Countries that abandoned nuke projects - Spain

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Countries that abandoned nuke projects - Spain

Postby Sorensen731 » 29 Nov 2011 20:35

I will start researching the Spanish case, under Franco, being an isolated independent country, "non-aligned" and feeling threatened.
Maybe this could be another interesting topic, why did they stop, what happened and said the researchers..did they leak anything in their memories?

English translation of article ... 95-12.html

Original in Spanish
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Re: Countries that abandoned nuke projects - Spain

Postby Sorensen731 » 19 Feb 2012 00:53

This is about Spain, but Italy with Aldo Moro is almost the same case.

Here I work with axiom the government didn't knew nukes were a hoax, and was sincerely trying to acquire nuclear weapons.

First some facts political-social facts, technical ones in the next post;

Spain remains (relatively speaking) neutral / independent.

Second in command, and successor of Franco, Carrero Blanco wants nukes.


18 december 1973; Kissinger arrives in Madrid.
20 december 1973; He is murdered, after talking to Kissinger.

-He is also against the US using Spain to help Israel in the recent Yom Kipur war.
-The Media disinformation campaign blamed ETA, absurd, the explosion and tunnel was 100 meters from the US Embassy, we know even that 10 anti-tank mines from Fort Bliss landed in Torrejon airbase, Madrid and were used for the impressive blast that lifted the car over the roof to the next street, a 20 meter jump! Official, classified reports blamed CIA and DIA. Soviets were the only ones printing it correctly, "Americans murder nationalist who don't surrendered to NATO!"
Herrero Tejedor of the Supreme Court, author of that accusing report died in a traffic "accident" a year later.

-By the way, the Basque country is the Welsh of Spain, most banks were founded by Basques, or Jewish-Basques, the Basque Nationalist are highly pro-israeli and the terrorists were trained in Israel, there is a huge MOSAD connection, you can picture Spain pinched through the North with Israeli-Basques, the South Gibraltar (and the West British-Portugal).

In the nuclear field, "ETA" murdered engineers and stopped the Nuclear progress of Spain, this rebels can adopt any form or job, what a perfect tool, against nuclear plans, against nationalist leaders, against judges!

Here I recommend taking into consideration the most probable fact that the Greens and Ecologists were directly used to stop Nuclear research. They will be launched physically in marches on the streets and through the multiplying power of the press.

When the province of Soria became host for a research center - production of nuclear material, the Ecologist run like mad dogs. They are another weapon, subversion, sabotage, moral damage, civil dissent... costs, extra costs...
"Heroes", How can they consider themselves heroes for disarming their own country?
Why don't they go to attack ammunition factories too? They don't get paid for that, of course.
"Live without Nuclear.., sign against" Really? Sign against your government having good weapons/good Energy? Why in hell would you do that?
They get paid, they are offered tits, they are drugged, they have been dumbed down, they had brain concepts like country erased, The Hippies!

A small digression, the North, around the Basque province was the industrialized part of the country, because of the port facilities, the mineral resources, and the rich "Basque" bankers living there. So the "Nuclear plants" were needed near the industry, near the Basque country (and Catalonia).

23 de february 1981; "Failed" Coup d'etat of Tejero*.
That day the document that surrender Spain to the OIEA was prepared, passed into law a month later, 1 April.

This means Spain no longer controls it's own plants, American, Jews, foreigners do.
End of nuclear dream.

Not by lack of resources, either financial or mineral (second largest reserves of natural uranium in Europe), or by lack of will, the military was all on it, as the leaders.
But by CIA intervention, murder and pressure of hidden international groups. As the first warning wasn't enough and the Spaniards continued stubborn on gathering nuclear material another coup was engineered, with the law of submitting to OIEA already drafted to be signed by the new or shocked government.

* Actually, the King, to appear as savior and solidify and show his power and charisma,

So, we got two coups.

More key factors.

France, supplier - builder of the Spanish Nuclear Plants, and specially Vandellós I, supposedly hiding plutonium from the OIEA.

US, Franco and Carrero naively believed in nukes and in their arrogance thought they could tricked the US and gain military grade through their civilian American built plants...

The "bomb" test site was Spanish Sahara, but the Moors took it in a march supported by the Press and the Pacifist.
No test site then.

What did Franco knew?
He had good sources, like the traitor Adm Canaris. And outside help.
Wilfred von Oven books on the Spanish civil war are a must. It's disgusting to see so much talk of the idiots who knew nothing and had no brain to see things, Orwell for example. Wilfred von Oven knew and saw it all.
He climbed to power after the "accidents" or "capture" of more charismatic leaders, two higher ranking generals "died" in "plane accidents, Emilio Mola and José Sanjurjo...very fortunate for his career... And the moral leader of Spain, Primo de Rivera, founder of Falange and son of previous dictator was "captured" and executed fast and illegally against orders from Madrid.
Franco was marrano, and his banker March, was Jewish.
His "war" against masonry was internal, not serious.
And he put in power Opus Dei, the most Jewish of all Catholic sects.
One should remember that Franco refused to finally retake Gibraltar when Britain was at it's knees.
That is treason, thousands died retaking it during the Great Siege, a so called "nationalist" leader should have reclaim and retake it's territory. A Spaniard should know who the enemy is, Britain. It's known he and his generals were taking bribes from them.
I want to be clear, the good parts of Franco reign were not thanks to him, but of the people and the general feeling and ideology of the Spanish population, he was chosen to contain the massive will of fight of Spain, remember the Jews caused three years of brutal civil war. Spanish population wanted to reach Moscow and hang Stalin. He did incredibly well for them by stopping the lust of vengeance and fight. He won a miserable battle and lost the War. Argentina and Spain did not enter the war, therefore were not occupied and "de-nazified", brainwashing was slower through press and subversion. Franco did not side voluntarily with the Spaniards, but tried to contain them. And he knew that Canaris was betraying the Germans big time, and kept shut.

Spain ranks 3rd in number of Jews and is home of Sephardi.

Interesting material suggesting resistance to Anglo-American propaganda. (See the piece on an ambassador of Chile; and note skepticism over NASA; and e.g. Picasso on a supposedly dropped atomic bomb on Spanish soil).
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