Freemasons and Jesse Waugh (who was 'NUKELIES')

Ramifications of nuclear issues are everywhere: subjects loosely or remotely linked to the nuclear bomb myth

Re: Freemasons and Jesse Waugh (who was 'NUKELIES')

Postby NUKELIES » 14 Feb 2012 15:02

bamzam wrote:You should all watch this, its called "The money masters

Money Masters is my favorite documentary and is the most important conspiracy doc ever made. It spells out the true history of America. We were a struggling but sovereign country up until Lincoln who issued greenbacks - that's why he's so important because he went up against the Bank of England and lost. He's our martyr. Everything since his death has been co-opted and false - except for Kennedy - who for whatever reason opposed the banks by reissuing greenbacks - perhaps because he was Catholic, or he might have been good.
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