Joseph McCabe (1867-1955) was one of the most prolific authors of all time. He was brought up as a Roman Catholic, worked on Latin documents, and made himself very well-informed about Christianity, but turned against it. But he was extremely naive about Jews; bear this in mind.

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John X (ruled 914-28), Pope.

J. McCabe, Rationalists Encyclopaedia

One of the many scandalous Popes of the Iron Age. Bishop Liutprand, contemporary bishop of Cremona and one of the few cultivated writers of the time - note that he belonged to the Lombard part of Italy - tells us that John, while Archbishop of Ravenna, was the notorious lover of one of the chief ladies (who could not write their names) of the Roman "nobility," Theodora (Antapodosis, II, 48), and he was raised to the Papal throne by her and her family. Cardinal Baronius, the "father of Catholic history," admits this, and it is on account of Theodora and her two daughters that he calls this section of Papal history "the Rule of the Whores" . John quarrelled with Theodora's even more brazen daughter Marozia (mother of one Pope and mistress of another), and she had him murdered. So the Annals of Beneventum (in the Monumenta Germaniae, Vol. V), written by contemporary monks, as well as Liutprand.


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