Another scientific fraud? Foreign Exchange (Forex) computerised fraud?

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Another scientific fraud? Foreign Exchange (Forex) computerised fraud?

Postby dinosaur_denier » 29 Nov 2011 05:07

Unfortunately, the breakdown of nukelies didn't allow me to start a topic on the possibility of FOREX being in some sense a big fraud. The question of price formation is so (deliberately?) obscure, could the words of cactusneedles:

The truth is that the control panel is an advanced simulator running on highly specific top-secret application software developed secretly a long time ago and refined many times since. So, the unsuspecting employees work all day monitoring variables fed to them by sophisticated digital processors geared to simulate a fully functional reactor core and cooling elements.

be applied someway to forex traders, sitting at their desks? How exactly the current prices are generated every second? are they "real" or perhaps they are modelled by a sophisticated algorythm and the market makers take advance of knowing the total market position. (The price does not go up and down because of changes of demand and supply. These movements may be programmed to make the majority of traders lose their money) This should be distinguished from the well known practice of stop hunting. The idea of stop hunting assumes that the market itself is fair place and just some brokers are not. But the probabilty exists, that the whole forex pricing mechanism may be in some sense global fraud.

NOTE inserted 18 Dec 2015: The generic expression for computer control where sensors, transducers etc are involved, is SCADA = 'Supervisory Control Data Acquisition System.' (It's on Wikipedia, and must be a standard expression). If there is computer control of electricity, diverting surplus to dumploads, this is the sort of technique which would be used. (Thanks to 'Greg Swamp' on Youtube.
I've found several topics there these questions were raised. One even seems to be specially started in order to discredit the whole idea:

and yes thanks for the site!

[Inserted 22 May 2015 from an old email; this may be timely - rerev]

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