Pearl Harbor - Was This Another US/Jewish False Flag? Did Roosevelt Bomb Pearl Harbor?

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Pear Harbor: Was This a USA False Flag? - Did the US Itself Attack Pearl Harbor?

Postby FirstClassSkeptic » 12 Feb 2016

New idea from FirstClassSkeptic (=Priesthoodagitator). This is NOT the usual idea - proven by David Irving and probably others - that the USA knew in advance about the Japanese plan to bomb Pearl Harbor, and the 'infamy' speech written beforehand.
    His idea (as far as I know, new to him, or 'James von Brunn'), is that the Roosevelt himself ordered Pearl Harbor to be bombed.

@rerevisionist- People tended to believe officialdom back then.

I've been looking at the Pearl Harbor bombing. The Lexington and the Enterprise were not in the harbor. Where were they? Supposedly, they were delivering airplanes for the Army to Wake and Guam. Each aircraft carrier had 25 airplanes. Is that a coincidence?

Admiral Halsey was in the Enterprise. He ordered three battleships into port, and went off with the two carriers, some cruisers and some destroyers. Before they left, they did a demonstration to the Army to show them that they could take off and land their planes on the aircraft carriers. Wonder why the Army wanted to know?

Found out that the Japanese Mitshubishi Zero fighter is a copy of the Fokke Wulf 160 and an Italian Fiat plane. The Japanese dive bomber looks a lot like the German Stuka. The Japanese planes were all copied from someone else. So, finding a plane that looked Japanese? Not hard to do, it would seem.

It looks to me like the US Army Airforce bombed Pearl Harbor with the fifty planes they had on the two carriers, painted with Japanese markings. The carriers went out far enough away so as not to be seen. There may also have been demolitions in the battle ships. Of course, they have an ammo magazine, which can be blown up.

And now, if there were no Japanese airplanes, then there was no Japanese fleet. Which would explain why no one saw any.

Also, it appears that the US had broken some code of the Japanese, and were listening for the code to be sent to break off diplomatic relations with the USA, Britain and the USSR. On Dec 5, they heard the code to break relations with Britain, but never heard a code to break with the USA.

I was reading over that again, and Ad. Halsey is saying how the operation had to be kept real secret, and they had radio silence. Yeah. Times-Herald, Washington DC Sept 28, 1944, THE TRUTH OF PEARL HARBOR - Reprinted in PROCEEDINGS OF CLARKE INVESTIGATION p. 141
Not my original idea. Was watching a video on youtube about it. But he said, it was a hoax. I say, it wasn't a hoax; it really happened, but it was a false flag. The airplanes were made to look Japanese.

They were supposed to be taking planes to Wake and Midway. I said, Guam, or something.

I've always heard, everything was destroyed except the two aircraft carriers. But the aircraft carriers were being 'escorted' ( the navy term) by many ships. So it wasn't just two aircraft carriers.
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