Joseph McCabe (1867-1955) was one of the most prolific authors of all time. He was brought up as a Roman Catholic, worked on Latin documents, and made himself very well-informed about Christianity, but turned against it. But he was extremely naive about Jews; bear this in mind.

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Lorenzo Valla

From Rationalists Encyclopaedia

Valla, Lorenzo (1406-57), Italian humanist. Son of a Roman lawyer and priest; but he became sceptical, wandered from one university to another, and was one of the most learned and brilliant critical writers of Italy in his time. Alphonso V made him his secretary and protected him from Rome when he exposed the fraud of the Donation of Constantine [see] and other basic Papal documents. His Latin work De Voluptate is Epicurean. The Papacy, in the end, drove him into silence and rewarded him with high honours. The fires of the Inquisition were then busy in Italy and menaced every critic of the Papal system, though obscene literature circulated freely.


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