The Kursk - alleged Soviet nuclear sub

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The Kursk

Postby Sorensen731 » 25 Feb 2012 20:43

I haven't seen a thread on it.

An article I recommend, by Russians ... 3Fid%3D301

What do you think happened?

Russian forces are being dismantled, this sub was already at sea so it was taken down.
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Re: The Kursk [Sunk post-USSR Russian supposed nuclear sub]

Postby rerevisionist » 26 Feb 2012 01:33

The Kursk supposed nuclear sub, is mentioned in the very first posting on the nuclear subs thread

The 'Search' feature (third button from left) works very efficiently! It's the only mention of the 'Kursk' - nobody took it up. Probably the three or four trolls who arrived in that section were heading something off; maybe discussion of that sub, or others (e.g. K-3, K-8, K-429 ,K-219, K-278 are mentioned by Alexander Leskov in the piece you link to).

Interesting piece - the role of Jews in the coup in 1917 is taken for granted. The author is interesting on WW2, 'the Great Patriotic War' - this must be more of a taboo than Jews. They must have realised Jews running the USSR wanted war purely for Jewish reasons, but the author doesn't mention that, though he does mention 'incompetent' etc behaviour of Russian generals.
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