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Propagandists, nuke liars, frauds, publicists, dupes - but also some debunkers - of nuclear and other issues

GUIDED TOUR of Rogues Gallery on Nuke Lies Forum

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This section examines people, stories, inventions, lies, guesses, related to 'nuclear weapons' and 'nuclear power' and the way myths have been developed. Some are rogues, some may be rogues, and some talk about rogues. The topics are wide-ranging, and, to impose some sort of order, I've made up headings for them, but there's no ideal way to do this - for example, much more emphasis might be made on technology, or money, or Jews, or wars.

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Individual Commentators and Writers
• Robert Jungk's 1956 (German) and 1958 (English) book Brighter Than A Thousand Suns - A Personal History of Atomic Scientists by rerevisionist. On careful reading, this once-standard book is shown to be technically ignorant and politically biased.
• Bertrand Russell Bertrand Russell Dupe of Racist Jews (including physicists) by rerevisionist. Examines Russell's life and thought and influences in detail, including his anti-nuclear weapon work. It's clear Russell had little scientific awareness and was easily duped.
• Noam Chomsky Noam Chomsky on Nukes etc: Just Another Jewish Phony? by rerevisionist. Examines the likelihood that Chomsky avoided most controversial Jewish issues, including financial frauds, the 'Holocaust', and false flags.
• Stuart Chase of Roosevelt's 'Brain Trust' Stuart Chase by FirstClassSkeptic. Some notes on this once well-known 'leftist' writer.
• 'George Orwell' George Orwell a 'useful idiot' ignorant of Jews & nuclear bombs by rerevisionist - criticises the absence of Jewish criticism, which mars Orwell's work, in Homage to Catalonia in particular.
• Herman Kahn of the influential book 'On Thermonuclear War' shows how to make money by threats
• Bernard Brodie another Jewish con-man
• C N Parkinson, of Parkinson's Law C N Parkinson on Nuclear Finance Committee; & on how scientists are goaded into failure - R101 Airship by rerevisionist. Easy-reading playlet style.
• Cecil Roth as part of 1930s push to war Immigrant to Britain who wrote on supposed Jewish achievements.
• A J P Taylor Fellow-Traveller & Propagandist Historian by rerevisionist. Taylor, heavily influenced by Jews, is regarded as an early British revisionist, but in fact achieved little. He was in the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.
• Harold Pinter Interesting example of a heavily-promoted writer, possibly partly following a covert Jewish agenda, including nominal opposition to Apartheid, and to US imperialism and violence.

American Politics and Presidents
• Obama (Barry Soetoro) - The Kenyan Impostor by NUKELIES on the incredible fact that Obama/Soetoro is regarded as a legitimate President
• LBJ (Lyndon Johnson), Jews and immigration to the USA, Vietnam War as a money-maker explores Johnson's malign influence, Kennedy's murder, 'nuclear weapons' money, NASA fraud.
• FDR and Pearl Harbor - Evidence of Foreknowledge by FirstClassSkeptic. Includes oral testimony.
• President Carter, submarines and nuclear codes. by FirstClassSkeptic. Suggests there was little concern about nuclear weapons - as would be expected if they don't exist.
• Ron Paul.. The Covert Zionist Shill by EyesWideOpen
• Ron Paul.. The Worst Type of Shill by NUKELIES
• Obama's Exit Strategy ... from the nuke fraud and and again here

'Atom bombs' - Stories, Propaganda, Money, Careers
• Was Eddie Bernays involved in the Manhattan Project? by NUKELIES - was the pioneer state and industry propagandist in there with public relations lies?
• The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. And the Baruch Plan by rerevisionist. Famous for its '5 minutes to midnight' clock. Journalistic Jewish lies.
• Eustace Mullins' 'Secret History of the Atomic Bomb' in full. Full text by Mullins including commentary on Mullins' opinions on nuclear issues.
• The Dimitri Khalezov "WTC was nuked" hoax by NUKELIES - example of misdirection.
• Third World Nuclear Issues: Bashir Syed, Violence, Frauds by rerevisionist. Israeli violence, but also third-world countries deceived into buying useless rubbish, but being unwilling to admit this.
• Most Destructive Objects in the World - Maintained by Pimply Youths?
• Most Destructive Bomb in the World - Disassembled by Low Grade Labor?

'Nuclear Power' - Stories, Propaganda, Money, Careers
• Toxic Dump theory of High Security 'Nuclear' Sites - One Possible Use ...
• ... China and 'Thorium power' - We've suddenly Invented a New Method...
• ... Jewish 'non-profit' Pressure Group for British MPs - suddenly appears. Connection with Cumbria and Waste Disposal
• Mining Uranium video showing harmlessness. There are links to Belgium
• US Can't Track Tons of Weapons grade Uranium - so why no explosions?

Controlled Opposition - Fake and Irrelevant Protest or Activist Groups
• British supposed atomic weapons and the Aldermaston March by Exorcist. AWE in no way British controlled. With comments on Aldermaston in the 1950s and 1960s.
• Oxford Research Group - Jewish Funded Nuke Conspiracy Charity? by rerevisionist. ORG as a highly-funded group of ignorant people, with a carefully-selected name, who publish junk.
• Vanunu: Media Disinformation Campaign to Pretend Israel Has Nuclear Arms Vanunu, by rerevisionist
• James Randi 'Educational Foundation' (JREF): Pseudo-skeptics Just fake skeptics who toe the line - nothing about 9/11, the Jewish race cult, the 'Holocaust' etc. Dawkins is a similar type, in his non-evolution work.
• Women Protestors as 'useful idiots' staying within the box, by rerevisionist. Shows how only a small range of officially-allowed topics are encouraged and women gullibly comply.

Media Junk - 9/11, bin Laden, spies, James Bond, Einstein, NASA, astronauts etc
• US Publicity re bin Laden: What Does It Mean? by NUKELIES
• Dr Alan Sabrosky, alleged military academic claiming "9/11=Mossad" by rerevisionist
• British Intelligence: Book Review of 'GCHQ' by R Aldrich by rerevisionist Unimpressive book, full of holes. Western spy agencies are compromised - their bosses are known liars; they support crimes. Of course this doesn't appear in TV, James Bond films, etc. This review was removed by Amazon!
• Film, TV, media presentations of Oppenheimer, Einstein etc. Lazy media people promoting garbage.
• NASA - to what extent was/is this a Jewish fraud? Is NASA just another Jewish fraud? A small attempt to probe the question of NASA's frauds.

Power of Transnational/ Multinational/ International Cults and Groups
• Central Banks of the World by NUKELIES and others.
• Russians (and others!) believe IMF Chief was arrested on trumped-up charges on finding Fort Knox gold is gone.
• Reinterpreting Thatcher as a puppet, whose role was to transfer national assets to Jews - secret agenda analogous to Edward Heath's sellout lies to the EU (then known as the EEC).
• Understanding the UN and Israel by mooninquirer ed. rerevisionist on the United Nations attitude to Zionists.
• J M Keynes and the Bretton Woods agreement - money and war Keynes' possible murder.
• Should we talk about Jews at all ? If so, how ? by mooninquirer who investigates the thorny topic of truth telling vs cautious evasion as regards 'Jews' and their influence.
• Soros by NUKELIES
• Jews & Muslims-Very Similar Violent Parasitical Tribal Cults—a detailed comparison, by rerevisionist. Includes the devastating long-term effects of Islam and little-known detail of the Talmud
• Do Catholics Rule the World? Composite article mostly by Eyes Wide Open, mooninquirer, rerevisionist, Sorensen731 investigates this other conspiracy theory, a rival to the 'ZOG' worldview but the consensus is that Catholicism is relatively uninfluential.

Rogues in Secret Exit Strategies (in a different thread)
• Pseudo-academic Organisations Set Up to Change Attitudes. The whole propaganda relating to nuclear weapons has to be changed! Ward Wilson of the Monterey Institute struggles with the pretence that nuclear weapons exist, but are over-rated. Ward Wilson is widely promoted on Internet. Norway gave him quite a large donation.
• Another example is Richard Rhodes Author of the routine update style of book in which dogmas remain unquestioned.
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