Understanding the UN and Israel

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Understanding the UN and Israel

Postby rerevisionist » 09 May 2011 14:03

I've taken the liberty (again) to copy mooninquirer's excellent post from a discussion on uranium mining, since by fission from the original topic it has (so to speak) made a new product.

Understanding the UN and Israel - and the USA, and the white world

by mooninquirer » 09 Apr 2011 18:16
I don't think ANY X-ray machines would be needed in Japan, because the Jews control the media, and when you control the media, you control the truth. The propagandists can just come up with any number they want, and falsely attribute ANY deaths to "deaths from cancer" to inflate the numbers. Also, according to the UN agency UNSCEAR, there have been no radiogenetic defects among the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Read the article Jesse posted under " Where's the radiation at Chernobyl ?"

Note that the UN is no longer a Zionist entity, whereas the mainstream news media IS very Zionist, and Israel is gearing up for a war with Iran. They want any excuse for the world to believe that nuke bombs are as dangerous as possible, since above ground testing is forbidden, and it is a better scare tactic for nuclear bombs. BEFORE the 1963 limited test ban treaty, the propagandists did not emphasize the radiation effects of nuke bombs, because that would lead to public outcries against above ground testing and lawsuits ---- so they emphasized the blast effects. In one stunning video, they even have people going into an area completely destroyed by a nuke explosion and having an outdoor cookout !

Whenever you see someone, or any organization changing their position so radically like this, you KNOW there is something wrong !

by mooninquirer » 11 Apr 2011 02:37
@ Jesse --- The UN was Zionist when it gave its approval for the state of Israel to be formed, but it has since 1967 acknowledged that Israel is illegally occupying the areas it stole. Israel receives MANY UN condemnations, often with the US as the only dissenting member. The UN is hated by the neo-cons, and note that the UN did NOT support war with Iraq. The UN DID give a very face saving consensus vote by all 15 members of the UN security council that Iraq should comply with UN mandates that it allow weapons inspectors, in the months before the war. This made Ariel Sharon and the Likudniks furious, and made the case for war with Iraq much more difficult. In the end, the only member of the UN security council supporting war was Britain. It certainly was an indication of something very surreal going on, because although Saddam was completely on his back, and totally humiliated and powerless before the whole world, there was a war anyway.

In Mearsheimer & Walt's "The Israel Lobby," it is revealed how angry were Ariel Sharon, Ehud Barak, Shimon Peres, and all the Likudniks and neo-cons that Tony Blair was able to convince GW Bush that he should seek UN approval before going to war with Iraq.

Importantly, with respect to this issue, the IAEA of the UN has repeatedly, and RECENTLY stated that Iran is NOT developing nuclear weapons. That is the complete opposite of what Benjamin Netanyahu is saying, as well as every Jewish neo-con voice in the media.

All of this talk about the UN taking our guns is a bogus scare tactic, to get people to vote for a Republican presidential candidate who will much more likely than the Democrat, engage in a full scale war with Iran, Pakistan, Syria, etc. and approve of what Israel is doing to the Palestinians. It IS true that we have to worry about a Democratic politicians taking our guns, but the UN has no jurisdiction whatsoever on this matter. The US is obligated to honor foreign treaties that the US Senate ratifies, but they are to refer to how the US deals with other countries, not about what is the law within the US. The minor exceptions are possibly with FOREIGN nationals, but even in that case, the UN has little say, and what is relevant is America's treaty with that foreign country.

Some scare mongering White nationalists, who I even think are really Jewish agents ( because scare tactics benefit the Jews in power ) are even suggesting that any time soon, there is going to be warfare in America, with UN troops dispatched, to "exterminate the White race." Examples are Scott Roberts of http://www.theforbiddentruth.net ( who also removed my comments and eventually kicked me off his site for suggesting that nuke bombs are a scare tactic that benefits Israel ).

If anything, the common Jew is fearful of what is going to happen in America if there is a war with Iran, and rioting, because they know that Jews in general will be blamed ( but this should be another thread of discussion ).

I don't think I've ever seen such a helpful and incisive analysis of the UN as it affects the 'west'. Thanks, mooninquirer.
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Re: Understanding the UN and Israel

Postby EyesWideOpen » 24 May 2011 16:11

mooninquirer wrote:

If it seems implausible that a Jewish woman would have all of this knowledge, keep in mind that the Jews have had a great head start over Gentiles ---- the Jews know from childhood that the Jews control the media, and that everything the media says is just propaganda so that the Jews in power can control the masses of Gentiles. It took me 4 years ( dated from my awakening in Feb 2007 when I realized that the war in Iraq was a war for Israel, after reading Mearsheimer & Walt's "The Israel Lobby" ) to amass my current knowledge of Jewish domination, but the Jews have had a great head start on all of us Gentiles.

Virtually all of my friends used to be Jews as one point in my life (I lived in a very wealthy beach community). For a while I had this one Jew coming over every-night to my home so he could learn from me and what I had learned that day. He was blown away by 9/11, Moon Walk, AIDS etc.... His comment to me was that no one in his family believed a single thing the Government or Media says anyway so this all made sense to him. Compare this to how 99% of Gentile Families view the Government and Media as the Gospel Truth.

We stopped being friends when I showed him the Holocaust Fraud. He refused to go there and got upset. I got upset that he was willing to blame innocent Germans for a Hoax/Lie.
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Re: Understanding the UN and Israel

Postby rerevisionist » 10 Nov 2011 19:07

Re: Understanding the UN and Israel

Post by mooninquirer » 24 May 2011 11:22

rerevisionist ---- thanks for the compliment, and feel free to move around anything I have typed anywhere else, including in GROUP e-mails. I was feeling a little unappreciated here, because I had thought that my major contribution of "what a revolution in the US will look like" got altered and chopped.

Personally, this is a topic very important to me, and I bring it up in real life, stating that the cities are going to be focal points for constant rioting against the Jews, if there is a full scale war with Iran and a draft. It is going to be rioting far, far worse than the rioting in the 60s, because there will also be a much worse economy, and the "silent majority" is NOT going to think the rioters are fringe groups, but rather, those who wanted the war, are the ones who are destroying America. The Jews have to know this ---- some of them DO know it. Life is like a game of chess, where there is an intense drama and excitement in the analysis of the POTENTIAL MOVES that a piece can make. Even if nothing happens, the Jews need to be scared off from doing something like a John McCain style full scale war and invasion of Iran, Pakistan, Syria, etc., with a draft, that will totally destroy America, fast. When TVOW was here, this was also relevant, because he broached the topic of "what does a win look like," and "is the nuke bomb hoax evil ?"

Also, for me, a very traumatic experience was my experiences with organized crime figures ( I was harassed by a Jew who was associated with Italian mob figures, involved in drug trafficking. ) Because I showed a lot of insight into organized crime, an FBI agent asked not only the very common question, in law enforcement, about one's education ( always phrased this way, " how far did you go in school ?" ), but also whether man landed on the moon, and whether a nuclear bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. He was just probing the depths of my knowledge about the world. Much later on, after I realized that not only the war in Iraq was a war for Israel, but that ISRAEL DID 911, I called this very same FBI agent and wanted to tell him that I had inside information ( from my experiences at synagogues and talking to Jews ), about Jewish terrorism. He said he no longer dealt with terrorism or any investigations, but was only involved in training, but he would refer another FBI agent to investigate what I had to say. AND NO ONE CALLED ME ! This FBI agent really seemed to take what I said very seriously, and I WAS expecting a phone call or a follow up. And THEN I remembered the report by Carl Cameron broadcast originally in late 2001 ( but referred in other videos, like 911 MISSING LINKS ) , about Israeli spying, and how it was stated that investigation that the Israeli company AMDOCS was involved in spying on the US was considered career suicide in the FBI and other intelligence agencies.

That is why I did not follow up with your request that I explore more my speculation that the reason it was a Jewish WOMAN who told me point blank that nuke bombs were a hoax, was because of a tendency that women of any religion or ethnicity have, in always wanting to be right, in talking to a man ---- any man. Although that was a more important experience in revealing that nuke bombs are a hoax, the FBI experience was much more personal to me.

The reason I said that about that woman is to add description to the experience, and I DO often wonder that question myself, because NO other person has said so boldly as this woman that nuke bombs are a hoax. I met a number of people in real life who questioned it, but no one said so boldly. I have had teachers and professors, and graduate students saying boldly that the moon landing was a hoax, but with the nuke bomb issue, I just have had teachers and professors saying that it might be a hoax, or that questions as to why a critical mass explodes as opposed to just getting hot, OR why nuke bombs have an ORANGE color in the CAP portion of the mushroom cloud ( this question was asked by another student of my physics professor, in the lecture hall ), are VERY good questions, and might reveal that it was a hoax.

I think it is important to anchor or visualize an event, and just to clear up any misconceptions, this woman did NOT look Jewish. In fact, I look much more Jewish than she did. She certainly was talkative, but did not have any kind of whiney Yiddish accent. She was about 45 or 50, with straight blond ( it might have been bleached blond hair ) in a pony tail. She did not dress gaudy, but did not dress very feminine ( with dresses and heels ) either. She had light skin, with little or no make-up. I would say she was fairly attractive, if not girly, and had a fairly nice figure.

Now, this particular discussion group was not so much to talk about Israel, but a group therapy to get over emotional traumas caused by Jews constantly talking, debating, and fighting other Jews over the topic of Israel. I know this, because the moderator for the group most often introduced topics like " how has talking about Israel affected your ability to tend to the needs of your family ?" Now, really, I did NOT belong in this group AT ALL. They accepted me because I seemed very sincere, I paid the fee, and I had previously attended and donated to a charity event to raise money for this group. They also were worried about appearing to discriminate on the basis of race, and they might have feared that I was going to sue them if they did not let me in.

So, this woman had A LOT of experience in thinking about and talking with other Jews about topics related to Israel, and this included wars, of course. This was in 2005 that she told me this, and the previous year she probably thoroughly debated with other Jews why Israel was pushing the US to go to war with Iraq in the winter on 2002-2003, even though North Korea was said to be developing nuke bombs, and would have posed a far greater threat to Israel ( because North Korea had previously sold missiles to Yemen, and was a desperately poor country in need of oil, and that might sell its weapons to Iraq or Iran in exchange for oil, AND North Korea was listed on the axis of evil speech written by Richard Perle and David Frum ). I am guessing that this recent topic was what made this woman come to the FIRM conclusion that nuke bombs are a hoax, because it was when I said to her very stridently, that the US should have gone to war with North Korea because they really WERE developing nuke bombs, she blurted out that nuke bombs were a hoax. And "hoax" was the word she used, and she said it with very great emphasis. The word "hoax" is the strongest possible word to describe a complex event as being intentionally false.

And I think this woman came to this conclusion as a result of open debating and fighting with other Jews who must have realized the same thing. When she said this, no other Jew in this group objected, or even looked surprised ! But I was thunderstruck ! She added that Hiroshima was firebombed. But Hiroshima was not the event that crystallized nuke bombs for me ---- it was the Cold War and that enormous fuss over the Soviet Union's nukes, and arms control. When I objected about the Cold War, she said it was a hoax, although not as loudly and emphatically as she blurted out that nuke bombs were a hoax. I think she blurted that out, because she just couldn't tolerate the intensity of my objection that America should have gone to war with North Korea because they were developing nuke bombs in the months leading up to the Iraq War. But then she must have realized that I was thunderstruck by so much history being turned upside down, and she MORE than won the little debate with win, and I was already knocked out. That is why she was much more subdued in asserting the Cold War was a hoax.

If it seems implausible that a Jewish woman would have all of this knowledge, keep in mind that the Jews have had a great head start over Gentiles ---- the Jews know from childhood that the Jews control the media, and that everything the media says is just propaganda so that the Jews in power can control the masses of Gentiles. It took me 4 years ( dated from my awakening in Feb 2007 when I realized that the war in Iraq was a war for Israel, after reading Mearsheimer & Walt's "The Israel Lobby" ) to amass my current knowledge of Jewish domination, but the Jews have had a great head start on all of us Gentiles.

I have no idea if this woman was married or had a boyfriend, but I regret not asking her out, in retrospect. I felt she was caring, but I was a little offended by her contrariness, but she spoke with such AUTHORITY, with such confidence and assurance that she knew the truth. I was more bewildered by her than offended. I felt like a toy mouse that a cat had played with. She certainly never implied that I was stupid or uneducated, but that I only lacked knowledge ---- and this was really no different than with any other Gentile.

Perhaps women in general practice being right when talking to any man, because it is a necessary skill in getting things out of a man, in the same way that women want to look attractive to men in general, even if they are married. Men also want to get things out of a other men, of course, but this would not be because of any kind of attraction, and women must know that they can much more easily get things out of men, than other men can get out of men. For women, always wanting to be right in talking with a man might be linked up with a woman's desire to be attractive to men in general. It is very interesting that even married women with no desire to cheat, often unthinkingly still have that flirtatious girly giggle in talking. Even if there is not a sexual relationship, a woman has come to realize that she can expect to get more consideration from a man than from a woman. Now, even looks like Megan Fox is going to do a woman no good, in getting what she wants from men, unless she is able to communicate what she wants, and that she is right, in some form or another. This might be indirect, or it could also be very direct. And just like many women putting effort and practice in not going slack when it comes to their weight, because they want to maintain their power in dealing with men, so to women might have become accustomed to always practicing being right when talking to a man.

This previous analysis in no way is intended to be disrespectful to women. I am just trying to understand this behavior, and especially this particular experience. For myself, I am NOT offended this behavior. I am only offended if women do not want to have any sex; I don't care whether they are the boss. I think this is the attitude of most men, and the thing that really was offensive about the old school feminism of the late 60s and early 70s, that was dominated by Jewish feminists, was that it was very much a MAN HATING feminism. But sex positive feminists, even Jewish sex positive feminists, like Nina Hartley and Joy Davidson ( more of a sex therapist than a feminist --- look her up on youtube) are not offensive at all. They MIGHT think they are facilitating Jewish domination, I admit, by what they perceive as destroying traditional Christian and Muslim family values,
but their ideas lead to happier associations of people, than societies in which women have negative attitudes about sex with men, and generally think it is a degradation of women ---- whether this attitude was facilitated by feminists, religious prudishness, too jealous and protective fathers, spurned ex boyfriends, or catty and controlling girlfriends.
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