Photographic Evidence that ‘Little Boy’ and ‘Fat Man’ were Props, not Atomic Bombs ... And Other Videos

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Daily Mail, Saturday, Oct 9th 2014 Daily Mail file (correct at the time of uploading)
‘Never-before-seen photos reveal preparations for attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki’
But shows photos that have been here more than a year!
‘By Thomas Burrows for MailOnline’

[Thanks to Tom Henriksen, 'El Buggo']

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Now revealed: Little Boy 'atomic' bomb is a modified RAF 4000 lb bomb   [26 May 2015. 1 min 25 sec]

Found an interesting photo of Royal Air Force bombs used in World War II, and made a little video about it.

Top Secret Information about the Bombing of Hiroshima - Now Revealed   [29 April 2014. 4 min 50 sec]

Sources: Wikipedia
Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Inferno: the Firebombing of Japan - Edwin Hoyt
[Google for firebombing of Imabari - very long URL]

Page 109. I think I wrongly said 105 here.
This book probably has a copyright.
Fair Use claimed for educational and historic purposes.

Note, added: 10/30/2014
I say in this video that the bombers flying from Tinian would almost fly over Imabare. Just a few days ago, I found a map that I was unaware of at the time I made this video. It shows the proported flight of the Enola Gay. The route is shown as actually flying from Tinian to Iwo Jima first, then to Hiroshima. This would be a route that looks closer to Imabare. I'll have to check some more on that.

The LIE your grandparents were told about the bombing of Hiroshima   [29 April 2014. 3 min 53 sec]

Some excerpts from a U.S. War Department propaganda film. A Tale of Two Cities. Originally, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I removed the Nagasaki part and put in a short clip about Tokyo. Comparisons can be made between Hiroshima, which is claimed was atomic bombed, and Tokyo, which is claimed was firebombed.

Photographic Proof of the existence of Two Little Boy Bombs   [6 April 2014. 1 min 27 sec]

Here are some photographs of the two Little Boy movie props examined.

There is a still taken from a video clip shown in the movie Trinity and Beyond. I think the movie clip comes from the archives of Los Alamos.

Where is the bomb at where they are painting the numbers on it? Could it be Los Alamos? Or Lookout Mountain Studio? The official claim is that the bomb is at Tinian, but the building is not the Quonset hut type building.

What color should a nuclear explosion be?     [7 April 2013. 2 min 39 sec]

Most of the nuclear explosion pictures and videos that you see, if they are in color, show an orange or yellow color, with some black smoke. Nuclear experts claimed that the Little Boy explosion reached 6000 C on the ground. They claim that a nuclear explosion is brighter than the sun. Problem is, a yellowish color indicates a relatively low temperature hydrocarbon flame.

The acetylene burning in air is yellow. Acetylene alone doesn't melt the little tip sticking up from the shard of Corel ware dinner plate. Adding oxygen to the mix turns the flame blue. it's now hotter, and melts the dinner plate.

Here's a simple demonstration. Not very well narrated, I'll admit. But it shows that a yellow flame is lower temperature. When oxygen is added to the fuel, the temperature goes up, and the flame turns blue.

This indicates that the nuclear explosions are faked by burning some sort of hydrocarbon in air. The so called nuclear explosions have a resemblance to napalm, which is basically gasoline mixed with a few things.

Little Boy was a movie prop     [2 April 2013. 1 min 44 sec]

If you start thinking about Little Boy as what it really was, a stage prop, and not a bomb, the photographs will start making more sense.

An Analysis of photos 172 and 173 showing Little Boy's insides     [31 March 2013. 3 min 53 sec]

There are really two Pictures of Little Boy's inside. Or at least, two pictures of the device that the government has told us is little boy. These pictures are in the National Archive at College Park, Maryland. See these two photographs at
Bomb guide b/w photos; the page opens in a new window

And you should consider downloading and saving this photographs to your computer, in case they disappear. [I've done this! - rerevisionist]. Thanks to Ryan Crierie for making that web page and publishing those pictures. There are pictures there that I have not seen anyplace else on the internet.

How do you fit the electronics into Little Boy?     [30 March 2013. 3 min 17 sec]

Please excuse the wind noise.

This is a simple graphic demonstration of why the four APS-13 units and the extra electronics, plus the 'gun barrel' won't fit into Little Boy. You can do this yourself with just some cardboard and scissors. And hopefully you will try it yourself.

Or maybe if you're handy with AutoCAD, you can repeat this demonstration in a more technical fashion and in three dimension.

How do you fit the electronics into Little Boy: Repeat     [30 March 2013. 0 min 27 sec]

This is a repeat of the demonstration that the electronics won't fit, and leave room for a gun barrel. This is with the APS-13 units (cardboard pieces) turned 90 deg from what they were before. Either way, it doesn't work.

Bringing Fat Man to the loading pit     [30 March 2013. 1 min 40 sec]

This is a look at the photographs from the National Archive collection number RG-77-BT That show the Fat Man bomb being loaded into the loading pit at Tinian. These are all United States government photographs and have no copyright. They can all be viewed at . The originals are 4 by 5 inch contact prints, I am told by the personnel at the National Archives. They also inform me that they do not have the original negatives.

In these photos, you can look for clues as to how much Fat Man weighed. Officially, it was 10,200 pounds, or five ton. Look at these photographs and decide for yourself, based upon your own experiences, if you think this is a five ton load.

The APS-13 antenna on Little Boy     [29 March 2013. 1 min 29 sec]

It's doubtful that the antennas on Little Boy could have worked because the two halves were too far apart, the elements were crowded together, and there weren't enough antennas for all the APS-13 units.

How much did Little Boy weigh?     [29 March 2013. 1 min 44 sec]

Two pictures of Little Boy on a cart. The tires should be bulged a bit. What do you think? Do the tires look like they are carrying four and a half tons? Also notice that this cart looks much more heavy duty than the ones shown on the movie 'Trinity and Beyond' that is shown being pulled out of that building by the men. The cart in these photographs was pulled by a truck.

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