• UNGUIDED TOUR of Revisionisms and Hyper-Revisionisms
Many topics, some only remotely related to nuclear/nuke skepticism •

Collected posts on subjects suggested by nuke lies: the history of nuclear deception, including the scientific and pseudo-scientific ideas which bolstered it; this leads naturally to discussion of other mass deceptions, and of human psychology. And of group interests - including nations, tribes, corporations, classes, transnational groups, races, religions. And of speculative material - the future, true causes of past wars, real economics and money systems, the uses of legal systems, population dynamics. Propaganda is another obviously relevant topic, as is the art of trying to find the truth given incomplete and/or misleading data. Competition between groups from a Darwinian viewpoint is becoming popular. NB - There was a great deal of agreement between posters - an intellectual convergence, which rather surprised me.

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• 'Holocaust revisionism' - is what's usually understood by 'Revisionism' Longish discussion on the fraudulent 'Holocaust'
• 'Holocaust' - statement by 'NUKELIES' (the site founder) Click for 'Holocaust' comment
• 9/11 Explosives, Insurance, War Pretext, Computer Graphics 9/11 Discussion (with some 'nuclear war' relevance)
• Hyper-Revisionism of World History Associated with Anatoly Fomenko and his group; and some predecessors - was a fake chronology made up in the Renaissance? Large-scale chronology revisionism (Long discussion)
• Black history in U.S.A Click for revisionism of black history further remark
• Myths of Spanish and Portuguese Empires, the US west frontier, and Gold Rush myths
• 20th Century - First and Second World Wars
• 20th Century - Vietnam War including the idea it had no military purpose, but was a money-making scheme Includes commentary by Bertrand Russell
• Continuity of Corporations through small matters such as world wars since large groups of skilled people are needed. Nico Haupt ('Ewing2001') writes on this, for example Poland and suspicious train crash.
    Next example looks at odd movements of atomic scientists, and soon-to-be-radar experts, around WW2 Atom scientists, radar experts. Here's Ewing2001 on Soviet/ Russian Space Frauds as a change from NASA

AROUND THE WORLD - International Nuke Lies
• IRAN this was the most popular link on NUKELIES Iran - faking a way to war with nukes as a pretext (long)
• IRAN arrests twelve CIA agents working with Israel
• VIETNAM being suckered. Nuke frauds to be perpetrated on these unfortunate victims
• LIBYA Gaddafi, gold, rebels, Kissinger, Ivory Coast... Libya and paid-for destruction and Libya - biggest ever unreported demonstration
• SOUTH AFRICA Was believed to have a nuclear programme.. but did it?
• SOUTH AFRICA In view of murders of whites, when will sanctions start? Don't hold your breath
• NORWAY Utoya Island shooting - Israel hate against Norway Detailed look at this false flag fraud
• RUSSIA "IMF chief gaoled because U.S. gold in Fort Knox was gone" (or faked with tungsten/wolfram)
• RUSSIA "Nuclear Engineers Killed" Something fraud-related? Possibly involving either bombs or nuclear power
• RUSSIA Nuclear chief says Japan is exaggerating Fukushima further remark
• INDIA Various arguments why 'nuclear power' can't work there With no examination of whether it works
• JAPAN and nuclear power What looks like controlled opposition a Japanese who's spent years opposing 'nuclear power'
• JAPAN Fukushima reactor The official Japanese view. (Long)
• UKRAINE Chernobyl at twenty-five Chernobyl 'nuclear power station' 25 years laters and also here Chernobyl 'nuclear power station' 25 years laters
• Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Iran, Russia... Geopolitics of these mostly small countries
• CHINA'S supposed nuclear arsenal. "No sprint to parity" - yet again unsourced rubbish bandied about
• CHINA What did Mao believe about nukes? Discussion on Mao's awareness. Chinese film of 'tests' are as faked as those of the 'west'
• CHINA News announcement on 'Cooling Tower' project De Facto acceptance of dumpload/ cooling tower idea?
• HUNGARY having wind farms foisted on them. Many Hungarian Jews (e.g. Edward Teller) came to the USA, including after the anti-Jewish 1956 Revolution.
• ITALY Also Moro and state-run fake terrorism
• SPAIN: Christians Jews Moors; Crowns; Civil War; ETA; Energy Clickable link further remark
• POLAND: Possibly sinister train crash? ewing2001 looks at company networks Nico Haupt researches the continuities of technologies and specialist corporations

• Fukushima radiation levels "like a nuclear bomb" Scare story possibly to clear land?
• ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE WEAPONS need expensive counter-measures According to a pressure-group
• 'CAPTURING BIN LADEN' 'Would unleash hell' (Typical evasionism).
• Computer virus closing nuclear power plants worldwide? News story - but possibly the person claiming it did in fact invent it!
• NUCLEAR BOMBS hidden all over the USA. Long-standing scare story with variants.
• East coast USA earthquake A nuclear bomb? (Widespread concern over this)
• USA "like a nuclear bomb" Scare story possibly to clear land?

Lincoln and Kennedy
    Before Abraham Lincoln a U.S. state was a person's nation
    Not just Lincoln; Andrew Johnson and William H Seward killed in addition
    Both Lincoln and Kennedy were assassinated trying to return the issue of money to Congress
    1776 War of Independence, and American Civil War Bank of England-ruled North conquering the still free! South interpretation

Forrestal and F D Roosevelt and Indianapolis sailors Planning the 'post-war' (i.e. after 1945) world
Martin Luther King mentioned e.g. in Vanunu discussionCollateral murders Giffords shooting and Breivik in Norway Real target may be hidden in other deaths • Bill Cooper? James Webb? 'Occult' mysteries?
Russian Nuclear Energy 'Engineeers' Aircraft Deaths of Russian Nuclear Workers en route to a conference
Castlereagh and Spencer Perceval seem suspicious deaths
J M Keynes Summary of Keynes's life, and motive for murder of the world-famous economist
Gaitskell and John Smith Two British Labour Party leaders who died suddenly
Dr David Kelly 'Executed weapons inspector' and suspect comments by Peter Eyre
Dunblane massacre of children (to remove paedophile victim witness?) - John Lennon? Joe Meek? Diana Spencer?
Italy - Aldo Moro, Red Brigades And perhaps Olof Palme? Anna Lindh?
Spain Possibility that ETA terrorism was a cover story to remove conservative politicians and others; possibly the IRA was similar
Bashir Syed on Nuclear-related murders and Israel's mossad murders

IS THE WORLD RUN BY SATANISTS? ILLUMINATI? THE CITY OF LONDON? - An alternative to the 'ZOG' ('Zionist Occupation Government'). The Illuminati worldview is apparently held by 'NUKELIES'
• It's all Kaballah by NUKELIES Clickable link further remark
• BUILDINGS... Heathrow Airport, London - in plane sight Star of David & Baphomet Heathrow layout inc. Nimrod Road
• New York Supreme Court New York Supreme Court
• 'Freedom Tower', New York The Freedom Tower: Synthesis of Joachim and Boaz NUKELIES on this monument to Jewish fraud
• CITY OF LONDON by NUKELIES 'The Crown Corporation' and its powers

• US Christian Fundamentalism and Dispensationalism Useful? Outdated? Irrelevant? Funded to prevent thought? further remark
• UFOs as absurdly unlikely evidence to explain nuke problems
• Hubble telescope as another fraud Long article including upper limits achievable with present-day rockets
• Kinetic Theory of gases Does not explain gas behaviour (Explains catastrophic errors in flash steam explosions)
• Are human population numbers exaggerated? Discussion on motives for lying about numbers
• Do famous bands write their own songs? Discussion on pop culture and who funds it
• Blackshirts in 1930s London Mosley and London's East End, Rothermere & Northcliffe
• NASA - Did they test astronauts' equipment in a vacuum chamber? ... .. of course they didn't! - but see the trolls come out!
• Childbirth - is it made deliberately harsh? making life hard?
• 'Recreational drugs' Deliberate control mechanism?
• Wind Farms as yet another fraud Click for skeptical looks at 'wind farms'
• BBC Damage Control example 'NUKELIES' view of the importance of NUKE LIES site (forcing the BBC to adjust its reports)
• HAARP and Chemtrails? by mooninquirer HAARP? Chemtrails?
• US 'Veterans' Do they know anything about 'nukes'? DO they have opinions?
• 'Rainbow Bomb' hoax Clickable link further remark
• Antarctica and 'Nuclear Power' Failure provides evidence of non-existence of nuclear power
• Public Enquiries Public Inquiries
• Are celebrities popular? Really? click
• British Education - was it damaged by Jews? The 'look-say' method was an obvious fraud Was it forced through by Jews after 1945? Ditto with Grammar School destruction
• Another scientific fraud? Dinosaur Denial, Dinosaur Skeptics click
• Is hypnosis real? click
• Long-term pro-'nuclear power' site by Ron Adams 'Atomic Insights' Look and judge for yourself

• KHAZARIA and the Khazar theory of modern so-called 'Jews' Jews after Christianity and after Islam
• Hilaire Belloc Roman Catholic Anglo-French writer 1922 'The Jews' first published (But Belloc wrote before the genocide by Jews in the USSR).
• Should we talk about Jews at all? If so, how? Should this taboo be faced? (Quite a long debate)
• Abiotic oil - the theory oil is mineral in origin Oil reserves An alternative view of resource control
• False Flag Hate Jews faked 'anti-Semitic' emails and events Long-term deception to provide Jewish headines in junk media
• Jewish surnames:Surname lists consolidated from Russian, Polish, Hungarian etc phonetic sources

• SCIENCE REVISIONISM: Scientific Suppression by Jews intra-species evolution Example of behaviour described by Kevin MacDonald (The pseudo-scientist Stephen Jay Gould illustrates the type).
• SCIENCE REVISIONISM: Biology & Medicine Harold Hillman Proofs of errors in cell-level biology have been suppressed - unsurprisngly, for careerist and money reasons
• SCIENCE REVISIONISM: Biology & Medicine HIV does not exist Another look at HIV/AIDS fraud including the Jewish links
• SCIENCE REVISIONISM: Physics There was no weapons connection with e=mc squared - relativity is probably on the way out

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