Webb Suffragettes Terrorism   Review of   Simon Webb's book   Suffragette Terrorism
Suffragette Terrorism? Explosions in Britain Attributed to Suffragettes before the 'Great War'     12 Sept 2015. A few bits 3 Sept 2017
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Webb appears to be an author who has swallowed all the modern media mythology about 'terrorism'. This book has accounts of outrages, typically from 1909 to early 1914—explosions and/or arson in barracks, churches, libraries, and public buildings. I'd ask serious historians to consider the hypothesis that these explosions were carried out secretly by Jews, leaving behind false flag tokens—books, letters, 'clues', written notes, things supposed to be part of the lives of white ladies.
    Why the hell would anyone want to do something so repellent? I think probably part of the motive was to make people feel nervous and worried and apprehensive: in short, to make them follow the authorities. The feeling must have been: What could happen next? Certainly when war 'broke out', as the evasive phrase has it—in fact, Britain declared war—the suffragettes made peace with Lloyd George. And there was a newspaper campaign suggesting men needed war, civilisation was jaded and dull, battle was a cleansing influence. I'd suggest that Jews had a history of bomb throwing; consider 1905 in Russia. It's hard to believe genteel Englishwomen were skilled in the use of the then-new dynamite; whereas so-called 'anarchists', a code-word for Jews from eastern Europe, were. (At the time, they couldn't call themselves 'Communists'; that had to wait until the Jews' coup in Russia in 1917). And the targets—churches (Christian artefacts are hated by Jews), libraries (full of non-Talmudic material, hated by Jews), splendid public buildings and country houses (evidence of white skills, hated by Jews), and barracks (white soldiers—hated by Jews), make sense as part of a Jewish campaign. Here's a naive remark by Webb: '... no responsibility for these two attacks was claimed by the WSPU, it is hard to know who else could have been to blame. The suffragettes were the only terrorist group operating in Britain at that time.' Note the phrasing: 'no responsibility was claimed'; note that no evidence seems to have been found, either. Webb maintains the destructiveness of these attacks has been underestimated, or forgotten. An alternative interpretation is that, having helped achieve war, retrospective propaganda would simply omit them once their work had been done, in case people might guess, and investigate, what really happened.
    Anyone, now, who thinks all protests and demonstrations are spontaneous and honestly-motivated, to be taken at face value, must be an extremist in naïeveté.
SUMMARY: [Added after Webb showed he can't read]:
I believe (though he isn't honest enough to say so) that Webb thinks he's a 'Jew' and therefore presumably is entitled to lie. The fact is - at least if his 'research' was correct - that the explosive atrocities before WW1 were NOT acknowledged by suffragettes; all that happened was bits of paper were found with 'votes for women' on them. So it's possible, in fact likely, that they were a false flag. Webb also lies in stating there were no bomb-throwers etc around at the time. In fact of course Russia was plagued by them, and they were Jews. Webb is 'raving mad' etc etc.
This is Bertrand Russell in 1910: Anti-Suffragist Anxieties from which it's clear Russell had no idea that front organisations can lead subversions up to the level of war.

Note added 4 Aug 2016: Suffragettes in visual media include: Up the Women (2013), Suffragette (2015), Suffragettes Forever (2015), Secrets of a Suffragette (2016), all no doubt 'feminist Jew' lies. Jew-aware critics should watch for:
  • Secret funding of suffragettes for Jewish-supported reasons
  • 'Suffragette' atrocities which in fact were never acknowledged by suffragettes
  • Absurd claims on dynamite handling etc by Suffragettes
  • Deliberate wrecking of buildings and artwork and Christian monuments, characteristic of Jewish destruction
  • Covert Jewish desire for wars to be started between whites—USA, Britain, Germany, and Russia the most important targets
  • Assumption that (for example) Pankhurst war supporters had any idea what they were talking about. The hypothesis is: they were paid by Jews to support wars between whites
  • No debate at all about 'votes for women' and probably misrepresentation that all males had the vote
  • 1913, when the Federal Reserve was started, giving Jews unlimited funding
  • After-effects of Jews in South Africa supported in vicious wars against the Boer farmers
  • False claims of Jews as victims
  • Good example? Email to suff@big-lies.com

Initial post: 13 Sep 2015 S. Webb says: It is hard to know where to begin with such a criticism as this. Perhaps dealing with the obvious misconceptions would be a good place to start. Dynamite was not a new substance in the years before the outbreak of war in 1914; it had been patented in 1867. In any case, it was not used by the suffragettes, who restricted themselves to the more widely available gunpowder and, very occasionally, nitro-glycerine. I have no idea why Mr West believes that 'anarchists' is a code-word for Jews from eastern Europe. He does seem to have Jews on the brain! Those convicted of anarchist attacks in this country at the end of the nineteenth century were not Jews at all. Perhaps Mr West might like to read up on Rollo Richards, who bombed the post offices of south London in the 1890s, or Martial Bourdin, who blew himself up at the Greenwich Observatory. Neither these men nor any of the others convicted for bomb making or arson in this country were Jews.

As for the Jews being responsible for bombing churches in Edwardian Britain; this is a little fanciful. Certainly those caught for such offences, such as Annie Bell, who was found in the act of bombing the St John the Evangelist church in Westminster, were not Jewish. I might recommend another of my books on the subject of terrorism, Dynamite, Treason and Plot; Terrorism in Victorian and Edwardian London, for a more detailed account of bombings during this period. Not one of these attacks was, as far as it known, carried out by Jews. Readers might bear in mind that Mr West has given a five star rating to Mein Kampf; which might shed some light upon his political leanings and explain why he wishes to blame the Jews for everything!

Rerevisionist says: Ah - you must be the author. I read a report that dynamite with a fuse was thrown over a wall somewhere; it was relatively new. the idea Victorian ladies would use the highly dangerous nitroglycerine is absurd.

However, Webb seems to know nothing of jewish actions in eg. Russia (e.g. murder of Stolypin), Jewish support for 1905 war of Japan vs Russia, or the attribution of atrocities to 'anarchists'. Who of course were Jews. However, the point here is that there seems no evidence at all that suffragettes carried out the violent attacks. The use of false flags by jews is a long-standing tradition, in force today. So is (e.g.) the destruction of churches, notably Orthodox churches in the USSR. It's a pity Webb has so little knowledge or interest in genuine history. There's little point reading authors like him, who aren't even aware of the issues.

Incidentally I don't blame jews for 'everything', as Webb flippantly claims. They have large numbers of defenders, collaborators, and so on.

Since Webb doesn't even understand my point, I'd suggest his book is not worth reading.

S. Webb says: As I think I have already explained, dynamite was not relatively new and had been around for almost fifty years at the time of the suffragette bombings. The idea that Victorian women would use nitro-glycerine was not at all absurd; they had the services of an analytical chemist called Edwy Clayton, who subsequently appeared at the Old Bailey. Rather than being a Jew, he came from a Methodist background. It is of course perfectly true that Stolypin was assassinated in 1911 by a Jewish anarchist called Dmitry Bogrov, but this tells us little about anarchists in general. None of those arrested in this country for terrorism in the late nineteenth century were Jews.

It is also true that some churches may well have been destroyed by Jews in other parts of the world. Those which were set fire to and bombed in Britain between 1911 and 1914 were invariably targeted by suffragettes and not Jews. Alice Wheeldon, for example, was responsible for the burning down of the church at Breadsall on 5 June 1914, Annie Bell detonated the bomb at the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London on 10 May 1914 and so on. Neither Wheeldon nor Bell were Jews. I'm not at all sure why Mr West seems to believe that there is no evidence that suffragettes carried out violent attacks. There is no shortage at all of evidence for this. Following the bombing of Lloyd George's house at Walton-on-the-Hill on 18 February 1913, Emmeline Pankhurst was convicted at the Old Bailey of inciting terrorism. The bomb itself was planted by Emily Davison, who later threw herself in front of the King's horse at Epsom. Neither Emily Davison nor Mrs Pankhurst were Jews.

If there is any evidence that Jews were responsible for any of these attacks, then of course it would be interesting to see it. Unfortunately, Mr West appears to have something of a bee in his bonnet about Jews and thinks them responsible for many of the world's ills. In this particular case he is mistaken, although any evidence which he wished to produce in support of this hypothesis would be welcomed. The fact that some Jews were in favour of the Russo-Japanese War of 1905 tells us little about who planted bombs in Britain between 1911 and 1914. Looking through Mr West's reviews of other books on Amazon reveals a common thread; he nearly always mentions Jews. Spending a lot of time hunched over a keyboard in a darkened room, writing about the Jews is bound to give anybody a distorted view of the world and it is to be hoped that some friend of Mr West's might have a quiet word with him and encourage him to get out more and find another hobby; preferably one which does not involve Jews!

Rerevisionist says: I don't care much for Webb's dishonest points here. Any serious historian knows Jews murdered tens of millions of Russians, after the Federal Reserve in 1913 put them in the position to dominate the USA economically, which of course Bernard Baruch did. If Webb thinks mass murder is a matter of having bees in bonnets, I'd recommend he either seeks psychiatric help or volunteers for investigation by psychologists.

However all this is somewhat of a waste of time; the hypothesis of Jewish involvement is an obvious one and any serious historian ought to examine it. Obviously it's unlikely the evidence will be freely available.

Clearly I was confusing Webb with someone with a serious interest in the past (and future). Perhaps he should find a new hobby appropriate to his skill level.

S. Webb says: The problem here is really a simple failure of logic. Even if it were to be true that tens of millions of Russians had been murdered by Jews, this would shed no light at all on either suffragette terrorism or the anarchist movement in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Mr West's thought process seems to be as follows. Some anarchists, such as the man who assassinated Russian Prime Minister Pyotr Stolypin, were Jews; therefore anarchism was an eastern European, Jewish plot. This is why it is suggested that anarchists is a 'code-word for Jews from eastern Europe'. Of course, the great majority of anarchists were not Jews from eastern Europe at all; many of them were Italians from Catholic families. We remember, for instance, Luigi Lucheni, who assassinated Elizabeth of Austria and in this country, Francis Polti and Guiseppe Farnara, who appeared at the Old Bailey on 30 April 1894, charged with plotting to blow up the London Stock Exchange. One might as well describe anarchists as being a code-word for Catholics from southern Europe. In fact many of the most famous anarchist bombers such as Ravachol and Emile Henry were French atheists. Perhaps we should say that 'anarchists' is a code-word for atheists from western Europe!

Unfortunately, Mr West sees almost everything from the perspective of Jewish conspiracies. Whether we are talking about anarchist and suffragette terrorism, world wars and economic crises or immigration and mixed marriages, there is one solution; it's those pesky Jews, at it again! Unless, and until, we are given some solid evidence to consider, I think that we may safely dismiss this particular hypothesis. Mr West has here a public platform to show us why he thinks that it was the Jews, rather than the suffragettes, who bombed Lloyd George's house and also why he believes anarchism in the early twentieth century to be a Jewish plot. Until he does so, his ideas on the subject are best described as 'bare assertion'.

14 Sep 2015 13:09:17 Rerevisionist says: Unfortunately Webb is too ignorant to face the issue, as his mass of irreleventsia shows. And unfortunately it's therefore clear his book is worthless.

15 Sept 2015 S. Webb says: We are, alas, destined never to learn what grounds anybody would have for supposing that Jews were running around planting bombs in Edwardian Britain. This is a pity, because there is something quite entertaining about the idea of sinister rabbis fooling about with sticks of dynamite! Mr West is apparently a sensitive soul and I have inadvertently put him out of countenance. It is to be hoped that he changes his mind and tells us a little more about this hypothesis. History can be a rather dry topic sometimes and many of us would welcome a lighthearted diversion of this sort.
T. T. Rogers says: Mr. Webb,

I agree that any allegations of Jewish involvement must be supported by evidence. So far, what Rerevisionist says in this matter remains an interesting hypothesis, nothing more.

That said, you must of course know that when Rerevisionist refers to Jews in this context, he is not (or at least, not primarily) referring to 'rabbis'. That you would characterise the supposition in this way is, perhaps, telling.
Rerevisionist says: Thanks for your comment.

I'm in fact grateful to Mr Webb, though he may be surprised to hear it. It simply hadn't occurred to me before that it's extremely unlikely that suffragettes would have started bombing campaigns; after all, the whole point of parliament is to debate and discuss things, and suffragettes were wealthy enough to print 'literature' and make speeches.

And of course Jews in Russia, Germany, and for that matter the east end of London were aggressive and violent and now known to have been prime movers in the disasters of the 20th century.

I don't know Mr Webb's working methods: it may be he has copies of trial transcripts, for example, in which case he could probably investigate the hypothesis without much extra work.

And plenty more in this fruitless vein. It transpires that Webb claims to have lived in Israel for a few years; he comments on the middle east in a twitter account simonwebb54 full of anti-Palestine hate, and shares comment fantasies with a 'Black' and a 'Morgan'. It seems my initial suspicion has been unexpectedly confirmed.

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