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Bruce Facility in Southern Ontario. Power plant? Legal Action?

Postby rerevisionist » 11 Jul 2017 23:50

Comment to one of my videos - on the Manchester Arena hoax bomb at 'Ariana Grande' concert, of May 22 2017.

'Linda Marlow' (11 July 2017; in fact, allegedly the husband), an occasional viewer of this site, commented on a supposed nuclear plant in an area known to him. It sounds a highly plausible location for a dumpload, as it is near water—one of the Great Lakes. Its remoteness makes it a candidate for dumping—toxic, bulky, dangerous, or other wastes. That's all I know at present— except that Canada is largely controlled by Jews, who, as well as corrupting the legal fabric, are flooding as many fake non-white refugees into Canada as they can.

Speaking of "nuclear power plants" in Southern Ontario, have a look at the Bruce facility near Kincardine. There aren't any electricity consumers of note for hundreds of miles from the place. Click on the map and zoom out to see what I mean. I'm very familiar with the countryside there and can assure you that it contains only small towns, villages and farms. Google Kincardine Nuclear Plant – Linda Marlow

.... Bizarrely, the comment appears to be complete nonsense—Bruce is partly situated next to Niagara Falls, and partly and more importantly to the north west, the nearest lake not part of Niagara Falls and its turbines. It's also near New York, which is not exactly small towns and villages. However, the complex may presumably be a dumpload, and distribution center.

It's possible action is being contemplated by perpetrators of the ‘nuclear power’ fraud. Not, of course, examination by electrical and physics engineers and theoreticians, but legal action—lawyers throughout history being figureheads of corrupt ships of state, and the armadas of other corrupt groups of people.

The ‘nuclear industry’ has a long history of what now seem unimportant marginal legal actions, mainly (I think) to do with supposed radiation risks, though there must have been battles over electricity costs between interest groups, for example nations, and industries needing vast electricity consumption. It occurs to me that it's at least possible that Youtube, Google, and Microsoft may be investigating their electricity suppliers.

Anyway: looking at 'Lina Marlow' and his postings, it seems that one interest is to pretend that the opposition is badly-informed on supposed nuclear power; I can't see any reason why the obvious nonsense about location should be put out by him. Another thing was his insistence that the earth is flat—in effect, he said people won't agree on everything, so why not accept the flat earth as a reasonable hypothesis? I've wondered why 'flat earthers' were being advertised and pushed (see—maybe to point to technical incompetence. On the legal front, in Canada, at present (2017) there's a faked storm about 'gender pronouns', and I noticed a woman activist on the related topic of marriage laws and bias towards women: her name, Diana Davidson according to her Youtube videos, is a bit of a red flag. My best guess is that ‘nuclear power stations’ will increasingly get involved with prosecutions, something along the line of Jews prosecuting truth-tellers about their disgusting habits. But this is just a guess. - Rerev
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