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Nuke Lies - non-English Language Global Outreach

Postby rerevisionist » 03 Nov 2011 19:56

This thread is here so people whose first language is not English can find this site, by Google or other search engine, in their own language. They may not be able to read it! But at least they'll be tipped off!

Click for -
Many languages - first page
Many languages - second page

If you're bilingual, why not post the aims of this site in your own words - preferably including keywords which are likely to be used (such as nuclear power) by people who have not yet heard of the nuclear myths hypothesis. Feel free to link to our topics, and describe some of the threads. Links to topics specific to your country (or language group) are encouraged.

Thank you.

The postings will be checked by machine translation to ensure they seem relevant!

Note: smaller-format screens may not be able to display the full range of fonts.

Addendum: This is starting to work; after two weeks, 46 countries have have had one or more views without bouncing. (Only computers with cookies enabled are included).

In a couple of weeks we have: Algeria/ Argentina/ Australia/ Austria/ Bangladesh/ Belgium/ Bosnia and Herzegovina/ Brazil/ Bulgaria/ Cambodia/ Canada/ Chile/ China/ Cyprus/ Czech Republic/ Denmark/ Egypt/ Finland/ France/ Georgia/ Germany/ Greece/ Hong Kong/ India/ Indonesia/ Iran/ Ireland/ Israel/ Italy/ Japan/ Latvia/ Lebanon/ Liechtenstein/ Lithuania/ Macedonia [FYROM]/ Malaysia/ Mexico/ Morocco/ Netherlands/ New Zealand/ Nicaragua/ Nigeria/ Oman/ Pakistan/ Philippines/ Poland/ Portugal/ Romania/ Russia/ Saudi Arabia/ Serbia/ Singapore/ Slovakia/ South Africa/ South Korea/ Spain/ Sweden/ Switzerland/ Taiwan/ Thailand/ Turkey/ United Arab Emirates/ United Kingdom/ United States/ Venezuela

There are some significant countries underrepresented - BELGIUM/ BRAZIL/ COLOMBIA/ ECUADOR/ EGYPT/ GEORGIA/ HUNGARY/ IRAN/ LATVIA/ MEXICO/ NICARAGUA/ SINGAPORE/ THAILAND/ UKRAINE ... If you have a colleague in these countries, tell them to inform their English-speaking friends.

NB Of course, some countries may have Internet access barred; for example Georgia has a lot of 'Jews' and it's unrealistic to suppose they won't ban where possible.
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Please post Nuke Lies in Your Language for Google to Find

Postby tabby » 15 Nov 2011 16:49

At present you have computer-translated links in these languages (alphabetical order, in English) ---

Chinese *
Italian *
Japanese *
Norwegian *

* means links specific to that country (or language) have been added to your page - for example the Japanese page has a clickable link to your Hiroshima and Nagasaki material.
(brackets) means the language isn't mentioned in the thread title - not enough room!
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