Dr Alan Sabrosky, alleged military academic of "9/11=Mossad"

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Re: Dr Alan Sabrosky, alleged military academic of 9/11 = Mo

Postby EyesWideOpen » 21 May 2011 16:55

FirstClassSkeptic wrote:
You have to ask? Can't you tell by looking at them, and listening to them?

No you cant tell by simply looking or listening to them. What are you talking about??? Heck, most of the mongrelized Brits, Germans etc.. have been infected with Jew Blood for a while (especially Britain and their Edomite Royalty by now). The best way to separate Aryan from Jew is to make it against the law for an Aryan to mutilate his genitals, then the so-called Jew is left naked and mutilated for all to see (Medical records, Gym class, Military service etc...). Unlike in Europe, in America over 90% of Aryan Men have been circumcised by the Jew run Medical Industry (I believe for this exact reason.. so the Jew can hide among us if we are all mutilated like them).

rerevisionist wrote:It's possible he may cunningly have arranged his claims so that he could be exposed as a liar, and then people could claim the Mossad link was only the province of liars.

This is what went through my mind. However, when you attempt to compare the AWARENESS of the Holocaust fraud to their out of control AWARENESS regarding 9/11, it is night and day. They must risk everything to control the awakening opposition of those knowledgeable about 9/11. They cannot enforce the Holocaust Laws with 9/11 so they must get creative to infiltrate and deceive people about 9/11.
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