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U.S. War Crimes in Vietnam

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US Torture

My article is based around the work of Bertrand Russell (1872-1970), whose last years, from 1962, were blighted by this war. This is a revisionist piece, drawing attention to the part played by Jews, behind the scenes. The items are roughly in date order, and highlight the way Russell became aware of the issues. However, it has to be said uncompromisingly that he was entirely taken in by the nuclear weapons fraud and by other aspects of Jewish corruption, including the 'Holocaust' fraud, control over the media, Lyndon Johnson's Jewish agenda including anti-white immigration, the Kennedy murder and paper money, and the use of Americans as 'useful idiots' and homicidal thugs.

Russell was a dupe of Jews all his life, as this piece explains in detail. | Bertrand Russell's last public writing On American Violence
History of the buildup to the Vietnam War.   Forum discussion with a long magisterial essay by Russell on the history of the Vietnam and the Vietnam War, including of course French and Japanese invasions. The American invasions are generally dated from about the time of the battle of Dien Bien Phu (1954).

The essays in War Crimes in Vietnam were published, at first, in rather obscure American publications, mostly by Jewish fake radicals, and passed largely unnoticed until published as a collection in 1967, which was about the time the Bertrand Russell War Crimes Tribunal was announced. Russell dates his involvement from 1962, from his reading of the Jewish-owned New York Times. (There are long detailed and very saddening accounts on Vietnam, and the reactions to his work, in the final chapter of his autobiography, The Foundation, in Volume 3).

First chapter of Russell's War Crimes in Vietnam The New York Times and its deliberate lies about Vietnam. These letters were not published by the Jew York Times as it's often wittily known..
Chapter 2 War and Atrocity in Vietnam—cancer and deformity-inducing chemicals, 'strategic hamlets', killing of food, forced prostitution.
Appendix: eye witness accounts of effects of bombing and American action
Bertrand Russell Vietnam War Crimes Tribunal (two sessions, in 1967). Looking back, Russell was 'controlled'—there was no 'cui bono' investigation of war profits, or of Jewish involvement in the genocide. Most Jews involved were far more interested in Palestine, where there was war at the time, itself supported by the Jew (or perhaps crypto-Jew) Lyndon Johnson who wanted the attack on the Liberty to provoke US war against Egypt. This file is book-length (approx 1 MB) with internal links.
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Two to six years later. Some articles published by the 'Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation'. These people were more or less Jewish 'Trotskyites'; naturally Russell's vision was diluted or lost.
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James Hildreth, a pilot on genocide by Americans; I don't know the source of this
Elizabeth Helfman on Ecological Warfare with permission
A film was (apparently) shown at the Stockholm War Crimes Trial in 1967, and mentioned in the book "I Protest" by David Douglas Duncan, published in 1968.

"It runs for seventeen uninterrupted minutes without a soundtrack. The film—black and white—is of rather poor technical quality, which is understandable when one learns it was made from copies of TV films, newsreels, magazine and newspaper photos. There is no footage made by any Communist cameraman, no photo made by a Communist photographer. Every inch of the film was made by Western, non-Communist newsmen working for our television, magazine or newspaper services. And the film is a heartbreaker, so appalling as to defy total mental recall by a professional reporter. It shows American and South Vietnamese soldiers torturing, beating, mutilating Viet Cong and suspected 'Viet Cong' prisoners; others, dead, are dragged off triumphantly behind tanks and amtracs. Villages, of course, are razed and burned; babies are left dying—also burned; and there isn't a sound from the screen. The filmmakers obtained no permission from the Western agencies owning the rights to the original shots—in fact the pictures were all pirated. So these seventeen minutes will probably never be seen on any commercial American TV or theater screen. But they should. For then each of us would understand what truly hideous acts have taken place in the name of bringing democracy and 'our way of life' to South Vietnam."

So far as I know the McMaster people have never mentioned this film.

"Winter Soldier" by Winterfilm (1972), was fairly well-known at the time (I remember a 'review' by Peregrine Worsthorne, I think then of the Daily Telegraph, saying he didn't believe it).

I had originally intended to write up more on the subject of (for want of a better word) 'neo-Nazis' in the US, using the expression to refer to racism and the use of secret violence illegal under international law. From the propaganda viewpoint, the obvious referents are newspaper people such as Conrad Black, Murdoch, various Sulzbergers, the BBC, and all the other 'neo-Nazi' apologists.

But of course this understates the part played by the principals; for example, I recall a few years ago some US major, or something, who became briefly famous for his activities as a pimp in Vietnam—perhaps West Point has a special ceremony, no wives, cash only? What terrific guys these people must be to have a drink with, eh? Big-lies Home Page

Ecological warfare   Mass killings

Russell had little information on Korea; or on Catholics— connection via the French empire and its S E Asia puppets, and US Cardinals. Or Jews—connection via US business and politics. Most such information is still heavily censored.

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