Natural Philosophy Alliance (NPA) & other alternative physics groups, won't post - they all are phonies

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Natural Philosophy Alliance & supposedly alternative physics groups, won't post on Nuclear Skeptics Sites; They are all Limited Phonies of the James Randi and Richard Dawkins Type.

Postby rerevisionist » 24 Feb 2012 05:05

'Natural Philosophy Alliance' (NPA) and other alternative physics sites & people

Wikipedia, 'Prison Planet' and some sites disallow postings from here; some other sites allow postings but are full of trolls - although this doesn't matter much, provided they allow links - which in fact many don't do - in a way this is pleasing as they clearly sense they have something to fear from this site.

However it would be misleading not to mention 'alternative physics' people. The problem here is that many of them have theories or beliefs relevant to just a tiny corner of physics. Not a single one of them has commented on this site so far, though I've asked them. Many of them aren't really 'scientists' in any serious sense; they are more like technicians - A N Whitehead said that it's not often you get a really swagger scientist. Unfortunately, he was right.

Note added 8 June 2013:
Interesting to look at the NPA board of directors; nominally there are seven. The obvious hypothesis is that there is Jewish control. It's not easy to search their website, but there appears to be nothing even on NASA's frauds. They must presumably spend a lot of time excluding people who aren't 'elligible' (their spelling), as their membership is microscopic compared with what it should be. They don't appear to have a forum, in the way James Randi's Jewish-controlled outfit does.

It's hard to see why anyone should join, as they could each have their own websites easily enough. Probably ordinary members each want publicity for their own material, and each hopes the others will supply it. I'd guess there must be some turnover when they find this doesn't work; and I'd guess there must be perfectly serious people disillusioned with them.

And without doubt there is a Jewish overview preventing consideration of nuclear weapons and of course other money-making frauds.
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