1956 'World's 1st nuclear reactors' buried in Chicago wood

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1956 'World's 1st nuclear reactors' buried in Chicago wood

Postby rerevisionist » 05 Mar 2012 01:04

1956 news item: 'World's first nuclear reactors' (two of them) buried in a Chicago wood

Long 1987 piece in the Chicago Reader presumably put onto the web after the event. Written in a joky style, but with its many irrelevancies incorporating government, press release, and university material. Very effective way of removing the important historical artefacts from inspection.

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Re: 1956 'World's 1st nuclear reactors' buried in Chicago wo

Postby FirstClassSkeptic » 05 Mar 2012 14:41

There was a chuck of graphite they found in these woods, like would be used in the Chicago Pile. They took it to the lab, and examined it, and said there was no trace of radioactivity. So they said it must not have been part of the pile. I say, of course it was part of the pile. There was no radioactivity because the pile was a fake.
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