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From: "Mike KELLY" OPs, Australia, merino wool, blowfly
To: <job@big-lies.com>
Subject: Rae- BSE
Date sent: Sat, 23 Dec 2000 10:09:44 -0800

G'Day from Mike Kelly

Unfortunately I am unable to offer you a paying job, but I am using this address to make contact.

I have read the BSE site with interest as this "disease" has caused me trouble and concern in the past. The concerns raised in the site echo tutorials I recall whilst at Agricultural College in 1975 in Australia. We were studying chemical control of the blowfly and its significance to the Australian Sheep Industry. OPs were new then but they were recognised as the last line of chemical defense. Without a control to the blowfly the merino sheep and the fine wool industry would perish as sheep cannot exist without man to control the fly which infestation is a killer. We also discussed the emergence of GM techniques to the new industry to control the fly.

Sheep farmers in Australia have long suffered from the effects of OPs and a mate I went to college with and who now holds a senior position in the NSW Dept of Ag advised me in the early 1990s that the effects on these persons was to send them "gaa gaa". They were suffering brain disorders. I passed this information to the NFU in the UK together with the Australian Experts identified who could provide further information. it would seem the NFU already had details of the effects of OPs before you had raised the issues with them.

I agree very much with the content and sentiment of the 3 way conversation published. It is particular the conversation mentioned re Responsibility and Accountability. In law, my understanding is that not only would the Govt be held liable but so would the Chemical Companies. The pay outs would be massive and I could see how and why denial of the facts you raise may go unchallenged. The allegation that the Rendering Plants are the origin of the problem are specifically important as these firms cannot be held responsible via litigation as they are the weakest link. No one is going to sue them for they have no resources to make any settlements.

The other point is the savings made to the UK Govt due to the drastic reduction in the Beef Mountain. The manner of control of the BSE issue has been fundamental in clearing warehouses of stocks costing £millions to keep frozen and paid for under Ag Subsidy.

The relationships drawn to Ashma [sic-RW] and ME and MS are also worth further scrutiny. When I was growing up in Australia in the 60's & 70's the incidence of asthma was becoming an ever increasing problem. I understand it is now Australia's biggest illness. We have no pollution and the effects are greatest in the country areas. OPs were primarily developed in Australia and Australia now has a "Freedom of Information Act" which may be beneficial to research on this subject.

If anyone really wants to research the effects of OPs than might I suggest a different focus. If New Age Diseases are in fact caused by OPs then would not the starting point be looking at the dates the following occurred:
  1. Date that OP derived flystrike chemicals first registered in Australia.
  2. Dates that the incident of the New Diseases were first diagnosed.
  3. Sales Volumes of OPs used in Australia to compare with the rate of increase of asthma, ME & MS.
  4. Suicide Rates in Australian Farmers spread amongst Sheep, Beef and Dairy Industries during these periods. These rates can be compared to Financial Data for the industry and individual farms if the information is available on Company basis for the farmers concerned.
This would not be a definitive programme but it would provide an overlap that would be difficult for people not to recognise. Green Peace may fund such works.

I recognise and appreciate the works you do. You are obviously carrying your burden for the sake of integrity.

Thanks for the opportunity to contribute.

Peace and a very Merry Christmas.

Mike Kelly.
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