What do US Veterans think of 'Nukes' now & why?

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What do US Veterans think of 'Nukes' now & why?

Postby rerevisionist » 01 Mar 2012 20:53


As an experiment in adding logs to the fire, I tried to post warnings about nukes on 'Veterans Today' http://www.veteranstoday.com which appears to be a privately-run site, with standard ads, based on WordPress - i.e. not expensive. One such posting was today, but I've done this before. They didn't allow my posts, and I wondered why.

I'd guess the nuclear arm, real or alleged, is a specially privileged or segregated division of the US Army, Airforce, and Navy. On the face of it, ordinary 'veterans' (this seems to mean anyone who was in any of the US 'services') would therefore not be very concerned. Indeed, if nukes are proven false, that may well mean more money for non-nukes. But maybe the site takes a holistic view of 'defense' - maybe the nuke idea is essential in keeping some groups somewhere out of play. Or maybe the site wants war with Iran, while pretending not to. Or maybe the site owners own shares in nuclear organisations - the DoD which no doubt controls the installations, at least nominally, perhaps pays out to veterans? Or could there be a Jewish connection, as the scam, if it is a scam, must be largely Jewish-run? Or is it to do with Israel - maybe they're planning to keep the secret until after war with Iran?

I don't know!
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