohen who claims to have received a peace medal by Pope John Paul II for his invention. It is decidedly strange that the Pope would give a peace medal for a bomb that kills people but leaves the infrastructure intact. If the neutron bomb is the more humane weapon why isn’t it used? If you read Mr. Cohen’s biography I think you may come away with the same sense I got – that this is just another Jewish myth with the underlying purpose of bamboozling the non-Jewish public. The number of Jewish frauds that I have discovered has made me inveterately suspicious of even the most celebrated of Jewish icons – Einstein, Teller, Wiesel, Bettelheim, Freud, Boaz, Daniel Goldhagen, Stephen Spielberg, Jared Diamond, etc. I think Sam Cohen belongs on the list.
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Re: Vanunu: Media Disinformation Pretends That Israel Is Nuclear Armed

Postby FirstClassSkeptic » 07 Aug 2011 16:42

My comments on the photos:

Control Panels: It's hard to look at a control panel and tell what it's for. All control panels tend to have the same objects: Meters, knobs, chart recorders, lights, and a phone. These pictures could be control panels for a coal burning power plant, a hydroelectric plant, the heating/AC of an apartment complex, the water flow in a big city, a train control central, the kilns n a pottery, you name it. Only a person who works at a particular place could recognize the control panel. Thus a 'nuclear weapons expert' could look at most any picture of a control panel, and say, "Ah, yes. That's definitely the control panel for a plutonium separation centrifuge complex." or whatever.

The workshop: Looks for all the world like a vacuum or investment metal casting workshop to me.

Glove boxes: Used in any industry where dirt must be excluded or where a certain atmosphere is required. Or to contain something. Examples: Used in TIG welding to provide an argon atmosphere. Dental fixtures are welded in glove boxes. Used in semiconductor manufacture, to exclude hair and dandruff and other human debris. Used to contain extremely hazardous chemicals or biological agents while working with them. Used with laboratory animals. So they are just about as general as the control panel, and not much use for determining what's being done.

Parts of core: If you look up automatic screw machine shops, and look at their samples of production, you can see all kinds of parts like this. The ring looks like a common part used in compression fittings of copper pipe, and also used in some electronic coaxial cable connectors.
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Re: Vanunu: Media Disinformation Pretends Israel Nuclear Arm

Postby rerevisionist » 15 Aug 2011 22:31

I was reminded of these images, and your comments, watching my car boot (trunk in US) DVD 'The Fourth Protocol', filmed (1987) from a book by Frederick 'Freddie' Forsyth, with Pierce Brosnan and Michael Caine (who was at school with Benny Green - Ben Gurion). [Ben Gurion was at the school before Caine - rerev]There's a section where Pierce Brosnan and the sexy red-haired Finn (well, sexy depending on your age) assemble their atom bomb from U235. There's a ball with a hole through it of silvery metal, and a cylinder, repeatedly called a 'tube', designed to fit inside and make up critical mass. There are also disks of plutonium, and 'lithium' - presumably some compound, since lithium would just oxidise and catch fire, imported in various deliberately improbable ways. The bomb assembly part starts at about 1 hr 12 min in my DVD version. It's presented as able to devastate 2 sq miles (diameter of say 1 1/2 miles) and centred on housing near the perimeter of a US airbase. I can never decide with people like Forsyth and 'John le Carre' how much of their stories is tacitly agreed with officials. If there was an explosion centred near the perimeter of a base, why would Americans be blamed? If they were, what would be done? The public aren't supposed to know about false flag/ provoked events - Pearl Harbor, Churchill bombing civilians etc etc - so why should they accept instant huge retaliation? Did Forsyth check out the supposed details of an atom bomb? (Displayed on a BBC micro, itself possibly an attempt to boost the BBC's attempt at a new flagship micro). How come all Forsyth's plots accept all Cold War mythology, and there are never any alternative plots - why not Day of the JFK Jackal? Why not The Paper Money Devil's Plot? Why not something on US activities in south-east Asia? Why the pro-Jewish and nasty Nazzy references? Why the sneers at South Africa? Why the failure to mention mass murder in the USSR? Was he hired to turn out his rubbish?
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Re: Vanunu: Media Disinformation Pretends Israel is Nuclear Armed when it isn't

Postby rerevisionist » 10 Nov 2011 14:16

The following two posts are out of sequence. They were from MoonInquirer---

Re: Vanunu: Carefully Planned Media Disinformation

Post by mooninquirer » 28 Jul 2011 01:26

I did not know that there was a photo of a supposed bomb CORE. Before, I thought that this story is bogus, because working at a nuke plant, the ONLY thing he would know is whether it was a breeder reactor, or whether plutonium was being reprocessed. That is a VERY far cry from building the bomb itself. Unlike the uranium bomb, which is a piece of cake ---- absurdly simple ---- to build, once the U 235 is obtained ( which is very difficult ), the plutonium bomb is extremely difficult to build and requires a lot of symmetry. There is the classifies compression "lens." There are 20 chemical explosives that must go off at EXACTLY the same time. There are a few more reasons to regard it as implausible. But consider that in the Manhattan Project, the plutonium was produced in Hanford, Washington, but the bomb was produced in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Also, keeping in mind the moon landing hoax, in which it is correctly stated that the various phases of the production process were highly compartmentalized, I do not see why Vanunu would be exposed to the BOTH the production of the plutonium, AND the complex construction of the plutonium bomb. Not unless he were a top level management, OR unless Israel intentionally allowed he to think he was exposed to the full spectrum of development plutonium bombs.

Did you know that the University of Glasgow made Mordechai Vanunu the rector ? The really look up to him, idolize him as a "truth teller" who is being held under the thumb by evil Israel. And he might BE a good person, and I think Vanunu honestly believes he is telling the truth, without realizing he was set up. And I am sure Israel treats him harshly ---- so that he will have the greater incentive to tell what he believes to be the truth, in such a somber manner. But, from day one, they set him up as a patsy. His being in prison adds a great poignancy and interest in his story. And further, people will think, " Look ! He must be telling the truth, because Israel calls him a traitor, and went out its way to kidnap him and punish him ! "

Israel made a very good choice, in selecting Vanunu for this role, because when he talks, he is said to have a magnetism and air about him as a martyr. Michael Collins Piper said this about him, and said he met Vanunu in person. And he said this a few months AFTER he read my long critique of his book FINAL JUDGMENT, in which I said why nuke bombs are a hoax. Also, it would be difficult for Piper to want to admit that the book for which he is best known has a very serious flaw. Although, admittedly, he does explore other reasons the Jews wanted JFK assassinated.
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Re: Vanunu: Media Disinformation Pretends Israel Nuclear Arm

Postby rerevisionist » 10 Nov 2011 14:17

Out of sequence post by MoonInquirer----

Re: Vanunu: Carefully Planned Media Disinformation

Post by mooninquirer » 28 Jul 2011 01:54


Good show. Now, I don’t understand you. I guess the problem for you, is that you are torn between two political forces. The American Free Press had been a far right paper, but you have stated a number of times some very liberal views. You praised Louis Farrakhan before, even saying that he should be a senator,and even a secretary of state which is actually a HIGHER compliment than you are giving him than by broadcasting his speech here. And for the record, Whites who praise Farrakhan ONLY because of his research that Jews were heavily involved in the slave trade are being counterproductive and self-indulgent. Most who say that also really hate Blacks, think they are a biologically inferior race, and think they can just slap their hands and be done with any sense of guilt. But it is much more —- through the KKK, which was controlled through the Jews by Freemasonry, the Jews were able to push for state legislatures to pass the Jim Crow laws. Business owners who suffered ENORMOUS expenses and losses in revenue sure as hell did not want this. It was pushed by powerful Jews in the South, with money from Jewish bankers, and it was NO skin off them, because it affected only Blacks.

The Jim Crow laws were a primer and a very necessary precursor for the Civil Rights Acts of 1964, an exceedingly powerful piece of legislation, benefiting mainly Jews, passed by the full Jew on both sides of his family ( google : LBJ JEWISH OPIUM LORDS )and 33 rd degree Freemason, LBJ. With the CRA 1964, the Jews were able to realize the long sought dream of inflitrating every group of the Goyim, as is stated in the Protocols of Zion. And, without the CRA 1964, especially with the internet and after 911, EVERYONE would be talking about Jewish domination everywhere, without any fear. As it stands, it is TABOO, indeed, it is illegal, to discuss Jewish domination at work, because it creates a "hostile workplace environment." The Jews would have been severelt circumscribed, marginalized, like computer software sequestering a virus, without the CRA 1964. The Jews might even have been expelled by now, without it.

I believe that JFK would have had civil rights legislation that either only overthrew the Jim Crow laws, or only dealt with race, and not religion. Note that CRA 1964 was a very high priority for LBJ, and he pushed it BEFORE his re-election, which was a rather dicey move, politically, in view that as a Democrat, he knew he was throwing away the Southern states. For this reason, I say that the CRA 1964 was THE major benefit that the Jews and Israel received from the assassination of JFK — even bigger than Israel getting "the nuclear bomb" —- whatever THAT is, because nuke explosions ALL look very fake, and just about EVERYONE in the Manhattan Project, and for the H-bomb tests were Jewish, as well as ALL propagandists of Israel’s supposed "Samson Option"

Before I go on about nuke bombs being a hoax, let me say that there are MANY, many other things that LBJ did, that JFK would not have done, that benefited entirely Jews and Israel. JFK threatened to bypass the Federal Reserve, and although his action was minor, it WAS something that posed a threat to the Federal Reserve. This has to be stated, because the only piece of legislation MORE beneficial to the Jews than the CRA 1964 was the Federal Reserve Act of 1964. The Federal Reserve and entire banking system are super-highly Zionist organizations, and NO ONE working in any bank would DARE to criticize the wars, or Israel. They know very well who is boss. No one in banking will ever criticize Israel or the wars, anymore than a public school teacher will talk about God in the classroom or even discuss pedophilia. They know it would be the end of their carreers.

This is very important, because the Israel Lobby is the most powerful, BECAUSE Jewish loan officers cut breaks on individually structured loans, without regard to credit scores, to Israeli citizens, with the promise they will lobby for Israel. Examples are Haim Saban.

LBJ greatly increased Israel’s monetary funding and military aid, although the monetary funding is largely a symbolic matter, since the Zionists embezzle hundreds of billions out of the Federal Reserve and banking.

LBJ was very cool to Egypt’s Gamal Nasser, but JFK wanted to get closer to him. LBJ squashed RFK’s efforts to force the Israel lobbies to be registered as foreign lobbies. LBJ elevated the Jew, Abe Fortas to the Supreme Court, where he cast the tie breaking vote permitting Jews to be citizens of Israel while participating in Americans politics. LBJ permitted Israel to steal land in the 1967 war. LBJ permitted Israel to attack the USS Liberty. Now, of course, America would receive NO benefit from it, but LBJ was prepared to launch a war against Egypt which would benefit entirely Israel. Military commanders would NOT have launched the USS Liberty attack unless they knew that LBJ was 100 % on board. Look, I have ZERO sympathy for his family. This was a COUP D’ ETAT, and the entire US government under LBJ was illegitimate. This is important, because if the military ever pulled a coup d’etat, it would NOT be true to say that it was an unconstitutional act, since there was already a coup d’etat and unconstitutional takeover.

There are many, many, other ways in which LBJ’s administration benefited Jews and Israel to the max, and this comment would actually be longer than all of Russ’ comments put together if I tried to list them here !

We should err on the side of making the Jews LESS POWERFUL and MORE HATED. Of course, the Jews want to be both FEARED and LOVED. There is a lot about LBJ to really make people’s blood BOIL, like with MLK. Who was the HEAD of the government ? It was LBJ. All this talk about J Edgar Hoover having been the instigator for MLK’s assassination is just a red herring. It was LBJ, at the top, with the urging of other Jews, no doubt, who didn’t NEED MLK any more, to help pass civil rights acts that were almost entirely for the benefit of Jews, and MLK, being truly a man of peace, a devoted disciple of Mahatma Gandhi, would NOT have continued to approve of Israel, after the 1967 war. LBJ, being the passionate Zionist Jew that he was, didn’t want to take the risk of MLK leading protest rallies of Blacks, liberal Whites, and Christians, AGAINST ISRAEL.

The war on poverty has, exactly as LBJ intended it, destroyed the Black family and replaced the Black father, which lead to more crime, and much more division between Blacks and Whites. Note that had LBJ really cared about Blacks, he would have advocated loans to Black owned businesses.

LBJ was involved in the opium / heroin trade, and this was a motivation for America to greatly escalate the Vietnam War. Note that in the 1970s, there was an extremely intense influx of heroin in inner city neighborhoods, which further kept Blacks down, and in a state of despair. Louis Farrakhan talks about this as well, although I haven’t heard him make the tie-in to the Vietnam War and LBJ.

The Vietnam War also bankrupted America, and made her MORE dependent upon the Federal Reserve. This is another reason LBJ escalated the Vietnam War. Farrakhan, as you know, in his famous speech about the Federal Reserve, the Rothschilds, and WW I, said the purpose of WW I was to bankrupt the US.

Now, as promised, I return to the nuclear bomb hoax, which greatly benefits Israel. Note that everyone involved in spreading this "Samson Option," blackmail and scare tactic is Jewish. You even mentioned another obviously Jewish name, Rosenblum I believe it was, AGAIN reiterating this blackmail that Israel has this enormous power.

Israel wants the world to think that they have a 44 magnum, but really all they have is a 22 caliber, IF AT ALL. They could be SCRUBBBBBBBED off the face of this Earth, as Alan Sabrosky has REPEATEDLY stated should happen. And when Alan Sabrosky said this, he was revealing the TRUTH that he knows. It was like a gaffe. I thought it was an odd thing, because, "what about Israel’s nuclear weapons ? "

Apparently, when he wrote articles, he was careful not to let the cat out of the bag, but in the passion of a radio interview, he let loose what he knows to be true. Alan Sabrosky was CLEARLY not speaking about fantasy or wishful thinking in his statement, and he wanted to get people angry, as he said. NOW. Think about it. If Alan Sabrosky REALLY believed that nuclear weapons were a reality, he would NOT have made that statement, because then it would just have the opposite impact —- it would just make people bemoan that Israel is very powerful, and there is nothing we can do about, and America is on the hook to do whatever Israel wants, or else she will throw nuke bombs all over the place. This would NOT make people angry at Israel; it would just make people FEARFUL of Israel.

The nuclear power plants in Japan are real. Some people think that in order to say that nuke bombs are a hoax, that it is necessary to say that nuclear power plants are a hoax as well, and they serve as "dump loads" for a power grid. They also think it is necessary to say that E = mc^2 is false, or to say that the nucleus has never been split. This is not necessary. There is nothing wrong with the SCIENCE; there IS something wrong with the government propaganda, and nuke explosions have NOT been reproduced in laboratories independently. The reproducibility of an experiment is a NECESSARY requirement for it to be science. They ALSO don’t fit in with the THEORY of the physics of nuclear fission. Some people say, that "if nuke power plants exist, then nuke bombs must exist." This is wrong, and it is a fallacy of applying CHEMICAL thinking to nuclear phenomenon. They just assume that nuclear power is like gasoline, and if gasoline can run an engine, then it can be made into a bomb which explodes. In chemistry, HEAT facilitates the chemical reaction to continue. BUT, in nuclear phenomenon, heat is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT in stimulating more nuclei to fission. The ONLY thing that is relevant is whether the nucleus absorbs a SLOW neutron. There are NO "next atoms," they are NOT lined up like bowling pins. You might have seen these diagrams of nuclear fission. Wikipedia has a number of them. But, they are VERY misleading, because they are NOT drawn to scale. If a uranium 235 atom were the size of Yankee stadium, then the nucleus would be the size of a marble, and the neutrons the size of mustard seeds. Imagine shooting at a marble in the center of the field from up in the stands. Do you think you would hit it ? On average, 2.4 neutrons are released as a result of fissioning of U 235. The fission fragments, often Barium and Krypton, fly away. HOWEVER, they are trapped in the lattice of other uranium atoms, which have NOT split. Those neutrons are going to have a long, long, LONG way to go before they are going to hit another nucleus. Only a small number of nuclei fission, and a lot of heat is generated. BUT, the heat will cause the metal to melt, including melting any container that holds it together. If the uranium pours out, it will no longer be a critical mass, because shape is very important. It has to be balled together in a sphere, so that neutrons as a result of fissioning are not just released into the surrounding air, and get a chance to hit other uranium nuclei.

In the Manhattan Project, it is interesting that Oppenheimer, a Jew, was selected, by the Jew, Barnard Baruch, a mover and shaker in the Roosevelt administration. There were certainly scientists who were MUCH more qualified than Oppenheimer to head up the project. But propaganda was the most important thing. Indeed, MANY top scientists doubted that a nuclear bomb would be possible, including Einstein. In Einstein’s letter to FDR, he said that nuclear power plants might be possible, and MUCH LESS possible were nuclear bombs. This is because he understood the difference between a chemical reaction, and a nuclear reaction, which is the mistake that many people make.

Werner Heisenberg, perhaps THE world’s greatest scientist on the subject of atomic physics, and a Nobel Laureate, was very surprised to hear that a nuclear bomb was exploded over Hiroshima ( I would say he realized the truth, because he knew the physics ). Heisenberg realized that a moderator, or non-fissile matter, was required to slow down the fast neutrons that are released as a result of fissioning of U 235. Only U 235 fissions, and it only fissions if it absorbs a SLOW NEUTRON. This fact is stated in MANY elementary physics and chemistry textbooks. They can’t deny it, because when Enrico Fermi was awarded the Nobel Prize, his citation specifically stated " slow neutrons," ( look it up ), and in his Nobel lecture, he has a section on slow neutrons, and the moderator he used to slow down the fast neutrons was paraffin.

All the physics you need to know, in my opinion, to conclude that the PHYSICS of nuclear fissioning, which will support nuclear power plants, will NOT support a nuclear explosion, is contained in this lecture —- type into the youtube space : UC BERKELEY PHYSICS NUKES

Of course, Prof Mueller, a Jew, is not going to say that nuke bombs are a hoax, and he might have deluded himself into believing that they are real. He gets very flustered by a student’s question on the difference between nuclear power plants and nuclear bombs. I don’t blame him, for trying to explain the impossible. But a CLASSIC, is the hand waving he does at the end when he attempts to describe the nuclear explosion. Very importantly, he ADMITS that initially, the explosion is ONLY as powerful as an explosion of an equivalent amount dynamite. But, he says, in mid air, there is a SECONDARY fissioning which boosts the explosive power. But, this secondary fissioning is IMPOSSIBLE, because a critical mass was required to be assembled in the first place. If it is hard to shoot ducks while they are assembled on a pond, it is going to be MUCH harder to shoot and hit them as they are flying away and scattering.

Further, this professor does not adequately emphasize the slow neutron vs fast neutron problem, for uranium 235 to fission. But this is very important, because it is further indication that URANIUM will surely NOT explode. But note, that Iran IS enriching uranium, but the URANIUM bomb is said to be ABSURDLY simple to produce, with just a gunshot device bringing only two subcritical pieces of U 235 together. ANYTIME you have highly enriched uranium ( U 235 ), you can easily make a bomb. Yet, as our friend Texe Marrs says in this youtube clip — (type into youtube : OBAMA TELLS THE JEWS NO MORE ), the CIA as well as the Mossad are absolutely sure that Iran has NO nuke weapons program. Indeed, they know this very well, because they know that that enriched uranium will not explode.

Prof. Mueller says his Ph.D. thesis adviser was Luis Alvarez, who he says flew over Hiroshima and witnessed the dropping of the bomb. But, there is something that you should know about this guy. Sure, he was a great scientist, but he is also a LIAR, willing to engage in some government propaganda. For the JFK assassination, he prostituted himself by analyzing the events in Dealey Plaza, and concluded that the Warren Commission was 100 % correct !!!! Yes, look up Luis Alvarez on Wikipedia.

Sad to say, physicists are no different than politicians, journalists, and ( non revisionist ) historians ) in that they cannot say what they really believe, because they are dependent on government grants. Thus, physicists are in a similar situation to those involved in the man made global warming hoax ( google : THE GREAT GLOBAL WARMING SWINDLE )and the HIV = AIDS hoax.

Watch on youtube this — type into youtube : NUKE LIES BY JESSE), but search on youtube for one of the several clips of the explosion of "ivy Mike." It is obviously PURE Hollywood, with that suspense building countdown, ominous Wagnerian, scary music, and cutting away. They used some very bad acting, too, because those witnesses do NOT look they are about to witness a real event at all — no sense of trepidation or fear — even the pretty lady. Who was responsible for Ivy Mike ? Two Jews, Teller and Ulam. Teller had the AUDACITY to claim that he was on the American mainland and recorded an enormous blast with a seismograph.

Be careful to ONLY pay attention to NUKE LIES BY JESSE, because there are A LOT of propagandists put there putting out silly stuff to make the notion of nuke bombs being a hoax look ridiculous. There is this guy with a shiny suit talking like an evangelical preacher with this ridicu;ous claim about the position of the Sun having something to do with nuke bombs. There is another guy who says the Earth does not go around the Sun. Look, I am ONLY interested in ESTABLISHED science and science theory, and I am showing that the physics does not support nuke bombs exploding with anywhere near the force that is claimed. I have no belief in nor any interest in UFOs as space aliens, predicting the future, psychic phenomenon, but, I believe that the notion that God exists and there is an afterlife id plausible.

The bombing of Hiroshima, even if you search for more extensive footage, looks NOTHING like you would expect from a single blast, because there is no central area with the greatest damage, and it getting better going out in a radial pattern. Further, the buildings are all knocked down in a RANDOM manner, without any type of radial pattern of blowing down.

In the description of the effects upon the Japanese, there has been a very inordinate amount of "purple prose," especially in passages from John Hersey’s "Hiroshima" and this really makes me question it as an accurate account, and not just propaganda. I think Hiroshima was just carpet bombed, or fire bombed, just like Tokyo was. Tokyo suffered much more damage, and this is acknowledged by everyone, even if they accept that Hiroshima was hit by a nuke bomb.

Since you are interested in the Libya bombing, get a load of some of the photos of explosions from "coalition" forces. Google : GUARDIAN.CO.UK LIBYA AIR STRIKES — IN PICTURES

Now, search for the one that really, REALLY looks exactly like a mushroom cloud of a nuke bomb. But, I thought that ONLY nuke bombs produced mushroom clouds ! You see, we have been LIED TO. The photo is obviously a conventional bomb, but without the cars in the foreground, you would have no way of knowing this !

Another thing you should read is this —- google : NY TIMES RETHINKING THE UNTHINKABLE ATOMIC ATTACK

Now, I thought that nuke bombs could destroy whole cities, destroy whole countries, and destroy the whole world ! The cold war propagandists really whipped up a fear over nuke bombs ! And, in view of Ivy Mike, which was said to be 500 times more powerful than the bomb that supposedly destroyed Hiroshima, being a hoax, we should at least acknowledge that they are HIGHLY exaggerated, if you do not want to admit they are a hoax. Note that nuclear fusion plants do not exist, and no experiment has ever been performed in which more energy has come out of a nuclear fusion reaction than has been put in, in 59 years since this supposed event. Scientists making such claims have been proven to have been mistaken. Remember cold fusion in 1988, in Utah ?

Read the book on the history of the atomic bomb, by the late, great Eustace Mullins, at

This book is short and to the point. Although he doesn’t conclude that nuke bombs are a hoax, he reveals an awful lot of LIES of propaganda that we have been told about things like " dropping a bomb on Hiroshima was necessary to get the Japanese to surrender." Further, it was necessary to keep the American public very scared about the Cold War and the USSR, that way they would agree to fund the Pentagon and the big expenditures. Also, there might have been a fear that the American public would conclude it didn’t NEED the US government anymore.

The Japanese wanted to surrender to the Americans, because they were losing very, very badly, and the USSR threatened invasion. They NEEDED America as an ally against Russia and China, very powerful countries close by, that had historical wars of enmity with Japan. The USSR might have wanted to settle the score with the Russo-Japanese war of 1905, which was humiliating. No group in the history of the world has had a greater incentive to go along with a lie than the Japanese did about the supposed nuke bomb. They desperately needed that alliance with America —- it allowed them to play the victim, and thus be exonerated for being the bad guy with Pearl Harbor, and it gave them an excuse NOT to fight, and save their samurai honor, because, after all, there was no use in fighting " such a cruel bomb."

I am not making light of the suffering the Japanese have endured. Hiroshima was firebombed, as were many other cities in Japan. Just want to be clear.

If Israel really believed that Iran were developing nuke bombs, then they would have nuked Iran by now, with the nuke bombs everyone thinks they have. Note how they keep saying that " by the end of this year, Iran should have enough fissionable material ready for a nuke bomb" But, haven’t they been saying this for MANY years now ? The nuke bomb hoax is important not only because it is the ONLY excuse for war, but because it gives Israel an enormous amount of power with its "Samson Option."

Remember the late Carl Sagan ? I used to think he was an entirely good, peace-loving Jew. But, he REALLY indulged in this nuke bomb propaganda, all throughout COSMOS, and in the fall of 1983, he appeared on TV discussing a show called " The Day After." He really got into this concept of a "nuclear winter" which would completely block out the Sun all over the Earth. But, remember before the Gulf War in 1991, Carl Sagan predicted that Saddam setting oil wells on fire would ALSO produce his fabled nuclear winter ? It didn’t happen, did it ? Search for this on Wikipedia, under Carl Sagan, when he made this statement.

Remember the enormous scare over anthrax in the fall of 2001 ? It really didn’t amount to much, did it ? What about in 1998, when Sec of Defense, William Cohen ( a Jew ) held up a 5 pound bag of sugar like he was going to dump it everyone, saying that Saddam could dump this over a city ? Remember Cokie Roberts asking, " could you put that bag down, please ? " Remember on Nightline, hosted by Ted Koppel ( a Jew ), it was stated that Saddam’s anthrax stock pile was so great, the real question was " how many PLANETS could it destroy ?"

So, I submit to you, that at the very least, nuke bombs are an exaggeration, in which they are just like "dirty bombs," if not a total hoax, that very greatly benefits Israel.

mooninquirer // Mar 22, 2011 at 10:28 am

Correction: I obviously didn’t mean the Federal Reserve Act of 1964; I meant the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

Dear Michael Collins Piper :

I just used the comment about your background at the AFP and Louis Farrakhan, as a segue into two things that are criticisms of your " Final Judgment," : that there were so many other ways in which the Jews benefited from JFK’s assassination, in what LBJ did differently, including on the Civil Rights Act of 1964, that they should surpass the notion that it was so Israel could develop nuclear bombs, and (2) nuclear bombs themselves are probably a hoax, and those of us fighting Zionism should be very careful about repeating this Jewish propaganda which is the ONLY excuse for a war with Iran, and greatly benefits Israel, since if we tried to, as you have emphatically stated "isolate and STRAAANGLE" Israel, then she would just hurl nuclear bombs all over the place, making sure the whole rest of the world suffers a holocaust, since the Israelis can " still smell Treblinka."

Note: Mooninquirer felt his post was the reason for the exceptionally large number of views recorded for this Vanunu piece - more views in fact than visited the site. However, in the interval that his piece was missing, the views here increased more than at any other time. - Mod
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Re: Vanunu: Media Disinformation Pretends Israel Nuclear Arm

Postby rerevisionist » 29 Nov 2011 03:08

This site has had a few hits originating in 'Grand Casablanca' in Morocco. I wonder if this could be from Vanunu's family, or other people who think they're activists, or agents of some kind?
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Re: Vanunu: Media Disinformation Pretends Israel Nuclear Arm

Postby FirstClassSkeptic » 22 Jan 2012 01:27

honestly believe Japan is being held a nuclear hostage. It all makes sense.

1. Japan offers to enrich uranium for Israel's GREAT SATAN, Iran

2. Immediately, Israel sets up front companies masquerading as security companies, and one of them succeeds in getting a security contract at a Japanese nuclear facility. 4 months later the Dimona Dozen shows up, and under the cover of a security contract gets unlimited access to the heart of Fukushima. They plant the virus, install real cameras outside the facility, and functional poorly disguised nuke cameras inside the facility. In addition to this, they install an unauthorized data connection to allow control of all the guts of the facility via the virus. (they admitted to this connection, as discussed later on this page)

3. After installing Stuxnet and the nukes they scram

4. Israel waits for one of the many natural quakes in Japan to provide cover for a tsunami bomb, and they already have it at the bottom of the Japan trench. VLF communications are established with the bomb to penetrate the water. David in Dimona gets seismic reading from Japan. 6.67 in progress, BOOM. (new evidence shows the quake most likely was not natural)

Tsunami comes in, swamps stuxnet infected power plant, direct video feed from legitimate cameras security company installed gets to David via totally unauthorized channel, and David knows just when to cut the generators off. Others on the team do all they can to counteract measures taken by the employees at fukushima, who are unaware an attack is taking place and do not understand why everything is going crazy

5. Israeli Prime Minister calls Japan, and says TAKE THAT for offering help to Iran, and ya know, there are FIVE MORE NUKES in the ocean off the coast of Japan, and we are going to set those off and destroy your coastal cities if you do not forget that 6.67, and say it was a 9 to cover for tsunami effects. AND NOW we are going to make your people DEMAND you move away from nuclear power so you can NEVER threaten us like that again. We are BLOWING UP FUKUSHIMA DIIACHI and you are going to go along with whatever story we tell you to. SO THERE!!

6. David and his pals close ALL valves to the reactors via the remote data link they admitted to installing, and put them full throttle, to melt them down while the virus keeps control room readouts displaying false info, like nothing is going on even though the place is coming apart. After enough mayhem ensues to provide plausibility, they set off planted nukes and blow the place sky high.

And even if the quake was real, there are nukes that can reach an 8.4. Close enough. Though I have yet to work out the final details, I probably have enough to hang them because:

1. I got the real seismic data that proves beyond a doubt the quake is not what we were told and was in fact an inland 6.8, (calculated higher than the seismogram due to the triangulated true epicenter being a little higher) which would get noticed but not feared in quake ridden Japan.

2. Numerous referenced sources prove Stuxnet really was written by Israel

3. Japan really did offer to enrich Uranium for Iran, and Israel has been documented to have attempted to destroy the reactor in Iran, and probably did. Japan contributing to Iran's nuclear future would make them just as much an enemy to Israel as Iran. Israel would want them taken out.

4. It is documented that a team from Israel, with a history consisting only of working in Israeli defense, got unlimited access to a Japanese nuclear facility, which then went boom

5. Reactor 4 had been defueled and proven disassembled, and therefore no explosion there was possible. What should have happened at reactor 4, if anything at all? the fuel pools should have melted down and caught fire once the water boiled off from lack of recirculation AT Worst, and badly contaminated the containment structure, NOTHING ELSE. NO explosions, NOTHING ELSE. Reactor 4 is building 7, PERIOD. Why did an explosion there happen that was so severe it blew the outer containment walls (4 feet thick) and inner containment walls that were much thicker? Reactor 4 is reportedly now in danger of falling over. HOW?

6. The Japanese government is going along with the story of a scientifically proven false 9.0. There is a reason, and my guess is that Israel has made threats to wipe out Japanese coastal cities with additional tsunamis if the government of Japan speaks a word of what went on, there should be no reason for Japan to go along with this other than a continued threat.

Is it not interesting this "quake" reportedly happened at the bottom of the Japan trench, which would be perfect for hiding an atomic bomb blast?

I decline to comment on this. Other forums are picking up on this, but not from our point of view of the non existence of nukes.

Israel’s main strategy has been to smuggle nuclear weapons into sensitive areas of nations under the disguise of security contracts. These security contracts use "proprietary" equipment that is maintained only by Israelis.

Sadly, their only affordable option allowed them to screw the world
What if Israel came up with a way to smuggle nuclear weapons into the most sensitive areas of all the developed nations – areas where if anything big goes BOOM all is lost? Could there be a clandestine reason for the supposed shortage of Helium 3, which is needed in the type of radiation detectors required to detect a nuclear weapon? You can block protons, but neutrons are difficult to shield entirely, and you can forget about neutrinos – you can’t hide a nuke from the right detector, one which uses helium 3 in it’s detector element. Why did America and all other nations somehow run out of Helium 3 a few years ago, which simultaneously left their borders open to nuclear weapons smuggling? Coincidence? I think not. ... jim-stone/


Hey, there's one of our favorite photos.

Using a faked nuclear blast as a standard to judge another blast as nuclear.

BBC Transcript of "Israel’s Secret Weapon" 11 March and again 29 June 2003 [NB Youtbe has copies of this TV program - Rerev]

Israel declared over the weekend that it is cutting off ties with the BBC [Note: obviously this is bullshit. Everything here is verbatim from the BBC; be warned that nothing can be expected to be true! - Rerev] to protest a repeat broadcast of a documentary about non-conventional weapons said to be in Israel. The program was broadcast for the first time in March in Britain, and was rerun Saturday on a BBC channel that is aired all over the world. The boycott decision was made by Israel’s public relations forum, made up of representatives from the Prime Minister’s Office, the Foreign Ministry and the Government Press Office. It was decided that government offices won’t assist BBC producers and reporters, that Israeli officials will not give interviews to the British network, and that the Government Press Office will make it difficult for BBC employees to get press cards and work visas in Israel. Before the broadcast Saturday, Israeli officials tried to pressure the BBC to cancel the broadcast, saying that the program was biased and presented Israel as an evil dictatorship. Here is a complete transcript of the program.

Tx Date: 17th March 2003
This script was made from audio tape - any inaccuracies are due to voices being unclear or inaudible

00.00.01 Correspondent Theme Music
00.00.11 Music

00.00.11 Graphic: Which country in the Middle East has undeclared Nuclear weapons?

00.00.16 Graphic: Which country in the Middle East has undeclared biological and chemical capabilities?

00.00.21 Graphic: Which country in the Middle East has no outside inspections?

00.00.26 Graphic: Which country jailed its nuclear whistleblower for 18 years?

00.00.31 Title page: ISRAEL’S SECRET WEAPON

00.00.36 Music 00.00.42 St

Paul, Minnesota

Olenka Frenkiel: Meet the Eoloffs. Five years ago they adopted a man they’d never met who writes to them from a prison cell in Israel.
00.00.55 Actor’s voice
00.00.55 Voiceover: My dearest Nick and Mary, I am very glad to hear from you so soon. About the next parole hearing I don’t know what will happen. We’ve passed a long time in a very bad cruel condition.

00.01.07 Voiceover: We will see what the U.S. is going to do with Iraq, if they’ll go to war.
00.01.13 Olenka Frenkiel: The man they adopted is Mordechai Vanunu, jailed as a traitor. He spent eleven years in solitary confinement.

00.01.21 Mary Eoloff: He was buried alive. He was shut up in a six by nine-foot cell with no windows so he couldn’t see outside. Even when he exercised there was a canvas around him when he was out walking.
00.01.32 Nick Eoloff: He has spent more time in isolation in a prison in the western world than any other human being. It was that bad. His condition was that bad. And that was what really moved us to adopt him. How can a country treat a human being that way?

00.01.52 Olenka Frenkiel: Vanunu moved to Israel as a child with his family from Morocco. He served in the Israeli army, studied philosophy, and found work at Dimona.

00.02.07 Olenka Frenkiel: This mysterious complex in the Negev desert employed thousands of people all sworn to secrecy. For years Israel called it a textile factory, never admitting its true purpose; making plutonium for bombs.

00.02.26 Olenka Frenkiel: Vanunu’s dissent over government policies was noted. He was given a warning and decided to leave.

00.02.35 Olenka
Frenkiel: But not without the evidence which would change history. Today his are still the only photographs ever seen of the inside of Israel’s nuclear bomb factory.

00.02.55 Olenka Frenkiel: It’s 16 years since Sunday Times journalist Peter Hounam heard rumours that an Israeli whistleblower was offering proof of what the world had long suspected.

00.03.05 PETER HOUNAM, Freelance Journalist: Here was someone who said he’d worked right inside the plutonium separation plant helping to fabricate atomic weapons; who had taken photographs of the machinery and who had lots of information about how much material was being processed, and so on.

00.03.21 Peter Hounam: Therefore he was potentially going to be able to provide incontrovertible evidence that Israel had a very advanced programme.

00.03.31 Olenka Frenkiel: Hounam flew to meet Vanunu, who was now a Christian living in Australia.

00.03.36 Olenka Frenkiel: He was brought to England. He was hidden in a country hotel and smuggled into the paper’s offices in the boot of the car while they checked his story.

00.03.45 Olenka Frenkiel: But Israeli intelligence agents caught here on Wapping’s security cameras were onto him. They were waiting to strike.

00.03.58 Olenka Frenkiel: It took weeks for The Sunday Times to go to press with their scoop. When they finally did on Oct 5th 1986 Vanunu had vanished.

00.04.10 Reconstruction

00.04.14 Olenka Frenkiel: He’d met an American woman in Leicester Square who seemed to like him. He was vulnerable and afraid.

00.04.23 Olenka Frenkiel: When she suggested he’d be safer with her in Rome, he fell for it. It was a classic honey trap.

00.04.39 Olenka Frenkiel: Once in Rome the full weight of Israel’s wrath kicked in. Vanunu was overpowered, assaulted and drugged.

00.04.56 Olenka Frenkiel: He’d been kidnapped and smuggled back to Israel by boat, unconscious. For weeks no one knew where he was.

00.05.09 Olenka Frenkiel: Eventually the Israelis brought Vanunu to court for a secret trial. They now admitted they had him but still no one knew how he’d got there.

00.05.19 Olenka Frenkiel: His kidnap - an illegal act on foreign soil - was kept secret. Somehow Vanunu found a pen and solved the mystery for the waiting press.

00.05.31 Olenka Frenkiel: Hijacked in Rome thirtieth of September 1986.

00.05.38 Olenka Frenkiel: It was Shimon Peres, then Prime Minister, who had ordered Vanunu’s capture. To this day the kidnap remains an official state secret. Peres was the father of Israel’s secret nuclear programme and for him Vanunu was a spy.

00.05.52 Shimon Peres: He was a traitor to this country.

00.05.56 Olenka Frenkiel: So what was your reaction?

00.05.57 Shimon Peres: Very negative.

00.05.58 Olenka Frenkiel: What did you do?

00.06.00 Shimon Peres: What I thought should be done.

00.06.01 Olenka Frenkiel: Which was what?

00.06.03 Shimon Peres: To put him to trial.

00.06.06 Olenka Frenkiel: Kidnap him?

00.06.08 SHIMON PERES, Former Prime Minister: My lady, I can’t go into all the processes. I am unwilling. I don’t see any reason to do so. The fact is that he was brought to trial.

00.06.22 Olenka Frenkiel: Vanunu’s trial was held in secret. He was found guilty of treason and espionage and sentenced to eighteen years in jail.

00.06.41 AVIGDOR FELDMAN, Mordechai Vanunu’s lawyer: Vanunu was treated this way out of revenge out of a way to deter others and because actually he was the person who broke the taboo of the secrecy in Israeli society, a very strong and influencing taboo in a very closed society more like a tribe.

00.07.05 Olenka Frenkiel: Mordechai Vanunu started his sentence on the twenty seventh of March 1988. Few tears were shed. For most Israelis he was more than a traitor. He had rejected Judaism.

00.07.18 Olenka Frenkiel: His parents declared him dead. And the world forgot about Israel’s nuclear whistleblower. But the truth was out.

00.07.27 Peter Hounam: Vanunu told the world that Israel had developed between one hundred and two hundred atomic bombs and had gone on to develop neutron bombs and thermonuclear weapons. Enough to destroy the entire Middle East and nobody has done anything about it since.

00.07.45 Olenka Frenkiel: Today, proliferation experts report Israel has the world’s sixth largest nuclear arsenal with small tactical nuclear weapons, nuclear landmines as well as medium range nuclear missiles launchable from air, land or sea.

00.08.00 Olenka Frenkiel: It’s thought plutonium is made in Dimona; nuclear weapons are assembled at Yodefat and stored at Zachariah and Eilabun. Three nuclear submarines are based in Haifa and Israel’s biological and chemical warfare laboratories are at Nes Ziona.

00.08.16 Olenka Frenkiel: Israel never comments on such reports.

00.08.20 Olenka Frenkiel: But evidence continues to emerge. In 1992 an Israeli cargo plane crashed in Amsterdam killing forty-three people.

00.08.28 Olenka Frenkiel: The Israelis claimed it was carrying flowers and perfume. It took six years and a Dutch parliamentary enquiry before they admitted it was carrying DMMP, a key component for sarin nerve gas.

00.08.42 Olenka Frenkiel: The DMMP was bound for The Israeli Institute of Biological Research at Nes Ziona, one of Israel’s most secret defence sites. It is subject to no international inspection and reporting of its activities in Israel is prevented by strict military censorship.

00.09.08 Olenka Frenkiel: As war has loomed closer small signs of dissent have appeared on the suburban streets of Middle America. Nick and Mary Eoloff have been peace campaigners since the Vietnam War and the draft.

00.09.20 Mary Eoloff: The definition of a conscientious objector is someone who sincerely objects to participation in all forms of war. There are two words that are extremely important in that definition: "sincere" and "all".

00.09.37 Olenka Frenkiel: Fear that the draft may return has lead a new generation to the local church hall to hear how, if they’re called up to fight, they can claim their right to say no.

00.09.50 Olenka Frenkiel: For the Eoloffs, Mordechai Vanunu is the ultimate conscientious objector. When they first visited him in 1997 it was his eleventh year in solitary confinement.

00.10.03 MARY & NICK EOLOFF, Mordechai Vanunu’s adoptive parents: And we waited and they brought him in and he looked like an old man. I didn’t anticipate that. And he came up to us and he put his fingers through the bars through the cage, because it was a steel cage. We were crying. We felt so awful to see him like this.

00.10.33 Olenka Frenkiel: Vanunu writes regularly. It is the only communication he is allowed with the outside world. But his letters take months to arrive and are always censored.

00.10.46 Mary Eoloff: He says, don’t feel so bad, we can bear another year.

00.10.50 Nick Eoloff: My, what courage!

00.10.54 Mary Eoloff: The early letters that we got were totally cut out. This isn’t even an example because they were cut out more than that, this. They use a highlighter and then they bring it to Mordechai, and he has to cut out the things they’ve highlighted.

00.11.11 Mary Eoloff: One time, he said they weren’t paying attention. And so he just put the pieces in the envelope and we got them, because we said, you know, we got the pieces, and they’re really not even significant. I think it’s control, total control.

00.11.30 Music

00.11.34 Olenka Frenkiel: Today Jerusalem is a ghost town, drained of life. Israel’s nuclear weapons have proved useless in its latest war. The suicide bombers have frightened the tourists away. The economy has collapsed.

00.11.51 Olenka Frenkiel: Israelis have learnt to live with war. Every citizen gets a gas mask, is taught how to use it and is expected to have it ready in case of attack.

00.12.13 Olenka Frenkiel: Nuclear weapons are seen as a justifiable deterrent by most Israelis, who feel besieged by enemies.

00.12.21 Olenka Frenkiel: Forty years ago Uzi Even, then a young scientist at Dimona was in at the start of Israel’s bomb.

00.12.28 Professor UZI EVEN, Dimona scientist, 1962-68: We were a very small country, and we were surrounded by much much larger, more populous states on borders that are almost impossible to defend. The holocaust was very much in our memory at that time, and we all realised that we have to do something to prevent the same scenario from happening again.

00.12.51 Uzi Even: So we were a young crew, most of us very young, very enthusiastic, working on something we believed is essential for our existence, like building the final insurance policy that we will not be attacked or terminated.

00.13.15 Olenka Frenkiel: It was the young Shimon Peres, back in the fifties who negotiated a secret deal with the French to buy a nuclear weapons reactor like theirs.

00.13.24 Olenka Frenkiel: But while Dimona was going up, intelligence reports reached Washington that Israel was building an atom bomb.

00.13.30 Olenka Frenkiel: Despite claims that Dimona was for peaceful purposes only, Israel’s leader Ben Gurion was summoned to Washington. President Kennedy feared an arms race in the Middle East and demanded inspections.

00.13.45 Olenka Frenkiel: But when inspectors finally entered the plant in May 1961 they were tricked. They were shown a fake control room on the ground floor. They were unaware of the six floors below where the plutonium was made.

00.14.00 PETER HOUNAM, Freelance journalist: Well this was something of great pride and almost a legendary story in Dimona, according to Vanunu. When the Americans came they were completely hoodwinked.

00.14.11 Peter Hounam: All the entrances including the lift shafts were bricked up and plastered over so it was impossible for anyone to find their way down to the lower floors.

00.14.24 Olenka Frenkiel: After Kennedy’s assassination the pressure on Israel was off. His successor Lyndon Johnson turned a blind eye.

00.14.33 Olenka Frenkiel: Then In 1969 Israel’s Golda Meir and President Richard Nixon struck a deal, renewed by every President to this day. Israel’s nuclear programme could continue as long as it was never made public. It’s called nuclear ambiguity.

00.14.48 Olenka Frenkiel: The term nuclear ambiguity, in some ways it sounds very grand. But isn’t just a euphemism for deception?

00.14.58 SHIMON PERES, Former Prime Minister: If somebody wants to kill you, and you use a deception to save your life it is not immoral. If we wouldn’t have enemies we wouldn’t need deceptions. We wouldn’t need deterrent.

00.15.12 Olenka Frenkiel: Was this the justification for concealing the floors of the plutonium reprocessing areas from the Americans, the inspectors, when they came?

00.15.23 Shimon Peres: You are having a dialogue with yourself, not with me.

00.15.27 Olenka Frenkiel: But that’s been documented in a number of books.

00.15.30 Shimon Peres: Ask the question to yourself, not to me.

00.15.32 Olenka Frenkiel: I mean, Is it not true?

00.15.35 Shimon Peres: I don’t have to answer your questions even. I don’t see any reason why.

00.15.43 Olenka Frenkiel: Ambiguity is a luxury unique to Israel. Today the country’s an inspection-free zone, protected from scrutiny by America and her allies.

00.15.56 Ronen Bergman: This is the place where Vanunu identified as the separation plant, built mostly underground. And this is the silver dome of the Dimona nuclear reactor.

00.16.11 Olenka Frenkiel: Ronen Bergman is an Israeli journalist specialising in security and defence.

00.16.17 Ronen Bergman: This picture was taken by one of the best commercial satellites available called Ikonos, and Ikonos is capable of taking pictures up to a resolution of one metre.

00.16.30 RONEN BERGMAN, Journalist, "Yediot Ahronot": However due to the demand of Israel the American Congress ruled a new amendment to the law that forbids American satellites to sell anything of Israeli sites that is better than two metres, meaning the Ikonos is taking imagery of Israel. Then they change the imagery to the resolution of two metres.

00.16.52 Olenka Frenkiel: Worse, less clear?

00.16.53 Ronen Bergman: Much much less clear.

00.16.55 Olenka Frenkiel: And that was a ruling in the United States that’s specifically for Israel, not for other countries.

00.17.00 Ronen Bergman: Only to Israel.

00.17.03 Olenka Frenkiel: Last November there were signs of a softening towards Vanunu. The authorities allowed pictures to be taken at his parole hearing. Parole itself has always been refused. Vanunu still has secrets, the prosecutor claims, that could harm Israel. It’s an argument his lawyer will have to fight at the next hearing.

00.17.22 Olenka Frenkiel: Will the court hear the secret that they claim Vanunu holds?

00.17.27 AVIGDOR FELDMAN, Mordechai Vanunu’s lawyer: They will hear some of the secrets, not the real secrets. They will hear secrets about the secrets.

00.17.34 Olenka Frenkiel: And you too, as his lawyer, will hear those?

00.17.37 Avigdor Feldman: Part of it. Less that the court. The court will hear the secrets about the secrets. I may hear the secrets about the secrets about the secrets.

00.17.47 Olenka Frenkiel: Is that really the case, or is that a sort of ironic...?

00.17.50 Avigdor Feldman: No, it’s really the case. I will be given some type of general description of the secrets. The court will get something more concrete and the secrets themselves will be never released to anybody, they exist at all.

00.18.14 Olenka Frenkiel: Nick and Mary Eoloff have arrived in Israel. They hope to visit Vanunu in prison but they haven’t yet got permission.

00.18.28 Mary Eoloff: Oh gosh, any news?

00.18.31 Rayna Moss: Not yet. Not good news. Not yet.

00.18.33 Olenka Frenkiel: Rayna Moss is one of a small group of Israelis campaigning for Vanunu’s release. She’s been hassling the prison authorities for weeks to get Nick and Mary the necessary permissions.

00.18.46 Rayna Moss: What she says now is that they have approval from one authority but she’s waiting for approval from a second authority.

00.18.54 Nick Eoloff: Do they clearly understand our time limitation that we’re due to be leaving on Friday?

00.18.53 Rayna Moss: Oh absolutely. I made that absolutely clear to them. I said that you’re leaving on Friday, that you’ve already been here for a couple of days.

00.19.06 Mary Eoloff: Well I appreciate you making all these calls, Rayna.

00.19.08 Mary Eoloff: Oh it’s nothing. I don’t mind. I just wish I had good news for you.

00.19.16 Olenka Frenkiel: Forty-year-old reactors are usually shut down, but Dimona grinds on. Dimona is under the control of the Prime Minister, beyond the reach of Parliament or public scrutiny.

00.19.32 Olenka Frenkiel: And that worries the scientist who once worked there so optimistically.

00.19.37 UZI EVEN, Dimona scientist, 1962-68: As the reactor gets older the tendency to have accidents becomes more probable. You should have an outside watchdog and the secrecy more or less created an ex- territorial area in Israel where standard procedures of safety monitoring is not implemented.

00.19.58 Uzi Even: So, worker safety, environmental questions, industrial safety procedures, all are not covered and there are thousands of people working there.

00.20.25 Olenka Frenkiel: But the secrets of this old reactor are beginning to leak.

00.20.34 Olenka Frenkiel: Evidence has seeped out of accidents, lies and deceit.

00.20.43 Olenka Frenkiel: In 1996 the press heard rumours of a radioactive hotspot in the desert. The Environment Minister took them to watch him test the site with a Geiger counter. They weren’t allowed to bring their own, one journalist told me.

00.21.00 Olenka Frenkiel: The Minister proclaimed the site clean. The readings for radioactivity, his instrument showed, were below normal.

00.21.06 Olenka Frenkiel: But journalists weren’t happy.

00.21.09 Journalist, Subtitles: What worries us is the disposal of the waste. Can you please tell us where it is buried?

00.21.21 YOSSI SARID, Environment Minister, 1992-96, Subtitles: In a good place. I am being honest with you... I would lose my job if I told you where the nuclear waste is buried. The Prime Minister considers this information to be classified.

00.21.46 Olenka Frenkiel: But on Israeli television last year, a groundbreaking documentary alleged it was a cover-up.

00.21.57 Olenka Frenkiel: Ariel Spieler, a holocaust survivor and a loyal Dimona worker for 27 years, described how he had been told to prepare the site for the Minister’s visit by removing contaminated waste from a deep crater.

00.22.11 Olenka Frenkiel: He said he’d replaced it with fresh soil and planted trees to cover the hole as though it had never happened. Then he said they brought the minister and the press to prove that everything was okay.

00.22.24 Olenka Frenkiel: Five Dimona workers appeared on the programme. They’d given their lives for Dimona, they said, and now they felt betrayed.

00.22.32 Olenka Frenkiel: They broke no secrets. Only the code of silence.

00.22.36 Olenka Frenkiel: They said they’d worked with uranium. There were fires, spills, and explosions of toxic gas.

00.22.44 Olenka Frenkiel: Now they were sick, they said, the plant didn’t want to know. The management was denying they’d worked with radioactive materials, and because they were bound to secrecy they couldn’t fight for their rights.

00.23.01 Olenka Frenkiel: The programme listed more than a hundred Dimona workers who’d developed cancer and whose claims were being ignored.

00.23.08 Olenka Frenkiel: A doctor and two lawyers backed their story.

00.23.18 Olenka Frenkiel: It was the first time Dimona workers had spoken out.

00.23.26 Olenka Frenkiel: I want to talk to Ariel Spieler. He’s suffering from cancer and in the last few years he’s seen a number of his friends and colleagues who worked there with him die of the disease.

00.23.35 Olenka Frenkiel: He’s been fighting for compensation for their families, for their widows, and I know he’d really like to talk to us about this.

00.23.41 Olenka Frenkiel: He’s told me he wishes he could, but he’s also told me he’s been warned off. He’s been told not to talk. I’m going to go and see him and see if he’ll change his mind.

00.23.59 Secret filming

00.23.59 Olenka Frenkiel: I just wanted to ask you, you know, why you can’t?

00.24.04 Ariel Spieler, Subtitles: The Secret Service silenced me. They’ve silenced me completely. They told me not to say one word. What can I do? What can I do?

00.24.18 Ariel Spieler, Subtitles: They told me; "You’ll end up like Vanunu". How long has he been in prison? 15 years? Do you want me to go to jail? I really wanted to talk. I asked the others but they refused. Nobody wants to talk.

00.24.50 Olenka Frenkiel: It was time to try the others: The doctors, the relatives, the lawyers.

00.24.58 Voice One: Hello?

00.24.59 Olenka Frenkiel: Hello. I just wanted to ask if there would be any possibility of doing an interview with you about the cancer victims and about their case?

00.25.07 Voice One: I’m really reluctant to be interviewed publicly on the media over the story overseas. It’s just not appropriate.

00.25.13 Olenka Frenkiel: But why is it so sensitive?

00.25.21 Voice One: Come on now. Any discussion of nuclear issues is sensitive.

00.25.30 Voice Two: I talked to my family. I don’t want to participate in this. I don’t think it’s the right thing to do.

00.25.37 Olenka Frenkiel: Nobody is prepared to talk about it.

00.25.45 Voice Three: There are things that it’s not good to talk about, even if you’re a lawyer.

00.25.54 Olenka Frenkiel: Are you worried about a sort of Vanunu scenario?

00.25.58 Voice Three: Of course! You think about it.

00.26.03 Olenka Frenkiel: I just don’t get it. If this was the Soviet Union or Iraq or North Korea I’d understand why people are so scared to talk.

00.26.11 Olenka Frenkiel: But this is Israel. This is supposed to be a democracy.

00.26.22 Olenka Frenkiel: In Israel today, an invisible power enforces the code of silence - through fear. It comes from one man, whose own identity was itself a secret until two years ago, Yehiyel Horev.

00.26.39 RONEN BERGMAN, Journalist, "Yediot Ahronot": Horev is the smartest, most brilliant official figure in the sense of getting power. He took some kind of very small office and made it the fourth intelligence agency in Israel, with no law, no real scrutiny and monitoring by the Israeli Parliament.

00.27.05 Ronen Bergman: In this sense he is a grave danger to Israeli democracy.

00.27.11 Olenka Frenkiel: For sixteen years Horev has been the faceless guardian of Israel’s secrets. His picture has never been published unmasked till now.

00.27.24 Olenka Frenkiel: It’s Horev from his office at the Ministry of Defence who is blocking Vanunu’s early release.

00.27.35 Olenka Frenkiel: But next year Vanunu’s sentence is up. So Horev found a new Vanunu, Brigadier-General Yitzhak Yaakov, known to his friends as Yatsa. In his retirement he wrote a fictionalised memoir and talked on camera about his life.

00.27.54 Olenka Frenkiel: A distinguished soldier and scientist, Yaakov had for years led Israel’s top-secret weapons development programme.

00.28.02 Olenka Frenkiel: So eminent was he, he was a candidate for the prestigious Israel Prize.

00.28.07 Olenka Frenkiel: But when he told his life story to a journalist, he broke the rules.

00.28.13 Olenka Frenkiel: The journalist was Ronen Bergman. He showed his article, as all Israelis must, to the censor.

00.28.19 Olenka Frenkiel: It went straight to Horev - who sent in the heavies.

00.28.23 Ronen Bergman: They were deadly deadly serious. My phones were bugged. I was followed by Israeli Secret Service, Yaakov was followed by Israeli Secret Service, and the whole system was surrounding us and following us and stalking us.

00.28.43 Olenka Frenkiel: Yaakov went from hero to zero. He was arrested secretly and charged with treason. He spent two years fighting Horev. Two years of jail, heart disease, bankruptcy and house arrest ended in public disgrace.

00.29.01 Olenka Frenkiel: He was spared prison, but the court found him guilty of betraying Israel’s secrets.

00.29.08 Ronen Bergman: Horev was afraid that veterans of the Israeli army, the Israeli intelligence, the Israeli nuclear effort, would try to maintain their footprint in the history of Israel and tell their story.

00.29.26 Ronen Bergman: And he wanted to frighten them. In this sense he was successful.

00.29.33 Olenka Frenkiel: Do you think that there is too much secrecy? The power of somebody like Horev to destroy the life of an individual like this Brigadier-General Yaakov, for example. The man’s life had been destroyed and he’d been a very loyal Israeli all his life.

00.29.51 SHIMON PERES, Former Prime Minister: It happens unfortunately in life, of false accusations, and some innocent people are paying the high cost.

00.29.59 Shimon Peres: I cannot see how can it be avoidable.

00.30.04 Olenka Frenkiel: Israel’s parliament had never debated Dimona or nuclear weapons, until one MP three years ago forced them onto the agenda for the first time.

00.30.14 Olenka Frenkiel: Issam Makhoul an Israeli Arab broken the taboo - to the outrage of his colleagues.

00.30.21 Issam Makhoul, Subtitles: Vanunu is not the problem. The problem is the Israeli government’s policy. A policy that’s turned a small territory into a poisonous nuclear waste bin... which could make us all disappear into a nuclear cloud.

00.30.40 Olenka Frenkiel: These words uttered in the heart of Israel’s democracy were seen by his fellow MPs as a sacrilege.

00.30.48 Issam Makhoul, Subtitles: The entire world knows that Israel is a vast nuclear, biological... and chemical warehouse that is used as an anchor... for the nuclear arms race in the middle east.

00.31.04 Olenka Frenkiel: He wasn’t allowed to finish his speech, but he had made his point.

00.31.16 Olenka Frenkiel: But in his constituency during the recent election campaign it was a different story. Here his audience are - like him - Israeli Arabs.

00.31.23 Issam Makhoul, Subtitles: Why are the Americans looking for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? I can tell them where there are weapons of mass destruction... including nuclear weapons.

00.31.40 Issam Makhoul, Subtitles: They are in Dimona, in Haifa Bay in the Eilabun mountain... and in the area of Sakneen, Yolfhata. Let them send their inspectors to me... and I will lead them by the hand and show them.

00.32.00 Olenka Frenkiel: There is a cry going up which is talking about a double standard. The world has to check Iraq’s nuclear installations but not Israel’s.

00.32.08 Shimon Peres: How can you compare it? Iraq is a dictatorship. Saddam Hussein is a killer. He killed a hundred thousand Kurds with gas bombs. How can you compare that at all?

00.32.23 Shimon Peres: Just because he calls himself a state? He’s not a state - he’s a Mafia. He’s not a leader - he’s a killer. You cannot say that about us.

00.32.34 Olenka Frenkiel: But even in Israel some do. The current Prime Minister Ariel Sharon directed the invasion of Lebanon in 1982. Thousands of innocent civilians were killed.

00.32.49 Olenka Frenkiel: The worst excesses were in the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila, for which an Israeli enquiry held Sharon personally responsible. In Belgium there are plans to prosecute him for alleged war crimes.

00.33.09 Olenka Frenkiel: While Sharon has been Prime Minister seven hundred Israelis have been killed. But more than two thousand Palestinians have died in attacks by Israeli soldiers.

00.33.21 Olenka Frenkiel: The Israeli army has used new unidentified weapons. In February 2001, a new gas was used in Gaza. A hundred and eighty patients were admitted to hospitals with severe convulsions.

00.33.41 Voiceover: The Israelis say this is tear gas. But this is not tear gas. We have never seen this gas before. We need some medicine for treatment. But it must be the right medicine.

00.33.56 Dr MOHAMMED SALAMA, Director, Palestinian Health Ministry: We asked, what kind of gas? But nobody verified for us the type of gas to give the antidote at that moment. Also we don’t know how to check, how to examine, how to send this. We are in occupied area. We are surrounded. It is impossible to send these samples to international lab to test.

00.34.27 Olenka Frenkiel: Israel is outside chemical and biological weapons treaties and still refuses to say what the new gas was.

00.34.44 Olenka Frenkiel: The Eoloffs have still not heard from the prison. Their flight home is tomorrow night and they worry they may have to leave without seeing their adopted son.

00.34.56 Olenka Frenkiel: Today they are having lunch with a small group of activists who for sixteen years have fought in vain for Vanunu’s release.

00.35.03 First Israeli activist: They pressurise Iraq about nuclear weapons. What about Israel and nuclear weapons?

00.35.07 Second Israeli activist: Imagine for one moment that Mordechai Vanunu was not an Israeli, that the whole story had happened with a Korean or an Iranian or a Pakistani technician, he would have had the Nobel Peace Prize. He would have been the second Sakharov.

00.35.23 Second Israeli activist: Instead he is a non-person in the West. This tells you what we are dealing with. We’re dealing with the number one privileged state on earth.

00.35.34 Third Israeli activist: Counter to the Israeli argument that the whole world is against us, it is the exact opposite. We started the nuclear race in the Middle East. There is no doubt about it.

00.35.53 Third Israeli activist: And there is not even one important state in the Western Hemisphere who is dealing with it seriously.

00.36.00 Rayna Moss: You can talk all we want. We can sit until tomorrow morning and discuss Israel’s nuclear policy. We can discuss whatever we want. It’s the people who work in those areas, with weapons of mass destruction, the environment, Dimona itself, all these research places.

00.36.16 Rayna Moss: Vanunu is a living warning to them. This is what will happen to you if you speak out. You’ll be Vanunu-nised. That’s the warning. You will spend ten years in solitary confinement.

00.36.28 Rayna Moss: You will be cut off from all your family. You will be cut off from everyone who knows you. You will be this prisoner without a number and without a name. That’s what will happen to you if you speak out.

00.36.41 Olenka Frenkiel: It’s the prison on the phone.

00.36.47 Mary Eoloff: Hello? Oh how marvellous! What time? Well, if we come at eleven, can we have an hour and a half? Okay. Thank you so much. Okay. Bye.

00.37.06 Olenka Frenkiel: On their last day the Eoloffs get their visit. After an hour and a half they emerge with a message.

00.37.16 Mary Eoloff: It’s just wonderful. We’re so excited we don’t know what to think. All right, you talk.

00.37.21 Nick Eoloff: It was a marvellous experience. It was the first time we’ve seen him so high and just anxious to talk about what’s going on in his life and what he’s looking forward to. Especially the anticipation of getting out.

00.37.33 Nick Eoloff: He’s just strong. That was his final word: "Let them know that I’m strong and anxious to get out of here, out of Israel and just start life all over again". And he was just beaming.

00.37.45 Mary Eoloff: And he said the message to world is the message to the world is that I have forgotten the last sixteen years. I’m looking towards the future. I believe in a future of non- violence.

00.37.56 Olenka Frenkiel: So did he say that he’d do it all again?

00.37.58 Mary Eoloff: You know, he did. He said, of course I would. Isn’t that incredible?

00.38.12 Olenka Frenkiel: The Eoloffs have gone, and Vanunu is again up for parole. But as usual everything, even the location of the parole hearing, is secret.

00.38.22 Secret filming
00.38.22 Olenka Frenkiel: Apart from me and Peter Hounam, who has come from London, there are no other journalists here.

00.38.27 Peter Hounam: Mordechai Vanunu? Mordechai Vanunu? Is he in there?

00.38.34 Olenka Frenkiel: Mordechai Vanunu is in there? Is that where the case is being held?

00.38.40 PETER HOUNAM, Freelance journalist: He is the most sensitive prisoner that this country has got, and whenever he comes here they block off the windows of his van if they can, or they, in the early days they used to put a crash helmet over him so people couldn’t see him.

00.38.54 Peter Hounam: At one point they even had an electronic device that emitted a screeching signal so people couldn’t hear him speak.

00.39.02 Olenka Frenkiel: And yet you and I are the only journalists here. The most sensitive prisoner Israel has got, and there’s not a single member of the press here apart from you. Why do you keep coming?

00.39.10 Peter Hounam: I keep coming because he’s in there because he spoke to me and we published his story on the Sunday Times in 1986, and I feel a sense of responsibility that we should be helping him get out.

00.39.23 Olenka Frenkiel: Three hours later the hearing ended. As usual Vanunu left behind darkened windows. In court Horev’s prosecutor had cited the war with Iraq as a new reason for blocking parole.

00.39.38 AVIGDOR FELDMAN, Mordechai Vanunu’s lawyer: The prosecutor of course went back to the old argument that Vanunu is a threat to security and she even said that if Vanunu will be released, probably the Americans would leave Iraq and go after Israel and Israel’s nuclear weapons, which I found extremely ridiculous.

00.40.11 Olenka Frenkiel: Minnesota, the Peace Bridge and a weekly ritual. Every Wednesday hundreds protest against the war.

00.40.22 Olenka Frenkiel: Mary is there. So of course is Nick. Every week the numbers grow. There is a new generation of peaceniks who were children when Israel’s nuclear weapons were exposed.

00.40.38 Olenka Frenkiel: Have any of you guys heard of Mordechai Vanunu?

00.40.42 Protesters: No.

00.40.43 Olenka Frenkiel: You don’t know who he is.

00.40.47 Olenka Frenkiel: And if I tell you that he’s somebody who exposed Israel’s weapons of mass destruction, which nobody knew about until then, what would you say?

00.40.56 Protester: One Why is our media that’s supposed to be free and open not telling us and why is our government not letting us know this information if we’re living in the home of the free?

00.41.06 Protester Two: I think if our administration was consistent or had any integrity, then he would be held as a hero.

00.41.14 President George W. Bush: We’re going to work with the members of the Security Council in the days ahead to make it clear to Saddam that the demands of the world and the United Nations will be enforced.

00.41.26 Olenka Frenkiel: In Washington, which gives Israel more than three billion dollars a year, the talk is only of Iraq. For weeks we’ve tried to get an interview about Israel’s weapons of mass destruction, but no one in this Bush administration wants to talk about Israel.

00.41.41 Olenka Frenkiel: So we’ve asked for an interview about the military balance of power in the Middle East. And now they’ve agreed.

00.41.43 Olenka Frenkiel: This morning we’ve finally been told that we’re going to have an interviewee. He’s an expert in all matters Israeli. He’s an Under Secretary of Defense, and his name is Douglas Feith.

00.42.04 Olenka Frenkiel: The Pentagon has demanded a list of questions in advance. So, it’s "The balance of power", "Israel’s nuclear ambiguity", "Allegations of a double standard" and "Mordechai Vanunu".

00.42.16 President George W. Bush: The gravest danger facing America and the world is outlaw regimes that seek and possess nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

00.42.35 Olenka Frenkiel: Yet again the shutters have come down on this story. Our interview with Under Secretary for Defense Douglas Feith was scheduled for four o’clock somewhere in this vast complex of the Pentagon behind me. Yet at the last minute we’ve heard the interview is cancelled.

00.42.50 Olenka Frenkiel: Questions about Israel, it appears, are strictly off-limits.

00.42.56 Olenka Frenkiel: We’d received this e-mail from the Pentagon.

00.43.00 Voiceover: Subtitles. Ladies: We showed Mr Feith the list of topics for the BBC interview. He is not willing to answer any of the questions you listed... Respectfully request you resubmit your questions as soon as possible this morning. Questions directed towards the current Iraqi situation.

00.43.17 Olenka Frenkiel: On February nineteenth Vanunu was again refused parole. He remains in Ashkelon prison.

00.43.30 Olenka Frenkiel: Horev has let it be known he intends never to let Mordechai Vanunu leave Israel.

00.43.36 End music
00.43.46 Olenka Frenkiel: You can comment on tonight’s programme by visiting our web site at:

00.43.46 Credits:

Dubbing Mixer CLIFF JONES
Graphic Design STEVE ENGLAND
Production Manager JANE WILLEY
Film Research NICK DODD
Historical Research AVNER COHEN
Yitzhak Yaakov photos YEDIOT AHRONOT
Produced & Directed by GISELLE PORTENIER
Deputy Editor DAVID BELTON

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