Iran: Khamenei may have announced nuclear weapons are a US-Jew fake

Ramifications of nuclear issues are everywhere: subjects loosely or remotely linked to the nuclear bomb myth

Khamenei of Iran announces on Iranian TV that nukes are a fraud

Postby rerevisionist » 25 August 2015

Khamenei in Iran Military Meeting States Nukes are a Myth, and the US is a Threat

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Above is a Youtube (opens in a new window) from Wotchit, a Tel Aviv-based source which monitors TV, no doubt selecting items to demonise non-Jews. is the source; the youtube made from it lasts a minute. I have not made much sense of and can't tell how official a source it is. Nor do I know how official the announcement was, or whether this opinion is generally held in Iran. It's impossible to be sure even whether Iran is regarded by ZOG as a genuine enemy, or is just used like Cuba to keep money flowing into weaponry.

Unfortunately that video is voiceover only; I'm guessing there must be Zionist references. Unfortunately the voiceover 'artist' has difficulty pronouncing the word 'nuclear' and possibly can't understand Iranian, so the translation must be in some doubt. The rather garbled warning may include the message that nuclear weapons are a myth. At the time of writing this, Youtube shows 718 views, so it looks new, although it's undated—it could be years old, for all the info I have.

Any Iranians with info: email me (email address in! I'd like to know what this event was, who was there, and when it was; and whether they think nuclear power is a fake too. And if there's a connection with Shiite-Sunni split. And for that matter to what extent 'Saudi Arabia' is a western fake.

If this disappears from Youtube—it's possible someone made a mistake—I'll put up my own copy. A search for ' Khameini myth' says April 2015 was the date of the speech, but the sources seem to be jewish disinformation - Reuters, haaretz, the Guardian etc.

(NB - This is about Khamenei, not Khomenei).

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